Odyssey And The Greek Culture English Literature Essay

September 28, 2017 English Literature

A great leader is the 1 who contains certain features that can do an consequence on his people, can put him apart from other atrocious leaders or the successful 1. Ten old ages have passed since the autumn of Troy ; it is clip for the Grecian hero, Odyssey, to return place to reunion with his married woman ( Penelope ) after the Trojan War. On the manner place, he encounters many distractions that without great traits, he might hold non get the better of all the battles that he faces during the journey. In The Odyssey written by Homer, one can happen out that there are many groundss reveal about Grecian Culture through Odyssey ; some of his properties he possesses are cordial reception, craft, and trueness.

The cordial reception of the Greeks is a cardinal thought in Homer ‘s Odyssey. Hospitality in The Odyssey is played as a cardinal function in the events by both on the portion of the visitant and the host, it is even more of import in the ancient Greece. One of the most affable screenings of cordial reception throughout The Odyssey is when he and his crew arrive the land of the Cyclops, whom is described as “ Cyclopes have no muster and no meeting, no audience or old tribal waysaˆ¦ ” ( 866 ) . One can easy visualize every inch of the island and who lives on the island through Homer ‘s description. However, his wonder about kills him when he wants to see the Cyclops. “ I wished to see the cave adult male, what he had to offer- no pretty sight, it turned out, for my friends ” ( 867 ) . In the forenoon, he tells his crew that he will travel over to the island to see the Cyclops and to carry through his curiousness. Odysseus and his crew delay in the cavern for the reaching of the giant. When they enter the cave, he relies on the outlook of cordial reception so he grabs some nutrient and drink for himself. Unfortunately, when Polyphemus returns, after the meeting, no regulation of Greek cordial reception for the Cyclops is shown by the manner Polyphemus treats his invitees ; he eats some of Odyssey ‘s work forces for his repasts. However, Odyssey surely will non sit at that place and wait for his decease, therefore, his following trait is presented, his craft.

Unlike the other hero, Odysseus is non celebrated for his great strength or courage, but for his ability to lead on and flim-flam, which is besides the most important subject in the narrative. He is the “ adult male of many fast ones. ” He reveals his craft when he deals with the Cyclops Polyphemus. “ Poseidon Lord, who sets the Earth a-tremble, broke it up on the stones at your land ‘s terminal. A air current from offshore served him, drove us at that place. We are subsisters, these good work forces and I ” ( 869 ) . First, when he is asked about his ship, he lies to him by stating that his ship is destroyed in order non to allow Polyphemus travel out and destruct it himself. Then he tricks him into imbibing the vino that they carry under their boards as an offer in order to get down his following measure, blinding him. “ Cyclops, you ask my honest name? Remember the gift you promised me, I shall state you. My name is Nohbody: female parent, male parent, and friends, everyone calls me Nohbdy ” ( 871 ) . Knowing that even if blinds him, he still might non be able to overmaster Polyphemus. However, even if he defeats, he will non be able to travel the bowlder. Therefore, he tricks Poluphemus ‘s stupidity byt seting out Polyphemus ‘s individual oculus. Finally, he comes up with the thought to conceal under the sheep in order to get away out of the cave without the blind Polyphemus cognizing about it. If being dead is so atrocious, what is it about being human that makes up for the endless agony that attends deceases?

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Odyssey is besides known for his trueness, which is revealed clearly through the trueness to his married woman. Odyssey has ne’er been misspending his clip, for most of the 10 old ages he lives on an island with the goddess Calypso, who is frantically in love with him. “ Though I have been detained long by Calypso, loveliest among goddesses, who held me in her smooth caves, to be her bosom ‘s delectation, as Circe of Aeaea, the temptress, desired me, and detained me in her hall. But my bosom ne’er gave consent ” ( 863 ) . He is offered such a great pick, populating on the island with Calypso, or being immortal like the Gods. But he chooses to return to his married woman, and to be mortal. He besides shows his trueness to the community, to his state where he lives. When Odyssey and his crew arrive the Lotus-eaters, his work forces are offered the sweet Lotus, “ aˆ¦but those who ate this honeyed works, the Lotus, ne’er cared to describe, nor to return: they longed to remain everlastingly, shoping on that native bloom, forgetful of their fatherland ” ( 865 ) . To forestall the work forces who eat the Lotus from swimming back to the island merely to fall asleep at the custodies of their prisoners, he commands the remainder of his crew to bind them to the ship against their will when they start to lose their trueness to their fatherland. Without the presence of trueness, true relationship can ne’er be built.

Throughout ancient times, everything tended to be compared to Homer ‘s work. As a consequence, The Odyssey written by Homer has revealed the Grecian Culture through an effectual leader, Odyssey. As a consequence, Odyssey ‘s traits, cunning, cordial reception, and trueness addition him his wisdom and accomplishment to be successful in every conflict, to get the better of battles, doing him to be unbeatable. In add-on, non merely in the antediluvian Greek, these traits are besides needed in today ‘s life in order to break the modern society.



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