Old And Modern Grammar English Language Essay

There are many ways in which grammar has been approached and described throughout ages. Presents, the word ‘grammar ‘ is most often used to intend both sentence structure and morphology, or to set it in a different manner, it is a set of regulations that enables the users of a given linguistic communication to set words together to convey the coveted significance.

For many users of linguistic communication this term is troublesome, therefore it needed separating between cognizing grammar and the cognition about grammar. Everybody capable of reading and understanding these words has some cognition of the English grammar as a system that enables to make and construe apprehensible sentences. To cognize grammar agencies to be able to utilize a given linguistic communication. Knowledge about grammar is what people normally gain during the procedure of larning a foreign linguistic communication – the ability to discourse some distinctive features of the system of linguistic communication and ability to depict the regulations involved in edifice sentences. It is a fact that many native talkers feel unqualified to discourse their female parent lingua when it comes to issues such as why one phrase is right and the other is non, as when we get a female parent lingua we gain the cognition of forms of linguistic communication implicitly.

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The Old English linguistic communication was used in parts of the British isles till the terminal of the 11th century. As it was a really stormy period of clip characterized by legion wars and invasions the linguistic communication at that clip undergone assorted alterations and was influenced by several other linguas. The facts that Old English used a runic alphabet and that there are non many clear letterings which could be analyzed do it hard for linguists to depict that period of the history of linguistic communication with certainty. However, there are many findings by and big accepted as conclusive.

Standard ENGLISH

It ‘s a batch of definitions what is a Standard English but we can divide a five characteristic and indispensable sentiment:

Standard English is a portion of Variety of English because some people call them as a idiom

If we look at the definition from lingual side we can state that SE is a grammar, vocabulary, and writing system but is non a pronunciation because everyone speak with different speech patterns ( different manner of speech production )

Peoples choose constructs and ways which they prefer to talk. It is become for them a sort of Standard English.

The adults members of community recommended to other to utilize “ prestigiousness ” standard English, because they consider that it is a desirable educational mark used by taking establishments like a authorities or media.

Largely people use a non standard English, they use them merely when is a particular state of affairs or in “ BBC English ” ECT, more frequently they use a regional English or regional with standard English.

Assortment of English – because of English linguistic communication during old ages was developing, on a different parts of universe, peoples made their ain assortment of English. For illustration in British settlement peoples speak with assorted native-english linguistic communications ; in a different portion of England isles peoples speak with different idiom ECT.

Part II

My presentation is about my ain assortment of English. I would wish to demo comparing of Jamaican English with standard English. I use in my presentation wordss from vocal of Jamaican vocalist Damian Marley to demo that this sort of assortment is used by non merely creative persons but besides Jamaican community.

On my first slide I explain what is a Jamaican English and where does it come from. It is come from Jamaica and is used by educated portion of Jamaican society.

Following slide is a portion of wordss from vocal ( as I wrote on the top ) on the right side of this slide I wrote a features words for Jamaican peoples, few of them I could non explicate likely because of slang words, or I could non happen them on the Jamaican-English lexicon.

4th slide is about pronunciation. I put to the little tabular arraies to do it easy to compare with standard English. I put some illustrations every bit good.

Following slide is about vocabulary. It is a short piece of text which show that Jamaican English have besides loanword non merely from English but from Spanish and African linguistic communications.

After that we are on the slide 7th which show few illustrations of Jamaican English phrases. It is really amusing and interesting think.

And the following truly of import and the most amusing portion of the presentation is following to last slide. It is song of Damian Marley I use this vocal because I want to demo how is a pronunciation and manner of talking Jamaican peoples. In this vocal we can hear how they spell words and their characteristic speech pattern.

And the concluding slide is a short summarize of all presentation.



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