Oedipus the King Essay

July 23, 2017 General Studies

In Sophocles’ Oedipus the King. the subjects of destiny and free will are really strong throughout the drama. Merely one. nevertheless. brought about Oedipus’ ruin and decease. Both points could be argued to great consequence. In ancient Greece. destiny was considered to be a fundamental portion of day-to-day life. Every facet of life depended and was based upon destiny ( Nagle 100 ) . It is common belief to presume that world does so have free will and each person can make up one’s mind the result of his or her life. Fate and free will both make up one’s mind the destiny of Oedipus the King. Both sides of the statement can be greatly supported.

The Greeks believed in the thought that personality of the single greatly affected his or her life ( Nagle 120 ) . Their personality was what decides their ain free will. A wise adult male will do good determinations in his life ; an ignorant and obstinate adult male won’t be so fortunate. The character traits of a individual have a certain positive or negative affect on the picks that he or she makes. For Oedipus. one of these properties was the desire for cognition and truth about his ain being. This driving force in the drama led to the truth of his beginning. This ties in with his ain facet of free will.

His free will is based on his thrust for cognition. Throughout the full drama. Oedipus pushes Tiresias. Creon. Jocasta. the prophet. the courier. and the shepherd for information sing his beginnings. Each one of these characters in some manner or signifier refused to give him a thorough reply. As he draws closer to the reply. another character tries to halt his journey. Oedipus continues traveling forth even though others request he didn’t. “Oh no. listen to me. I beg you. don’t do this… . Listen to you? No more. I must cognize it all. see the truth at last ” ( Sophocles 195 ) .

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His desire for truth kept forcing him to go on his hunt. finally taking to his ruin. The full clip Oedipus had the capableness to stop the predicament. However he made the independent determination to go on. Another case where picks straight linked Oedipus to the prognostication was at the hamlets. Oedipus demonstrates an of import trait in his character. obstinacy. This trait is seeable when Oedipus reacted to the adult male forcing him aside at the hamlets. “the one shouldering me aside. the driver. I strike him in choler! … . I killed them all–every mother’s boy! ” ( Sophocles 189 ) .

In ancient times when a train was coming down the route they normally pushed you to the side. Oedipus didn’t like this and flipped out. killing all of them. It was his obstinacy that caused this to go on. His personality led to the determination to kill the train and unwittingly. his male parent excessively. If he were a wise and content adult male. so his determination would hold differed. When Oedipus defeated the Sphinx by work outing the conundrum. he could hold refused to take the losing king’s throne. He could hold besides declined to get married the former king’s married woman. unaware that the queen was his ain female parent. He accepted both of these without any declinations.

If his determination was different it might hold altered the class of events in the hereafter. His personality made certain that the determinations went the manner they did. These picks were made by Oedipus with his ain free will. his ain determinations. He didn’t have to accept these gifts. but did none the lupus erythematosus. These decisions would take to his ain death. but they were his ain errors. non destine. Free will can besides be found in the actions of Jocasta and Laius. The picks they made were non made by their ain opinion. but instead reactions to a state of affairs that neither of them was prepared to cover with.

Upon hearing the prognostication that foretold the hereafter sins in their family ; they made a rough determination out of fright. They had small Oedipus sent to decease at the foothills of a mountain. This reaction seems really barbarous. but back in antediluvian times it was really natural. Bing that an prophet foretold the prognostication. Jocasta and Laius responded as any Grecian parents would. They solved the job by taking Oedipus from the equation. but in the terminal their determination wasn’t the right 1. This leaves the readers of the drama to inquire what might hold happened if Jocasta and Lauis ne’er sent Oedipus to decease as an baby.

Would the prognostication still have taken topographic point? It seems that it wouldn’t have. because Oedipus wouldn’t have engaged in the misled roving after he left his adoptive place. Oedipus would hold had no ground to carry through the prognostication. but that is another inquiry that we don’t know. On the other manus. if Oedipus didn’t listen to the prognostication suggested to him in Corinth. he ne’er would hold returned to Thebes to transport out his fate. All these cases can be looked at that free will was the determinant factor. Was it truly? Destiny can besides be looked upon in every case. every bit a strong statement against free will.

Oedipus’ desire for cognition can besides be looked at by the point of view of destiny. He was born with his ain obstinacy. The Gods themselves made him that manner and it can non be changed. No affair what his determinations were. their gift to him will take to the way they gave him. He can’t escape the destiny the Supreme beings have given him. He kept forcing farther and male parent. but it merely led to his ruin. Nothing he could hold done would hold stopped that. The Prophetss make this clear in their prognostications throughout the text. All the forebodings they say come true.

They can’t be avoided because the Gods made you with your personality and it controls your life. Ultimately they control you. When Oedipus reaches the hamlets. it was destiny that led to the events that took topographic point. “Short work. by god-with one blow of the staff” ( Sophocles 189 ) . This quotation mark reveals that the Gods did play apart in the events that took topographic point. Oedipus’ prognostication was to kill his ain male parent. Unwillingly because of his obstinacy Oedipus struck down and did so kill his male parent. Because the Gods gave him this trait. his destiny was ineluctable.

The traits of Oedipus would bring forth the right sequence of events that would finally take to his prognostication coming true. Oedipus’ personality was the cause of the events. His free will blended in with the destiny given to him by the Gods. All together it was destiny that decided these actions. The prognostication given to Lauis and Jocasta is besides another illustration of ineluctable destiny. Even though it wasn’t at that place ain picks to acquire rid of their boy. their reaction to the prognostication set up the events for the hereafter. If they ne’er sent Oedipus to decease at the versant. he most likely ne’er would hold killed Lauis at the hamlets.

Their reaction was to a message given to them by the Gods. The Gods dictated what was traveling to go on. They told the prophesier to give out the prognostication. Leading to the vanquishing of small Oedipus. All along every action leads to 1s destiny in life. The greatest show of destiny in the text is when Oedipus gauges his eyes out with the aureate cartridge holders. He does this in reaction to the events that take topographic point. Oedipus was cognizant that he entirely was responsible for his actions and gauged his ain eyes out. That is the free will standpoint on the issue. Oedipus was at the same clip non responsible for his actions.

The Gods controlled his personality and hence controlled the result of his life. If Oedipus realized this he might non hold taken his ain sight. The Gods use their power to arouse human’s free will. They were responsible for the death of Oedipus. but in the same clip convince the homo that it was at that place mistake. Free will and destine can be related to every facet of Oedipus the King. The Gods who control fate manipulate the thought and constructs in human’s free will. Ultimately destiny is what overcomes all. It may non look like it. but free will was given to mankind by the Gods or God.

So in bend the Gods decide the destiny of everybody when they created adult male. It was already distinct and can non be changed. One can still reason the place that free will is more dominant. but if you relate to creative activity and how the Gods made adult male. destiny overcomes. In Oedipus the King. Sophocles made it clear to his fellow Greeks that world has the ability. even with prognostications and prophets. to do picks free from influence of Godhead forces. He besides shows that destiny does play a portion in human’s lives excessively. They tie into each other for a direct balance. Overall. destiny is the godly power that controls free will and find one’s life.


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