Objective space exploration. Traveled 4.9 billion miles,

By February 25, 2019 General Studies

Objective summary: Cassini spacecraft faces fiery finish

“Cassini spacecraft faces fiery finish” by Marcia Dunn explains how extraordinary humans have dived into space exploration thanks to the Cassini. It was a spacecraft built by NASA and it began its journey in 1997 towards Saturn. 20 years later, Cassini finally ended the voyage with some of the most incredible achievements we have ever had since the beginning of space exploration. Traveled 4.9 billion miles, orbited Saturn for nearly 300 times, collected 453,000 photos, found six moons and send back 635 gigabytes of data was some astonishing examples of what Cassini retrieved from Saturn. Although Cassini’s last minutes was in flames, it managed to transmit the last bit of data and finally vanished in space. Even so, the crew members were pleased of Cassini’s establishments, for instance Maize and Nieubur. In conclusion, Cassini’s contribution help us to gain more knowledge and to reach further beyond the stars.

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