Odwalla Case Essay

September 24, 2017 Religion

Odwalla Incorporate is known for high quality merchandises and it takes pride in the manner the juices are made. However. with E. coli crisis it has become highly hard to keep that standard unless Odwalla designs a proper scheme to counter the consequence. I will assist you plan a communicating scheme for each stakeholder to emerge from this crisis. recover trueness and better trade name image.

Odwalla must take full ownership of this crisis and communicate to its stakeholders about the callback procedure. quality confidence policies and stairss taken to decide the issue. The timing and the procedure is highly of import to pass on efficaciously. Below are the list of cardinal issues and the communicating schemes for each stakeholder that will assist acquire through this crisis.


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Some of the cardinal issues that Odwalla face because of the E. coli jailbreak are:

•Determining communicating scheme to react in the crisis •Identifying pasteurising methods to keep the same gustatory sensation and quality •Maintaining current nucleus competence – usage of minimum production processes to present superior gustatory sensation and nutritionary values •Researching side effects of adding Cl. as suggested by a quality confidence director •Identifying ways to supply safe merchandises in future

•Identifying ways to keep the client trueness
•Identifying scheme to recover stakeholders’ religion
•Handling cases from affected consumers

These issues will impact the company’s hereafter concern operations. Therefore. Odwalla must take immediate action to incorporate the jailbreak and happen solution to avoid re-occurrence in future.


Odwalla must pass on with all of its stakeholders. The following are the communicating schemes for the nine most of import Odwalla stakeholders – the affected clients. the populace. the employees. the crisis direction commission. the distributers. the retail merchants. the providers. the functionaries. and the shareholders/investors.

Affected Customers

•Apologize instantly and take full duty for the crisis to the affected consumers by reaching them by phone or paying a visit •Guarantee appropriate steps will be taken to repair the issue •Send condolences letters to all consumers who are affected by devouring the Odwalla juice and counterbalance them for medical costs and adversity


•Launch Television. Radio and Internet advertizements to inform everybody about the crisis and seek apology •Regain consumer’s assurance by guaranting that this issue will be resolved shortly •Arrange mill Tourss for public confidence


•Call in for all-employee meeting to explicate the crisis and inquire employees for thoughts to pasteurise the merchandises by keeping same gustatory sensation •Send out a memo to all employees bespeaking them to reach crisis direction commission with thoughts and enquiries •Instruct all employees to direct any inquiries or enquiries from media to Internal communicating section

Crisis direction commission

•Identify the batch Numberss of the affected merchandises
•Quarantine all the affected merchandises
•Develop the recovery program and reappraisal with functionaries before execution


•Send memos to distributers with batch Numberss and inquire them to remember the merchandises and freezing any supply traveling to the retail merchant •Tell distributers to dispose all the merchandises fiting the batch Numberss given to them


•Send memos to retail merchants with batch figure and inquire them to remember the affected merchandises. •Work with retail merchants for any client re-funds petitions


•Suspend receiving of all the supplies from the providers •Ask providers to look for E. coli in their supplies and press them to take appropriate actions •Discuss with provider for thoughts and methods to avoid any taint even before the merchandises get to Odwalla installation


•Communicate openly with the wellness bureaus and jurisprudence functionaries by collaborating with the probe procedure •Explain the recovery program developed by crisis direction commission •Get certified for the procedure from the wellness bureaus


•Call for immediate Board of manager meeting and explicate the crisis. recovery program and cost of repairing the crisis

Following Measure

Odwalla must take immediate action to avoid harm to customer’s assurance degree and lose religion in stakeholders. In order to decide the issue rapidly Odwalla must take following of import stairss:

•Identify the contaminated batch Numberss
•Quarantine the contaminated merchandises
•Communicate with all stakeholders
•Find the root-cause of taint
•Implement the solution from root-cause analysis
•Get blessing from wellness bureaus
•Keep consumers updated via advertizements – Television. Radio. Newspapers and Flyers •Organize mill circuit for client satisfaction


Odwalla must pass on instantly by implementing the communicating schemes. The effects for non pass oning efficaciously are worse and will impact from losing clients to long cases and registering bankruptcy. It will be really disputing to happen a solution that will keep the same gustatory sensation and non to hold pasteurized the merchandises. However. you will happen smart and effectual ways of pass oning with stakeholders in this memo that will non merely assist Odwalla recover the lost glorification but besides avoid any inauspicious deductions.

With every Core Competencies. there are wagess and crisis. Odwalla must encompass this crisis as a lesson learned and utilize this experience to come up with new tools and engineerings for production procedure and populate up to its vision:

“Odwalla’s vision has ever been to nourish people everyplace with the indescribably honorable art and beat of nature’s offerings. We live on the rule of regard for our consumers who rely on us for consistent quality in gustatory sensation and nutriment and regard for the Earth on which we rely for holistic nourishment”

I would wish you to see my communicating schemes and be unagitated and patient in managing the crisis. Please experience free to reach me for any inquiries you may hold.


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