Nursing Scholarship

Becoming my dream My name is Sydney Trammell and I go to Weatherford College. I’ll be finishing up my basics soon and I plan on applying for the registered nursing program. I have goal and plans I want to succeed at. I want to fulfill my dream that I have had since I was a child. Receiving a Scholarship like this one would help me fulfill my dreams of becoming a registered nurse. I’ve always wanted to help people and take care of others.

I remember when I was little my mom would take me to work sometimes with her at her nursing home. I loved to watch my mom help the patients and talk to them. It was so sweet to see how thankful those people were that my mom was their nurse. Ever since then I have dreamed to become a nurse. I’m finally now in school and trying to make my dream come true. My goal this year is to finish my basics and required nursing classes.

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I’m trying my best to make at least a B in all my classes since the R. N. program is so competitive to get into. My goals are to finish my basics and to apply for the registered nursing program at Weatherford College. If I get accepted I will need financial help. Taking a college loan out would just make me in debt and I would have to pay it off in time. Having a scholarship to help me would be a great opportunity for me.



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