Omplementary medicine and alternative medicine

June 24, 2018 Medical

Complementary medicine and alternative medicine

In our world today the use of (CAM) complementary and alternative medicine is increasing tremendously where people are looking out for new health care systems that are less harmful to the human body and do not involve the use of chemicals or even toxins. Moreover, CAM goes hand in hand with conventional medicine where health systems are now shifting from traditional medical practices into more advance and less harmful practices such as acupuncture which is effective and safe medical method to cure people given that it is practiced by health professionals like registered nurses

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Complementary medicine however, is practiced through the use of science and technology to complement or cure a whole medical process with the use of conventional treatment whereas alternative medicine is performed using medical diagnosis that do not involve many harmful and defensive medical equipment. In my opinion, complementary and alternative medicine different ways and are similar in others.

Alternative medicine includes a variety of therapeutic practices that may not be approved by the FDA and usually include natural practices like herbal medicine and homeopathy for example where there may not be any scientific or approved studies of their effectiveness and success to cure patients. Where on the other hand with complementary medicine the issue is different given that complementary medicine includes therapies that are related to conventional medicine and to well researched therapies that may include some factors of alternative medicine since they could go hand in hand with each other and an example would be acupuncture that includes both. “The term alternative medicine is used in information issued by public bodies in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.Regulation and licensing of alternative medicine and health care providers varies from country to
country, and state to state.” (Manheimer,2011).”

Furthermore, alternative and complementary medicine are both known to be forms of cure and people with back pain for example could start with alternative therapy such as a massage for example and then if the pain is still there and is not cured then the patient will change to acupuncture which is a type of complementary medicine.

Complementary medicine does not have to always includes a scientific study or reasoning to approve effectiveness where the same goes with alternative medicine give that complementary does complement or comes in addition to a whole therapy like yoga for example where Yoga is a therapy used in addition to what your Doctor has advised you to do or take if you are suffering from depression.

Finally, both complementary and alternative medicine are both no standard treatments where complementary medicine is used with conventional medicine and goes hand in hand with tit and alternative therapy is used instead of conventional therapy where conventional therapy is for example when a patient has cancer conventional therapy is used to treat patients by using surgery or chemotherapy for example whereas CAM are used together to boost the patients self-esteem and could be used to change the patients negative emotions basically to relax the patient given that conventional treatments are all tested where CAM are not usually tested as mentioned earlier and in my opinion despite the similarities and differences both complementary and alternative medicine go together and with conventional medicine a patient can be cure effectively.


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