Objectives of the Grameenphone Ltd

April 20, 2019 Marketing

Objectives of the Grameenphone Ltd.

1. Poverty alleviation
2. Healthcare
3. Empowerment
4. Education
Poverty alleviation: GP receipts conceit trendy emerging the country’s substructure, in the built-up zones. The company is of the vision that abolition of poverty can be evacuated if illiteracy is aloof from the country. GP esteems Grameen Bank as a national of its enlargement work.

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Healthcare: Now healthcare segment GP has established a blushing sample for others to monitor as long as massive healthcare competence even in the secluded zones with the service of Tele Treatment and mobile hospital service to the public littoral areas.

Empowerment: GP has formed extra 150,000 works in its principles and additional 100,000 are correlated with GP as merchants, card dealers, marketing officers and so on.

Education: GP organises emanate onward with creativity to boost the students by holding several enlightening antagonisms such as illustration, story arrangement and so on. It likewise provides subsidies to the estimable students.

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