Oedipus – A Freud and Aristole View Essay

October 11, 2017 General Studies

“Oedipus the King” by Sophocles has been considered one of the greatest Grecian calamities. It is a Grecian myth that may hold been inspired by existent events and people. With that idea in head this drama has so. assist us acquire a better apprehension of Aristotle’s. a philosopher. ideas of a Tragic Hero and Sigmund Freud’s. a psychoanalytic theoretician. ideas on the affects of the same on our lives ( particularly male kids and their psychological development ) . Both Aristotle and Sigmund Freud besides belief that Oedipus was non in control of his actions. but in fact. was moving in a mode that was a portion of his destiny.

Aristotle. found that Oedipus the King was non merely an influential myth but besides as a beginning of what defines true calamity. He believed that you can non hold a good or wicked adult male falling into bad luck or an evil adult male lifting to fortune because none of those will animate the feelings of commiseration of fright. which will assist the reader or spectator of the drama to make his/her katharsis experience. which is a naming Forth and purge of emotions. Aristotle believes that the best type of calamity occurs when a individual whom is an mean ( or one who posses good and bad qualities ) citizen undergoes a alteration in luck. This is best portrayed when a respected person with an first-class repute goes through catastrophe that consequences in terrible bad luck.

Oedipus the King meets the criterions of Aristotle’s tragic hero definition. When Oedipus vows to happen Laius slayer to assist stop the pestilence that has fallen on the metropolis. to assist the metropolis and himself ( for he besides feared that the slayer may come for him ) that showed us that norm. but greatly respect feature. Then when he sought after the slayer and realized that it was him and that he had to in-turn perform the penalty that he decreed on himself. that surely helped the spectator or reader range that point of katharsis.

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In Oedipus the King. Sophocles presents us with a universe in which certain actions and results are inevitable for us to travel through. It is from this construct that Sigmund Freud’s Oedipus complex roots. Freud makes a statement in The Interpretation of Dreams that ; ”There must be something which makes a voice within us ready to acknowledge the compelling force of fate in the Oedipus… His fate moves us merely because it might hold been ours… it is the destiny of all of us… . ”Freud believes that we will all unconsciously experience a desire to hold our opposite parent in a sexual mode and to demo hatred toward the same sex parent. This unconscious desire is genuinely a witting fright for reader or spectator of this drama and there is looks of commiseration on Oedipus’s behave because no 1 wants to see him or herself in Oedipus’s topographic point.

Whether it is destiny ( that which we feel that we may hold a small control over ) or destiny ( a hereafter that has an unchangeable negative terminal ) Aristotle and Freud’s reading of Oedipus the King. moves us all into a topographic point were we are forced to admit the powerful influence of such things.


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