Of Mice And Men Creative Writing Assignment

May 17, 2018 General Studies

Of Mice and Men Creative Writing Final Assessment You may choose one of the final creative writing assessments below. We have e read the novel and you should be able to decide if you would like to work with the ending John Steins eek wrote for us or if you would like to change it drastically. If an alternate ending or extension of t he book does not interest you, you may want to change the point of view and try to write the story from one Of the characters’ perspectives.

For this choice, you will want to pick point in the novel, and chi Eng how a specific scene is written to fit your character’s thought and ideas. Keep in mind that the e writing you do should closely resemble Steinbeck style and should not take any unrealistic or unbend livable leaps… (NO alien babies, man eating blobs, chain saw killings, machine gun fights or terror iris bombings, etc.!!! ) Readers should know the thoughts and emotions of the characters. The new writings should not be ALL dialogue or told to the reader.

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