Oil and gas industry of Viet Nam

September 8, 2017 Engineering


Oil industry Viet Nam have more than 30 old ages of building and development. Gas and oil industry have made great accomplishment and contributed to be an of import portion in the economic system of the state. We have identified the potency of oil and gas militias of the original recovery of the sedimentary basin in the district of the Continental shelf of Vietnam. There are many mines have been discovered and developing in Viet Nam. In malice of confronting with some troubles, such as production of oil and gas Fieldss in the largest diminutions, the development of new mines are non effectual for the undertaking while seeking for oil and gas investing abroad besides non favourable, China illicitly set up the boring platform in Vietnam Waterss, but some people argue that crude oil industry will still go on to play its function as a cardinal economic sector and human life in the hereafter.


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Have you of all time wondered that what the crude oil truly are. There are many different readings of oil. Under the premise of many scientists understanding, black gold is cadavers of infinite ancient beings ( including workss and animate beings ) populating within us 1000000s twelvemonth ago. These animals populating in the sea or on land and be washed out to sea, situated at the underside of the sea. In the sea, there are many types of aerophilic bacteriums ( recommended air ) and anaerobiotic bacteriums ( populating without air ) which consumed and decomposed cadavers. Over 1000000s of hard-working old ages, the other bacteriums were difficult to give us oil. In different topographic points have different types of oil. It depend on the initial cadavers and metal elements which dissolve the oil fluxing through the deposit. Therefore, the oil is considered to be beginnings of dodo and non-renewable.

There’s no O under the earth’s crust, so the organic affair in the deposit changed into a substance scientists call kerogen. And when the temperatures rose to 110° Celsius or higher the kerogen bit by bit changed into oil. Under hotter conditions it changed into natural gas. The procedure takes at least a million old ages.

Oil was born scatteredly in deposits known as the “ beginning stone ” but they do non desire to remain in the same topographic point. Underground force per unit area excessively high do oil is pushed out and migrated to the new topographic point through the construction porous hollow of the “ beginning stone ” . Meeting a convenient topographic points, oil which would be aggregated signifiers a seal or trap, and easy, really easy, the oil builds up. As it does, it forms a reservoir. If merely happening them was every bit easy as mapping a metropolis. Rocks besides move over 1000000s of old ages, as tectonic home bases shift. Their formations can be highly complex. This makes oil and gas reservoirs highly hard to happen.

Crude oil is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons. In other words, it is made up of H, C and hints of other substances. Its texture varies, but it is by and large liquid. Natural gas is chiefly made up of the chemical compound methane. It is gaseous, or lighter than air.

The function of crude oil in VN

Our state has a broad seas and a Continental shelf which is besides place to major oil and gas chances. Through the hunt activities, oil and gas geographic expedition in Vietnam was initiated in Hanoi and An Chau in the sixtiess with the aid of the Soviet Union. Exploration and study crude oil of Vietnam have the possible militias with more than 4 billion three-dimensional metres of oil equivalent. In recent twelvemonth, expand research which has found some new excavation, permit the addition of proportion of oil and gas militias of Vietnam more than in the yesteryear. For illustration, rough oil production in the state increased 30 % yearly and the oil industry in our state has reached the landmark of extraction 1 million dozenss of petroleum oil in 1988, 100 million dozenss of material on the day of the month 02.13.2001. It is belief that such growing has put the oil industry became a cardinal economic sectors of the state and stayed on top of exports. With the development of oil, burned yearly to about 1 billion three-dimensional metres of associated gas, equal fuel supplied to a gas turbine power works with a capacity of 300 megawatt. For taking advantage of this gas, the Government built a gas power works in Ba Ria and has put into operation in 1996.

The first oil refinery was besides desperately built and put into operation in Dung Quat, Quang Ngai state. Basic orientation upcoming is to advance oil and gas geographic expedition on the Continental shelf, travel deeper ; find the construction and verify possible industrial modesty capable of development ; go on to convey new mines into operation. In the period 2011 – 2015, Viet Nam ‘ s authorities will endeavor increase oil and gas militias of 130-140 million dozenss of oil equivalent to response the demand in the hereafter.

Oil production significantly contributed to the GDP, revived the economic system, and fuelled the reform procedure. The industry significantly promoted FDI in Vietnam, reduced the state ‘s trade shortage, and increased net energy/oil independency. It besides played an of import function in lending to authorities grosss, in developing relevant parts and in decelerating CO2 emanation, among other effects. The findings and consequences strongly indicate the significance of the crude oil industry in fuelling the Doi Moi, and in set uping Viet Nam in many certain facets. The state has attained multiple benefits of holding crude oil resources.

Problem& A ;Solutionof crude oil in VN

Viet Nam oil and gas industry are rather fledgling with limited human resource. Consequently, capable Providence unable to response the demand. Our state chiefly exports crude oil, imports refined oil to function local demand. Some refinery which are the Dung Quat oil refinery, Nghi Son refinery and so on merely merely provide approximately 35 % of domestic demand. Meanwhile, the demand for crude oil merchandises is increasing, non merely in the short term but besides in the long term due to the population detonation, the industry continues to turn, particularly the acceleration of the conveyance sector that make we have to make more to happen the solution for this job. Harmonizing to OPEC which is bases for Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries demand for crude oil fuels is increasing quickly, particularly in developing states, and by 2025, the supply will non fulfill maintain up the demand.

In add-on, production of crude oil were exploited low in one-year, mean about 24 million metric ton. In the first five months of 2012, Petroleum Viet Nam exploited merely 10.86 million dozenss of oil and gas. Meanwhile, mining militias in Vietnam is ranked 4th in the oil and gas in the seventh Asia Pacific ( In British Petroleum, 2010 ) , 25th and 30th in the universe. Therefore, Viet Nam has an R / P which is contracted for coefficient of militias / production really high, in which the R / P oil is 32.6 times ( caput of Asia-Pacific part and 10th in the universe ) and R / P gas is 66 times ( caput of the Asia – Pacific part and 6th in the universe ) . This besides indicates the possible development of the industry is still really considerable in the hereafter.

The crude oil industry of Viet Nam has been turning steadily in recent twelvemonth. Dung Quat oil refinery will continue enlargement its capacity to 9.5 million dozenss per twelvemonth and petrochemical engineering applications foremost in Viet Nam to run into 50 % of domestic demand. The ability to work is upgraded. Since 2010, Petroleum Viet Nam has an operating mine at 200 metres deeper than the sea. Furthermore, Vietnam besides oil and gas have jointed ventures in other states such as Cuba, Indonesia, Iran, Tunisia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Congo, Madagascar, Russia, Venezuela, Algeria and Malaysia.

Beside, crude oil industry has many chances. First is sponsored by the State so it enjoys many privileges. Second, the consumer market and possible feat is enormous. Third, no energy replace wholly the crude oil because the other power require the high cost while the effect is non good. Forth, Nuclear energy is obnoxious because the toxic effects of radioactive waste.


Overall, the oil and gas industry of Viet Nam still in rather immature. However, with the current state of affairs, we can believe in a brighter hereafter for this cardinal industry. Furthermore, the possible development and the investing of province oil and gas industry today will progressively lend to the industrialisation and modernisation of the state. Although facing with one of the most troubles, the industry has been and will be go oning to play its function as a key of economic industry.


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