Nothings Changed

January 21, 2017 Religion

The three poems that I have chosen to analyse are half caste by John Agard, Nothings Changed by Takamkhula Afrika and Presents from my Aunt in Pakistan by Moniza Alvi. All the poems are written about culture and traditions. Culture is a life style or religion or ethnic that one person lives. The people in the poems talk about their culture which they have inherited.

Nothings Changed.

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The first poem by Tatamkhula, who was born and grew up believing he was a white African. As a teenager he came to find out that his parents originated from Egypt and Turkey. So in South Africa he wasn’t treated as a “white” he was classed as “coloured”. The poem is wrote about an area in South Africa called “District Six” this was a mixed colour area until early 1960’s when the area was made white and Tatamkhula and his family was evicted from there home because they wasn’t white. The poet writes about how bitter he was when his family were moved away. The poem was wrote in 1991 just a year after Nelson Mandela was released from prison, a time when coloured people were meant to be treated equally to white people. The poet is writing about his life in the present tense this is related to the title of the poem. Tatamkhula revisits an ex white area of district six, an area where people were meant to be treated as equals. The poem helps us live out the Experience with him. .

The first stanza is a short sentence the stanza says that the area is empty and derelict and it says that it has now become “weeded” and “bearded seeds” grow these plants are usually the first to grow on empty sites and derelict areas or places that aren’t properly maintained. The bitterness that the poet feels doesn’t yet show in the poem and the first stanza seems to be relatively calm and neutral feeling there is nothing that suggests the poet is angry or bitter.

The second stanza is 2 sentences the first is the name of a place “District Six” this sentence is short only two words this is when the anger in the poem starts to come through it is wrote short so that it stands out from the rest of the stanza.


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