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January 13, 2017 General Studies

What I Like Best About the Old People in My Neighborhood.

The old people in my neighborhood are really cool and I would like to tell you what I like best about them. The first thing I like most about them is how nice they are. The second thing that is ultraneat about the old people in my neighborhood is their generosity. Last, but most certainly not least, I like their great stories of olden days.

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The old people in my neighborhood are so nice. One nice old lady that lives in my neighborhood is Mrs. Filter. She makes fudge and when ever you come over to her house she smiles, gives you a big hug and tells you how much you”ve grown. Another nice older person that lives in my neighborhood is Mr. Packer. He is retired and loves to build birdhouses and show the kids what he can do with his hands. Every year Mr. Packer takes some of the money he makes from selling his birdhouses and gives it to Race for the Cure.

There are also many generous old people that live in my neighborhood. For example Mr. Yelants buys stuff from fundraisers and also donates to Race for the Cure. Another very generous person is Mrs. Finkel. She buys Girl Scout cookies and Fannie May candy to give to people at Halloween. She also loves volunteering at the local hospital.

Another thing I like about the old people in my neighborhood is their great stories about olden days. Mr. MaiShu has some great stories about the Vietnam War that he was in with his brother Tai. I also enjoy Mr. Oder’s story about how he had to walk to school three miles up hill both ways without any shoes. He also loves telling scary stories and fairy tales to little children.

If you ever want to meet nice, generous old people with great stories come over to my house. I”ll show you around my neighborhood so you can meet all the great senior citizens that live near me.


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