January 22, 2017 Cultural

Deviance is defined as something or someone that is out side of the “Norm.”” It is something that is found in small numbers. And is negatively valued by people in the “Norm.”” Deviance is both voluntary and involuntary. Which means that people can be being deviant without even knowing it. .

I believe that being deviant is being different. And I also believe that the purpose of deviance is to establish norms. But .

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There are many Theories of deviance:.

oBiological Theory- .

oStructural Strain (Anomie)- This theory believes that everyone is normal but yourself. It is the theory where the society around provides little moral guidance to an individual. .

oCultural Transmission- The theory believes that the process by which one-generation passes culture to the next. .

oLabeling- This theory says that people label other people as deviances. It is the most comprehensive, and doesn’t have to lay off. There is a problem to the theory; it devalues the norms of society so it makes no norms. .

oControl- This theory is the opposite of the Anomie Theory. People are naturally deviate from the norms. There are barriers that keep us in the norms and the deviances out. .

The theory I mostly agree with is the Cultural Transmission Theory. I believe that it is because of the way we where all brought up and where we where brought up that determines what we set out norms to be. So that is why people may be deviant to use as Americans but in there culture they aren’t. .

For example when came to college I met a lot of people from many different countries. One of those people was my roommate. She is from Morocco, which is an Arabic country in northern Africa. I had never met an Arabic Muslim before and as an American I didn’t really know what to think. But after living with her for a year I really started to understand that we aren’t ourselves we are our families and our different cultures. Now I can understand and respect that just because she was different or “deviant- in my eyes it was because deviance changes from individual to individual.


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