Of Mice and Men – the American Dream Essay

August 25, 2017 General Studies

The term American dream may non be used excessively frequently any more. but particularly in the 1930’s it was a really motivative term for the on the job category. Whether their dream was to have their ain company. back up their household or even merely have a piece of land to name their ain. the idea of holding a dream that they could carry through if merely they worked difficult plenty was maintaining them traveling frontward. George and Lennie’s dream was the latter. they longed to have a piece of land. to hold animate beings. and live so no 1 would hold control over them.

But throughout the class of the novel. some of their picks adjust the concluding result of their dream. By the terminal of Of Mice and Men Lennie and George’s dream has been altered in many ways. Although Lennie was killed in the terminal of the novel. a version of his dream still came true. The footing of Lennie’s dream was that he would be safe from injury and people running after him and that he would be stopped from aching anyone by chance. By killing Lennie. George gave him what it was he wanted. even if he didn’t recognize it at the clip. “Ever’body gon na be nice to you.

Ain’t gon na be no more problem. Cipher gon na ache cipher or bargain from ‘em” ( Steinbeck 106 ) . Without Lennie life. he would no longer be wanted by the people from Weed for accused colza. He would besides be spared from Curley and his vindictive violent death. because of the inadvertent violent death of Curley’s married woman. George knew what he had to make but he didn’t want Lennie to experience any hurting in the procedure. “Shoot him right in the dorsum of the head…he wouldn’t feel nothing” ( Steinbeck 45 ) . The manner Carlson shooting Candy’s old Canis familiaris was the same manner that George shot Lennie. Right in the dorsum of the caput he said softly” ( Steinbeck 107 ) .

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The method he used to stop Lennie’s life was much more merciful and humane than Curley’s program. George besides wanted Lennie to be at peace. believing about their dream. their spread. before he died. Killing Lennie was George’s merely option. If Curley had gotten to him he would hold had a painful decease and even in the possibility of Lennie’s flight. he would finally be tracked down and killed or sent to an refuge because of his mental disablements.

Because of George’s decease and the fortunes they put themselves in. Lennie did non acquire to see the twenty-four hours that they owned a spread. but he did finally acquire his dream. We ne’er find out for certain if George fulfills his dream and gets a spread. but even thought Lennie died. he still has an chance to accomplish this dream. Lennie is now non driving George out of his occupations and on the tally. “You can’t maintain a occupation and you lose me ever’ occupation I get. Jus’ maintain me shovin’ all over the state all the time” ( Steinbeck 11 ) .

Since George could maintain a occupation without Lennie. he would be able to acquire the full interest of wage each month for his spread and raise the money quicker. He besides still has the support of Candy. “S’pose I went in with you guys. Tha’s three hundred 50 vaulting horses I’d put in. I ain’t much good. but I could cook and be given the chickens” ( Steinbeck 59 ) . Not merely could George maintain a occupation but he could besides hold a much more easy life. “I could acquire along so easy and so nice if I didn’t have you on my tail. I could populate so easy and possibly hold a girl” ( Steinbeck 7 ) .

Without holding to care for Lennie. George would be able to loosen up and populate a more normal life as a worker. Because of Lennie’s decease George may even be able to acquire the spread faster and by making so still accomplish a version of the American dream. The American dream is a motive for many characters in Of Mice and Men but through a series of events. non all their dreams remain the same by the terminal of the novel. George and Lennie’s dream was their aspiration. their ground to maintain persevering. They ever had it as their ideal. their end to endeavor for.

If they could merely have a spread they would be happy. But throughout the novel. Lennie is killed and his dream is fulfilled by non holding life at all. George’s dream is now altered because Lennie would non be a portion of it. Even Crooks had a dream. to travel in on the spread with George. Lennie and Candy. but because of his race. he had to recognize that his dream could non be that exalted and his dream was forgotten. All during the novel. the message that is portrayed is that the American dream that is fulfilled is non the same as the dream they originally began with.

Throughout the continuance of Of Mice and Men. many versions of the American dream demonstrated motivational aims for the characters. Lennie longed for peace and safety. George wished to hold a easy life and Crooks hoped for a universe where he was non discriminated against. Throughout the novel. these dreams were changed and sometimes even forgotten. Because of this. Steinbeck gives the feeling that the American dream can ne’er genuinely be fulfilled to the dreamer’s original criterions.


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