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August 11, 2017 Construction

Numerous verse forms tackle the subject of solitariness utilizing invented or any of the assortment of available poetic signifiers. Most frequently. the feeling is expressed through either a individual and drawn-out metaphor or through a figure of interrelated imaginations with the intent of making a tight and incorporate building that would elicit the reader’s empathy towards the poem’s significance. In verse forms like these. the focal point is the metaphors used to set the subject across. The signifier is besides of import. but secondary to content.

However. for other poets intending can be conveyed every bit by both content and signifier. For e. e. cumming. the signifier can even order the metaphor. His post-modernist verse form “leaf falls on loneliness” illustrates how construction can be used to pass on the significance of a verse form even more that its metaphor. therefore arousing varied and more huge experiences with the reading. The nine-line verse form consists of one to five letters per line. Seven lines are made up of two letters each. one line has three letters. while the longest concluding line has five.

The full verse form spells out the word “loneliness” . The word is interrupted. nevertheless. by a phrase written inside a parenthesis: “a foliage falls” . The break occurs after the first missive. cutting off the missive “l” from the remainder of the word. The abnormality in the grouping of letters is non arbitrary. The signifier of the verse form evidently seeks to come close the autumn of a foliage. One could conceive of the foliage as it sways from side to side. so twirls in infinite looking like a narrow spinning set. until it finally rests level on the land during the poem’s longest concluding line.

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The ocular autumn makes the reader understand the poem’s metaphor: solitariness. like a falling foliage. is a droping feeling. The image of a falling foliage is a platitude but e. e. Edward Estlin Cummingss makes his poem different non merely by using a alone construction strategy but besides by seting both the metaphorical image and the subject stated obviously together in the verse form. A recognizing card or an recreational expounding would try to specify the word “loneliness” . An inferior poet would merely concentrate on the “falling leaf” metaphor and wax poetic about the possible significances behind the image.

Cummingss put both together and in the procedure does non merely name the reader’s attending to the connexion of the words with the image but. because of the arrangement of the letters. raises other points of treatment. For case. the withdrawal of the missive “l” from the word “loneliness” merely means that to be lonely means to be detached from the remainder of humanity every bit much as a falling leaf gets detached from the remainder of the foliages in a subdivision. This is farther emphasized with the parenthesis. another symbol of breaking-off one portion from the whole where it came from.

Still another reading for the break may be that the feeling of solitariness occurs when one’s life is interrupted by the sight of a falling foliage. which is a metaphor for many sad things in life. Besides. the missive “l” in the first line. which reappears on the 8th line. may besides be read as the figure one. a lone figure. A alone individual feels entirely. Finally. the poem’s signifier and metaphors bring upon the reader’s head other images of solitariness. The metaphor of the falling foliage callbacks autumn with its falling foliages. people at the threshold of decease or snow on a black winter’s dark falling on a desolate landscape.

All these images are used in many verse forms elaborating on the same subject and all these associations will be awakened within the reader because while the verse form is thin. it has the ability to affect the reader to deep idea. Meanwhile. the narrow margin of the verse form evokes the briefness of life. At the same clip. it could intend the fluid downward motion of life. after one has passed the prime of life. the single slows down to old age until he dies. and nil would stay finally. At first glimpse. the disinterested reader may believe that vitamin E.

e. Edward Estlin Cummingss has employed gimmickry with “leaf falls on solitariness. ” Closer review and perennial readings would turn out. nevertheless. that unlike most verse forms whose beauty rests on the metaphors used in the lines. the signifier of a verse form can besides be exploited to be the metaphor itself. It can arouse so many associations. doing the reading more profound as when one tries to do significances out of words in another verse form. Cumming’s verse form is a great illustration of how signifier can besides order the beauty of a verse form.


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