Not Without My Daughter Reaction Paper

July 10, 2017 Religion

Sharmaine A. Novelles. Prof. Fajardo BSA 3-BLIT 101 Not Without My Daughter Not Without My Daughter is a plain but complicated story that is based on a true to life narrative about the effort and struggle that an American woman did in order to escape from Iran to America with her daughter parting. The story starts when an American woman, Betty Mahmoody goes to Iran with her Iranian husband and their daughter for a two-week jaunt. He has guaranteed her that they would return to United States of America.

But because he was so depressed and rejected about the racism of the American medical establishment he changes his mind and decides to reside in Iran permanently. She shows frustration and his husband becomes more cruel, obnoxious and brutal. The real situation is inspiring too many people around the world. The movie then plunges us into a world of Islamic fundamentalism, which it depicts in shrill terms as one of men who beat their wives, of a religion that honors women by depriving them of what would be considered basic human rights.

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It’s amazing how she had escape Iran and the danger she went through was precarious. Furthermore, we can view this film from a small number of perspectives. If we scrutinize the film in feministic perspective, the right not to acknowledge Islamic dress code and religion was really in Betty Mahmoody’s hands. But it looks like as if we are giving emphasis and importance to the rights of an individual. Moreover, if we glance through cultural perspective, the difference of cultures of the husband and wife were really contradicting as of Iranian to communitarian and American to individualistic.

And the way they socialized with others is different too. The film was very slanted and it upset the entire Irani and Persian community and those who knew about those communities and cultures as it demonizes the men, the culture and living there… Well, I think it’s just a matter of culture. On the other hand, if we view it from a nationalistic perspective, the husband of Betty Mahmoody wants to serve his country and his countrymen.

He really did feel blameworthy and responsible for remaining in the United States as a doctor when he is supposed to play a part in the Iranian revolution. And I definitely know that realm and homeland is more essential than a single human being. The feeling of inferiority complex of Betty’s husband is a psychological reason to consider too. He is also familiar with the fact of the racial discrimination the American state or simply the Americans didn’t like Iranians and it consequently leads him to lose his job as a doctor.

When he decided to return to Iran, he acquired power and his wife feels helpless. For me love and trust disappear when force and deceit are used. Human beings adapt to difficult situations. The oppressed human spirit rebels against tyranny and seeks freedom. Our lack of identity, our confusion as a nation, our superficial approaches and the blame attitude are now being witnessed by the world. If anything, this movie shows that despite a bad history between governments, among humans humanity continues to exist. That’s all


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