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June 25, 2018 English Language

1. Study the following assignment task and respond to questions that follow. “As English is now the world language and an essential skill in business, English language instruction should continue even at University level” To what extent do you agree or disagree? Present your ideas and opinions with examples where necessary. a) Identify the key words of the question above and clarify what they mean. (6 marks) b)Brainstorm ideas that can be included in the essay looking at the issue from both sides (13 marks) c) Write a thesis statement of not more than three sentences that state what you are going to do in your essay. (6 marks) 2. According to Nunan (1991:87), “competent writers do not produce final texts at their first attempt, but that writing is a long and often painful process, in which the final text emerges through successive drafts”. In light of what Nunan says, describe the steps that you go through in producing an assignment. Illustrate with examples from your studies.[25 Marks]

3. How would you use the following reading writing interface skills in researching for an assignment?

a)SQ3R[10] b)Summarizing[5] c)Synthesizing[5] d)paraphrasing[5] 4. Reflect on learning situations students are exposed to at University level. What can act as noise when learning through a) Assignment writing
b) The lecture method
c) Group discussion
d) Library research
e) Self study (25marks) 5. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages that written messages have over oral messages using examples from an organization of your choice. (25) 6. When you write an assignment, you become the sender of information to the lecturer. Discuss the role that you should play to ensure that there is effective communication between you and your receiver, the lecturer. (25) 7.) Discuss how you can apply the SQ3R approach to academic reading. (20). b) what roles do summarizing and paraphrasing play in an academic research. (5)

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8. Discuss the view that academic writing is both a process and a product.

9.Write an argument on the importance of the communication skills course.

10.The process of reading and writing complement each other. Discuss this assertion

11.Read the following passage and respond to the questions at the end.

A customer service representative interacts with a company’s customers to provide them with information to address inquiries regarding products and services. In addition, they deal with and help resolve any customer complaints. For instance, a customer representative may assist you in opening an account or help you to resolve a problem if you cannot access your account or if your order never arrived. Usually, customer service representatives gather their information via a telephone call.

Customer inquiries often involve some form of complaint that the customer service representative must handle in accordance with the company’s guidelines and policies. Sometimes, the representatives may attempt to solve the problems or at least propose some solutions. Some representatives may also be authorized to send customers their replacement products or reverse erroneous fees. Others may function like gatekeepers, getting information on the problem and passing it along to someone else to solve. Customer service representatives must make sure first that the complaints made are valid and must do whatever they can–within the bounds of their authority–to make sure the customer is satisfied when he hangs up the phone.

Selling the company’s products and services may be part of a customer service representatives job, even though he may not be part of the sales division. Some representatives may provide product or service information to assist customers in making a decision about a product to buy. Customer service representatives may also help generate sales leads. For instance, after addressing a customer’s inquiry, the representative may attempt to sell them some new products upgrades.

For instance, he may suggest upgrading your cable service. The job of a customer service representative may also involve clerical responsibilities. Such duties may involve answering telephone calls and making the appropriate transfers. For example, when a customer makes an inquiry about Internet broadband, the representative can transfer the call to a technical service representative. Other duties include processing new client accounts, maintaining customer accounts, implementing changes to existing accounts, and filing documents and other paperwork. Almost all types of organizations employ customer service representatives and often their duties and responsibilities vary depending on the type of the organization and industry.

For example, customer service representatives who work in banks may have similar duties to bank tellers, counting money, cashing checks and servicing accounts. Those working in insurance companies may be required to handle paperwork dealing with policy renewals. Customer service representatives who work for communication and utility companies may assist customers who have outage or other service problems. Adapted Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-13 Edition, Customer Service Representatives.

a) Suggest a heading for the passage (2)
b) Provide a subheading to each of the paragraphs (8)
c) Summarize in not more than 140 words the duties and responsibilities of a customer representative (15). d) In your summary utilize at least 5 cohesive devices (5).
12 Discuss the features of academic writing that sets it apart from other types of writing.

13 give an account of how a student can avoid plagiarism


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