Obesity In New Zealand Sociology Essay

September 28, 2017 Sociology

There are many societal issues confronting New Zealanders today, twosome these with low economic sciences and low employment and these factors start turning these issues into wellness jobs such as fleshiness. This essay will sketch a societal issue of fleshiness. It will so give a brief account of sociological theories, upon making so the essay will so associate the societal issue back to the three sociology theories. Last this essay will research how fleshiness is impacting MA?ori.

Fleshiness in New Zealand has become a major wellness and societal issue confronting people of all ages. Recent statistics on this issue have highlighted merely how much of a job fleshiness has become.in the old ages 2008/09 27.8 % of all grownups ( aged 15+ ) are corpulent that ‘s 1 in 4 and childhood fleshiness is no better with 1 in 12 kids ( aged 2 – 15 ) being corpulent that ‘s 8.3 % ( Ministry of wellness, 2011 ) . This breaks down to males being 27.7 % and females being 28.7 % , compare these to 1997 where the statistics were immensely different. Merely 17 % of males were corpulent and 20.6 % females were corpulent ( Ministry of wellness, 2011 ) . Children ‘s statistics are similar but there is a definite tendency for kids as merely some in the entire population are affected. All factors have been addressed while these statistics have been complied such as nutrient consumption, nutrient types and psychical activities. The wellness issues that have steamed from societal issue include type 2 diabetes, and bosom disease among others in grownups, However in kids the jobs are far more serious. Corpulent kids face a life-time of wellness jobs such as high blood force per unit area and asthma. For corpulent kids there is a greater hazard of intimidation, organic structure dissatisfaction every bit good as psychological jobs ( Ministry of wellness, 2011 ) . There has been research to propose that fleshiness in kids may take to shots, common malignant neoplastic diseases, generative jobs and musculoskeletal jobs ( Ministry of wellness, 2011 ) . Corpulent kids frequently lead to corpulent grownups ; this is now non merely a wellness job but a societal issue as the reverberations that stem from this are far making. Our kids will hold to confront this caput on as it will be down to their coevals who finally have to cover with this issue.

Conflict theory, structural functionalism and symbolic interactionism are all theories used in sociology. They provide positions on how we see the universe, something to catch a clasp of so to understand the information we receive. Each of these theories provides a alone manner of looking at state of affairss for illustration a struggle theoretician would state that all relationships are centred on power and person keeping more power than the other ( Brent, Thompson, & A ; Vale, 2000 ) . A struggle theoretician believes that societal economic sciences are determined by the wealthy and hence they hold the power over the bulk of the people ( Brent, Thompson, & A ; Vale, 2000 ) . With this go oning it clearly breaks society into two groups rich and hapless, the foreman and the workers or as Karl Marx put it the middle class and the labors ( M.E. Sharpe, 2005 ) , this division between the multitudes proves to be good for the richer of society ( Mooney, Knox, & A ; Schacht, 2000 ) . When covering with societal jobs the struggle theory can be broken into two countries Non-Marxist struggle theory and Marxist struggle theory. Marxists focus on struggles in our society that develop from differences in fiscal position ( Ellison, 1987 ) . Non-Marxists focal point on struggles in our society that arise from differing and oppositional moralss amongst different groups ( Ellison, 1987 ) .

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A structural functionalist has a different position on the universe as they believe that our society is a group of interconnected persons that coexist in a mode that creates symmetricalness for all ( Mooney, Knox, & A ; Schacht, 2000 ) . With this belief comes the realization that corporations and households are equal in society, households reproduce, raising and educate kids who in bend provide workers with the accomplishments and cognition base for the corporations to go on ( Mooney, Knox, & A ; Schacht, 2000 ) . Structural functionalism high spots how a society works together and how one portion of society influences another portion of society ( Mooney, Knox, & A ; Schacht, 2000 ) .

Symbolic interactionism is mostly based on work by George H Mead and Max Webber. Symbolic interactionism looks at the whole image while analyzing the micro degree, as theoretician who follows this position believe that by analyzing the macro degree the societal job could be broken down to see what degree has been affected ( Mooney, Knox, & A ; Schacht, 2000 ) . This position is occupied with the interior workings of a little group to see how human behavior is influenced while interacting within the little group vs. a larger group ( Mooney, Knox, & A ; Schacht, 2000 ) . This position besides advocates that a individual ‘s ego is shaped and influenced by interaction with others in a societal state of affairs ( Mooney, Knox, & A ; Schacht, 2000 ) .

Looking at fleshiness from a structural functionalist point of position you would hold to state that non one individual is to fault as it is a corporate job, that a collective has to come to footings with. With this understanding it so becomes difficult to rectify the job as if one portion of society is act uponing to the incorrect grade so that will impact on another portion of society and so a Domino consequence is created ( Nestle, 2006 ) . Marketing advertizements in modern media that depict high fat and high in sugar nutrients using graphical images that portray healthy people, make the mean consumer believe that eating this manner of nutrients will hold no consequence on them ( Witkowski, 2007 ) . This is merely one illustration of the major corporations act uponing society to purchase points which is impeling the fleshiness job. This is one portion of society act uponing another portion of society.

A struggle theoretician would look at this societal issue and would merely inquire who is profiting from this. Companies who promote unhealthy eating like fast nutrient constitutions who make unhealthy nutrient readily available at a low cost point are the lone 1s who make a addition ( Beck, 2007 ) . By doing appetizing nutrient which tastes good with no nutritionary value in bulk the fast nutrient companies are able to maintain costs down and in making so they hold power over the consumer as they are able to buy a inexpensive filling repast at no great cost to them ( Young & A ; Nestle, 2007 ) . There is research that links the proliferation of fast nutrient mercantile establishments to the turning challenge of fleshiness this factor linked with low exercising rates due to motorized conveyance and occupations that no longer necessitate manual labor has led to a sequence of events in our society where fleshiness is one of the results ( Freund & A ; Martin, 2008 ) . This has become the typical power battle in our today ‘s society.

A symbolic interaction theoretician would look at how people are being influenced by those they surround themselves with, how a person/people receives and interprets the information being beamed through all media mercantile establishments and equal ‘s a similar ( Kumanyika, 2008 ) . By conveying the individual down to the macro degree a theoretician would look to see how these influences are being processed, how media influences peoples purchasing forms and challenges our ability to see right from incorrect and good from bad. The usage of modern media pattern gives visuals of healthy people devouring high fat unhealthy nutrient ( Nestle, 2006 ) . The image contradicts the act and hence legitimises this in their head, accordingly doing it all right to eat unhealthy. This is how fleshiness has become a societal issue.


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