Occupational Stress In Health Professionals Health And Social Care Essay

There is an pressing demand to understand about Occupational Stress today. The categorization of emphasis as desirable or eustress and unwanted or hurt by Selye in 1985 has great value even today as the universe today encounters its effects in every domain of life. Eustress is pleasant and ambitious and it ever produced maximal end product. It is apparent that without this positive inner stimuli no 1 can be effectual in 1s life. The job is with hurt as is something negative. It has no capacity to supervise or command a emphasis filled event in 1s life. Here one fails to command oneself and go a slave to emphasize doing hurt and loss to oneself and to the organisation he or she belongs. Yet, we need to cognize that a physical or psychological response is compulsory to happen emphasis in any life being. ( Middleton, 2009 ) .

Occupational emphasis among the wellness professionals has been a planetary job for old ages now. It can hold an inauspicious mental and physical wellness effects and can take to reduced satisfaction with one ‘s occupation. For a little group of employees it can even take to a burnout and ill foliages. Job emphasis therefore has non merely negative effects on themselves, but besides for the organisation they work. Estimates are that 10 % of the Gross National Product in European states is lost due to emphasize related absenteeism and turnover. Although absenteeism ‘ in wellness attention is worsening the past few old ages, it is still high compared to other nerve-racking occupational scenes such as instruction, providing industry or conveyance ( Roy, 2010 ) .

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The research worker has carried out this survey in a private infirmary in India named Jubilee Memorial Hospital Thiruvananthapuram. In this survey the research worker has focused on the occupational emphasis of the nurses. This survey is an effort to place the cause and effects of occupational emphasis of the nurses. This survey besides will place the demand to hold an effectual emphasis direction scheme to advance quality nursing attention in the infirmary.


Occupational emphasis we can state is a state of affairs of personal perceptual experience or edginess that stimulated by some juncture that are badly impacting the person adversely in his header mechanism. Here he is non able to manage a state of affairs ( Perriwe and Gavoster, 2010 ) Assorted surveies have proved that when a individual is placed in an unwanted occupation enviorment invariably for a long continuance it makes him burnout ( Aamodt, 2009 ) . Therefore, Occupational emphasis can be defined as a physical, psychological and behavioural response of an person to a state of affairs when he or she perceives it as hurt to his well being. This response or force per unit area can be positive or negative ( Baer, 2006 ) . However, when this force per unit area becomes excessively much to manage, it has a negative impact. Here the persons observe closely the broad spread between the required accomplishment and the deficiency of bing personal accomplishments to confront the state of affairs ( Griffin & A ; Moorhead, 2009 ) .

Promotions in the health care industry combined with latest technological inventions in the medical scientific discipline have increased the figure of people accessing the services of the health care industry today. The increased figure of nurses in infirmaries have proportionally increased their attempts to present their best services to the patients. Therefore professionals like nurses working in infirmaries are exposed to considerable sum of occupation emphasis. This in bend is holding serious psychological and physical effects on those persons every bit good to the patients who seek their services ( Baer, 2006 ) .


By and large there are assorted beginnings of occupational emphasis such as personal outlooks, employment determinations, societal force per unit areas, populating agreements, relationships, physical wellness, information overload, etc ( Olpin & A ; Hesson, 2009 ) . Apart from the factors mentioned above there are few of import beginnings that pertain straight to the research subject. The first 1 among them is Work Overload. It normally arises when excessively much velocity, heed and productiveness demanded. Second Work Under burden. It is holding work that is excessively simple and deficient to carry through single ‘s abilities. Third one is Underutilization. It normally happens when an employee perceives his occupation does utilize his work related cognition ( Gurung, 2010 ) . Fourthly, Task Demands that can be said about the occupation design of an person, his work status, and the layout of the work. Again, Role Demands are the function one plays within an organisation. ( Irving et al. 2010 ) . Role overload is a common heartache that expressed when the employee is expected to make more than clip licenses. Another cause of occupation emphasis is Job Ambiguity. Therefore it is of import to define the responsibility and necessity of an employee in a occupation ( Hales, 2009 ) .

Role Conflict is another of import beginning of occupational emphasis. For case, a worker ‘s occupation may necessitate inordinate overtime that conflicts with the worker ‘s household functions of partner and parent and holding to play varied functions at work at the same time, cause emphasis. Another of import beginning of work emphasis originates form workers experiencing that they have small control over the occupation environment every bit good as over their occupation behaviour. Research indicates that supplying workers with a sense of control over their work environment, such as giving them a voice in determination devising procedures and leting them to be after their ain work undertakings may cut down work emphasis and increase occupation satisfaction ( Kavitha, 2009 ) .

Stress can develop from troubles in developing good interpersonal relationships in a work topographic point. Organizational Change is another beginning of emphasis. Some common alteration state of affairss that lead to worker emphasis such as alterations in work system, work engineering, alteration in company policy and managerial or forces alterations. Some main executive officers create civilization characterized by tenseness and fright. They even force to set up unattainable to execute in a short period by enforcing tight control. They routinely fire workers who do n’t do it up up. Apart from these above mentioned factors there can besides be other single factors that can do occupational emphasis ( Middleton, 2009 ) .


Occupational Stress is a serious on-going issue in the profession of nursing. Lack of organisational support, increased technological progresss, personal and household relationship issues etc. , besides can lend to the emotional exhaustion of the nurses. Apart from these, the really nature of the profession, the intense and stiff work modus operandis, exposure to trouble and post traumatic events of life, etc. besides can take them to emphasize ( Wicks, 2006 ) .

The impact of emphasis in the life of Nurses needs to be dealt with about importance. Stress of nurses has strong effects on of import work results particularly in the quality of attention in a infirmary. Stress ever resulted diminishing of work result and amplified non attending and ruin of gross in the wellness attention industry. The consequence of occupational emphasis that consequences from overwork can be seen in the status called burnout among the nurses ( Scott, 2009 ) . A nurse agony from burnout became less energetic and less interested in her occupations. She or he will be emotionally exhausted, apathetic, down, cranky and bored. They tend to happen mistake with all facets in their work environment and respond negatively to the suggestions of others even to the patients of their attention. Here the quality of their work deteriorates but non needfully the measure. ( Thomas, 2009 ) The rapid alteration in medicine protocols and the development of new processs and equipments may thwart nursing staff when they are non given equal preparation and clip to integrate these alterations into their profession and work forms ( Middleton, 2009 ) .


Nursing is a extremely nerve-racking profession as they deliver uncompromising services to the patients in a really extremely nerve-racking occupation environment. It combines a figure of extremely proficient undertakings necessitating expert cognition and personal battles with patients necessitating empathy and compassion. The nursing profession is going really advanced and complex. Increased occupation emphasis is prevailing among the nurses and therefore the designation of beginning of emphasis and effectual header mechanism is really of import for wellness of nurses every bit good as the profession itself. It can hold inauspicious mental and physical wellness effects and can take to reduced satisfaction with one ‘s occupation ( Weiner & A ; Craighead, 2010 ) .


The infirmary selected for the survey is a 250 bedded multi forte infirmary that was established in the twelvemonth 1975. It was given the award for the best Health Care supplier award by the State authorities in 2002. The establishment received the Citizen Award in 2004. There are 115 nurses employed in the infirmary. It has different sections like General Medicine, General & A ; Minimal invasiveA Surgery, Gynecology & A ; Obstetric, Pediatric Orthopedic, ENT, Dental, Eye, Skin Plastic & A ; Cosmetic Surgery, Cardiology, Neurology, Chest Medicine, Urology, Oncology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Pathology and Anesthesiology. There is a Nursing School attached to the Hospital that promotes quality nursing instruction. The infirmary therefore educates more than 200 pupils every twelvemonth through its Nursing and Para- medical instruction establishments. The infirmary has installations to execute a broad assortment of surgeries. The Hospital has an mean figure of 200 inmates and 750 outpatients in a twenty-four hours. The infirmary conducts wellness, immunisation, and consciousness programme in the rural countries of the province carry throughing its societal duty.

1.7. RESEARCH Question

“ Critically analyse the Occupational Stress of the Nurses employed in Jubilee Memorial Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram, India ” .


1.8.1. Aim

The chief purpose of this research is to critically analyze assorted beginnings of Occupational Stress of the Nurses and it ‘s impact on the profession of the Nurses employed in Jubilee Memorial Hospital.

1.8.2. Aims To critically reexamine the organic structure of literature related to Occupational Stress of Nurses.

The research worker will analyze assorted books, diaries, web sites, articles and besides stuffs of the old surveies conducted on the subject to confirm this work. To analyze the bing occupational Stress of the nurses, its beginnings and its impact in their profession.

It will analyze the bing occupational emphasis of the nurses and their corresponding beginnings. It besides will analyze the inauspicious impact of it in their profession. To measure the effectivity of the get bying schemes adopted to manage emphasis by the respondents.

Here the effectivity of the stress direction schemes adopted by the nurses and the infirmary in managing occupational emphasis will be examined. To do decisions and possible recommendations for the effectual direction of occupational emphasis of the nurses.

Recommendations of advanced and effectual emphasis direction schemes will be provided to the organisation and to the nurses sing the bing steps taken by the infirmary and the nursing staff, along with the unobserved options that can be identified and adopted appropriately by persons harmonizing to their demands and state of affairss.

1.9. Definition OF TERMS

1.9.1. Occupational Stress

Theoretical: It is a dynamic status in which an person is confronted with chance, restraint or demand and the result is unsure and of import.

Operational: In this survey, it is a negative force per unit area arises out of an uncomfortable state of affairs in the lives of the nurses.


Theoretical: A adult male or adult female who renders service by supplementing medical work.

Operational: A adult male or adult female who is qualified for the profession of Nursing.


Theoretical: It is the result of an action or natural happening.

Operational: To impact or act upon in a important or unwanted mode.


The research will be a qualitative, inductive survey based on the primary informations collected from the respondents straight with the aid of ego prepared questionnaires, interviews and observation. The research worker will besides use secondary beginnings of informations, such as assorted books, medical diaries, articles and online stuffs based on the subject of survey selected. Wholly, the research worker purposes to give a descriptive survey of the subject based on the methods adopted for research.

Significance OF THE STUDY

Occupational emphasis among the Nurses has been a planetary job for old ages now. The research worker has selected Jubilee Memorial infirmary for carry oning the research because the research worker has been a field work trainee at this organisation during his old surveies. Primary observation of the research worker is that there are seeable grounds for emphasis among the nurses in this infirmary such as, Prime duty and heavy work burden, Depleting interpersonal relationships, Conflicts with doctors and other medical staff, Unable to keep a balance between work and place demand, Constant informant to serious hurts and deceases and so on. Though there are assorted other emphasis related issues bing in the infirmary, they seem to be unmindful of the of the impact of it. A research in this country will supply equal consciousness of the present state of affairs to the Nurses and the infirmary direction. The recommendations will be a key to the hereafter intercessions to hold a better get bying mechanism to advance quality attention in the infirmary.

1.12. Restriction OF THE STUDYA

Since the research worker has limited respondents for his survey the generalization of the survey is limited and so it ca n’t be applied to the whole of Nursing professionals. The prefixed clip of the completion of the research is another restriction of the research. The usage of ego prepared questionnaire and the interview agenda all these were limited by clip and handiness. It consumed a batch of clip, energy and money. The look through the questionnaire can even be biased and limited.


The survey on Occupational emphasis of the nurses and its impact is vividly described in five chapters.

Chapter – 1: This chapter is an debut of the research subject itself. A brief account of emphasis, occupational emphasis, it ‘s causes and it ‘s impact in the profession of nurses, a brief account of the organisational profile, research inquiry, purpose and aims and significance of the survey is explained here.

Chapter – 2: The 2nd chapter is the reappraisal of literature analyzing the bing organic structure of literature on emphasis and occupational emphasis.

Chapter -3: The 3rd chapter will explicate the methodological analysis used in the research. Different techniques used to garner informations for the intent of research and its relevancy, the jobs faced by the research worker to obtain relevant informations etc are explained in this chapter.

Chapter -4: The 4th chapter trades with the analysis of the informations collected and the findings are included. In this subdivision the research worker will closely analyze the connexion between the aims, reviewed literature and the findings.

Chapter -5: The last subdivision of this research study is recommendation and decision.


In the modern epoch, nursing profession is a nerve-racking business. This survey will critically analyze assorted beginnings of the occupational emphasis of the Nurses and its negative impact on their profession. It is definite that future intercessions to forestall emphasis among the nurses will be considered as an of import measure to advance quality wellness attention. The research worker is optimistic that the Nursing profession will hold decreased sum of emphasis and a good developed increased get bying mechanism which will in bend addition occupation satisfaction and quality work public presentation in Nursing Care



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