Nowadays, we cannot deny that …

November 19, 2018 General Studies

Nowadays, we cannot deny that world’s population growing rapidly every year. Some may argue that population growth caused problems to this world, but some may argue that this world is ready to face double of the amount of current world’s population. As we can see, overpopulation of humans causing tons of problems to our mother earth. The problems that this world is facing right now such as the extinction of some animal species, environmental problems, and poverty in some countries are the main factor that will make this world even worse than it will ever be. According to the article of Eastern eye (2017) the current world’s population of 7.6 billion will raise up to 9.8 billion in 2050, which means the problems that we are having right now might be more difficult to solve because of the number of the population in the future. This paper will explain how overpopulation of humans affects our world in various ways. According to the article by Viegas (2014) there are more than 300 animal species extinction in past 500 years. Imagine if world’s population growing rapidly every year, how many more animal species will be extinct. Rbradfo (2015) stated that many animals that have gone extinct caused by two major activities that are directly caused by overpopulation of humans, which are habitat destruction and illegal animals hunting. As long as world’s population keep growing, humans will never stop exploiting animal’s life. In almost every day, even though we do not mean to do it, we have been molesting animal’s life. Humans are on top of the food chain, which means that some people need to kill animals for their living and also the number of the population that this world has will force humans to find their own habitats. By finding their own habitats, this will lead humans to destroy animal’s habitats, this not only leads to the extinction of animals species but also can lead to other problems such as environmental problem and pollution problem. According to the article by PayPerVids (2017) the extinction of animal species, we are not only losing animal’s life but we also lose biodiversity of the environment as well. Animal extinction is a threat to the human life because every living thing in this world is beneficial to the ecosystem of this world. So the animal extinction is the real threat to this mother earth and we cannot deny that overpopulation of humans is the main factor of animal extinction. As we can see, we are living in the world that full with pollutions. This world is facing the numerous pollution problems such as air pollution and water pollution. Nowadays, we can tell that earth is more polluted than ever before because of the overpopulation of humans. For example, growing industrial produce a huge amount of smoke and lead to air pollution. The increasing of industries and vehicles are the major acts that caused air pollutants, but those are things that we cannot stop because they are necessary to our life.


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