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October 1, 2017 Management


This paper describes the organisation civilization of the Canada based company Tim Hortons which is celebrated for its eating houses. Observations of activities during their working hours, images and mark boards within the organisation and elaborate interviews of employees are used to specify the organisation civilization of this company. After our research we found that organisation civilization of this company is excessively much supportive for their employees. Analysis consequences besides show that there is excessively much variegation in the employees and employees are ever motivated from their supervisors. Top direction of this company ever does attempt towards occupation satisfaction degree of their employees. We can besides reason that if occupation satisfaction is found in an industry it will ever beneficial for a company.


The alone combination of the values that each organisation believes in is called Organizational civilization. The more positive each member becomes within an organisation, the better the organisation looks as a whole. Organizational civilization provides significances for everyday organisational events, thereby cut downing the sum of cognitive processing and energy members need to use throughout the day.In any organisation civilization can be tiered into three degrees based on visibleness how closely they are related in the organisation ( Pearson Education, 2008 ) .

The 1st degree is Artifacts and Behavior- The most seeable constituent of the organisational civilization is Artifacts and Behavior. It includes the physical layout of the workplace and the discernible behaviour of the organisations employees.

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The 2nd degree is Values- They are less seeable in comparing to the behaviour but they can be seen when they affect discernible behaviour of the employees working in the organisation.

The 3rd degree is Assumptions and Beliefs- They are really unseeable, but they are ingrained in the persons that they come out rather of course.

Tim Hortons is a Canadian eating house, it is known for its rings and java. Tim Hortons founded its first eating house in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario. It is a Canada ‘s taking restaurant trade name celebrated for its quick- service. Merely two merchandises – doughnut and java are offered by the first Tim Hortons eating houses ( Tim Horton, 2011 ) . A concatenation of more than 4,000 doughnut and java stores operated by Tim Hortons across the state and in several US provinces. The concatenation includes kiosk and mall-based units every bit good as freestanding ; but about 20 of the locations are operated by franchisees. The Cold Stone Creamery ice pick store concatenation is besides owned by Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons merged with Wendy ‘s International Inc. in 1995 ; it helps the enlargement of the Tim Hortons construct in United States ( Tim Hortons, 2012 ) .


We choose direct methods to garner the information from the employees. To analyse the organisational civilization of Tim Hortones we choose the undermentioned methods:

Observations: We went to the working site of this company where different employees from different section were working together. We observed their activities for several hours and noted down the information related to their work, which are as follows:

Undertaking they are making

How they are continuing

Interaction of people during their work

Time spent

We observed at least 10 employees and noted down the related information. After roll uping this information we analyze the information of each employee to pull out relevant information from them.

Pictures: In this method we collected the exposure of people executing their undertakings, marks used in that company and images of substructure of company. These images explain the on the job civilization of this company every bit good as series of these images tells the narrative of the work civilization of organisation. These images gave information about the manner of executing undertaking of employees of different section and installations provided to these employees.

Interviews: We prepared a questionnaire which is related to the occupation attitude and occupation satisfaction of an employee. We chose 3 employees and hit our inquiries on them. On the footing of their replies we concluded about the civilization of this company. Following inquiries were asked for those employees:


Employee2- Storefront

Employee3- Baker

Why did you take to work in your current organisation?

Employee1: Work civilization of this company attracts me towards this company.

Employee2: Job satisfaction is high in this company

Employee3: I had no other option.

What about the environment attracted you to your current organisation?

Employee1: Environment is full of value of Teamwork

Employee2: Full support from squad members.

Employee3: Friendly and supportive environment.

If you had to think, how much longer would you like to remain working with your current organisation?

Employee1: I would wish to work for whole life.

Employee2: At least 10 more old ages.

Employee3: Until I found some other organisation with more occupation satisfaction

What are the primary grounds why you would remain or go forth?

Employee1: Encouraging staff and occupation satisfaction

Employee2: Team work and Job Satisfaction

Employee3: Work Culture and Job satisfaction

What types of behaviours are rewarded in your organisation?

Employee1: Teamwork, Supportive, etc.

Employee2: Team work, Leadership

Employee3: Teamwork, Helping and supportive

Are you proud to be a member of your organisation? If so, what makes you proud?

Employee1: Yes because the back uping work civilization ever do me experience proud which ever focus on the occupation satisfaction of employees.

Employee2: Yes as I ever got support from my employees and squad members.

Employee3: Yes because this organisation makes me experience that I am besides a of import portion of this organisation.

What do you believe your clients or clients like most about your organisation?

Employee1: Supportive nature of employees and our services.

Employee2: Coordination of employees and service degree

Employee3: Quality of merchandises and our service degree

What sets your organisation apart from others like it?

What are the things your organisation values most?

Employee1: Its employees and their satisfaction

Employee2: Employees and occupation satisfaction of employees

Employee3: Employees, job-satisfaction of employees and quality of merchandises.

How would you depict your organisation ‘s mission in your ain words?

Employee1: To keep the occupation satisfaction of employees and to actuate them to work in squad.

Employee2: Happy and satisfied employees lead to success of organisation

Employee3: Job satisfaction of employees is a cardinal to success of an organisation.

If you could alter one thing about your organisation, what would it be?

Employee1: Pay graduated table must be updated and increased for all degree of employees

Employee2: Aggressive and ill-mannered nature of clients must be controlled by Customer Management Team as there is no such squad is presently in action.

Employee3: Sometime work load crosses the bound, so I want to alter the continuance of working hours.


We have conducted a series of interview with the five employees of the Tim Hortons and found that:

82 per centum of the employees were satisfied with the occupation, shows the attempt of company towards its employees.

70 per centum said that its motive by upper direction would defy them to alter the organisation but still want to increase the wage graduated table.

50 per centum employees said that its service degree and quality of merchandise that they offer are the most of import portion of the organisation which is liked by the clients or for which Tim Horton is known for.

Merely 10 per centum of the employees complains about addition wage graduated table and would supply excess inducement for overtime.

100 per centum employees said that organisation has a good and supportive environment and besides praises about the work civilization and squad work of the organisation.

Therefore overall survey shows that Tim Horton Provides a good working and supportive environment for its employees which helps them to foster and surpass on their work.


The organisational civilization is defined as a corporate behaviour of human being and the actions that they performed while working in an organisation. Organization civilization consists of its values, visions, norms that follow in an organisation, wonts and moral moralss. It is a form of corporate behavior and criterions that new member taught while fall ining the organisation so that he mix with organisational civilization. The more positive each member becomes within an organisation, the better the organisation looks as a whole. Organizational civilization provides significances for everyday organisational events, thereby cut downing the sum of cognitive processing and energy members need to use throughout the twenty-four hours.

In any organisation civilization can split into three degrees level one-artifacts and behaviour, degree two is values and degree three is premises and beliefs. In the given undertaking we have studied the organisation civilization of Tim Hortons a Canadian eating house, known for its rings and java. We have conducted the observations of a set of activities during the on the job hours, images and mark boards within the organisation and elaborate interviews of employees used to analyze the organisation civilization of this company. We found that organisation civilization of this company is excessively much supportive for their employee. The consequences showed that there is excessively much variegation among the employees and top direction of the company ever does its attempt towards occupation satisfaction degree of the employees.


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