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On December 25, 1996, JonBenet Ramsey was found dead in the basement of her home. JonBenet Ramsey, a toddler model, had become famous by the press due to her simple beauty. Jon Benet began receiving recognition nationwide and the terrifying news on Christmas shocked everyone. “Who could have committed such a crime?”, is still a question that is asked today. Despite the numerous suspects that the Boulder police of Colorado mentioned, a great deal of evidence is directed to one person, Patsy Ramsey.

Patsy, a former beauty queen, was married to a successful businessman, John Ramsey. Patsy and John lived in suburb in Boulder Colorado and described their lives as “happy” before the incident. They dad just celebrated that Patsy was safe from ovarian cancer and the fact that John was voted “businessman of the year”. It seemed like the perfect time for the murderer to make his move.

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One believes that Patsy planned the death of JonBenet Ramsey. It was odd that Patsy mentioned that she found the two-and-a-half page note at the foot of the staircase when police had found it on the hardwood floor. On the morning after the incident, it was stated that Patsy Ramsey was peering at a policeman through spread out fingers while crying. Even though family members tell a different story, it is still unusual for Patsy to act in such a manner. Patsy Ramsey always cooperated with the police to give samples of blood, physical evidence, fingerprints, and handwriting samples to the police. It is obvious that she had to do this in order to give the impression that she was not responsible for the death of her daughter. One believes that Patsy was raged by the fact that JonBenet wet her bed and perhaps was a possible motive to her actions. Who knows if Patsy could not stand it anymore?

But if this was the case, Patsy did not act upon it that night when JonBenet wet her bed, her murder had already been planned. The murderer had to be someone who knew the house very well, who knew that John received a bonus of $118,000. This clues suggest that Patsy was responsible. Who else knew about the $118,000 bonus but Patsy? One thinks that Patsy wrote the ransom note. Patsy was accused of changing her handwriting after the Ramseys were given a copy of the ransom note. Her lower case manuscript “a” disappeared almost completely from her writing. Writing samples of Patsy before the incident contain 732 manuscript “a’s” that look like the typewritten a. She switched to a cursive a after the incident. Also, the note was signed “S.B.T.C. which was similar to the way Patsy signed her letters, “P.P.R.B.S.J.” The ransom note paper matched Patsy’s notepad and the felt tip pen used to write the note matched a pen found in a cup in the kitchen.

Although one suspects of Patsy being the responsible person for Jon Benet’s death, one believes that she payed someone to do it. The evidence suggest that it was a male because the DNA matches that of a man’s. Patsy could have described the layout of the house to the person doing this. The duct tape and the hiking boot found did not belong to anyone in the house, this is why one believes that Patsy payed a male to do this task. Patsy had to inform the killer that he had enough time to murder her daughter, since it was obvious that the murder knew he had enough time to commit his offense, write a ransom note and escape.

One theory suggests that an intruder broke into the house from the broken window, but one does not believe that this could have been possible. John Ramsey had broken the window by accident weeks before the incident. The Ramseys stated that the window was not repaired because it was a low crime area and the alarm system was also not activated because the children accidentally turned it off. They also stated that they gave out copies of their keys to friends. Why would the killer enter through the window if this was the case? One thinks that this was planned by Patsy to give the police the impression that it was an intruder. Plus, the community was a very safe one. The murderer had to be someone from the house because despite the broken window story, no footprints were found outside surrounding the house. It was also stated that there were no signs of forced entry. Samples that were taken from JonBenet’s fingernail scrapings, blood from her panties, and hair samples suggests that it was not any of the Ramsey’s. The forensic testing results did not match their DNA.

It is also concluded that John Ramsey or anyone else as the suspects mentioned had anything to do with the murder. John seemed to care more about the case than Patsy. John stated “when you’ve lost something, nothing else matters…You’re rendered as low as you can possibly be without dying.” Also, he answered questions regarding his daughter’s murder while under oath. The story behind John’s mistress suggests that the “supposed mistress, Kimberly” believes John was definitely involved. Even though this was never investigated, it seemed obvious that her desire was money. The other suspects like the babysitter, Burke, the man who played Santa Clause, etc. were all investigated and were not considered “active suspects”.

There were many things that were odd in the case, like the broken window, ransom note, and the supposed intention to kidnap JonBenet, but it is concluded that the murderer’s intention was to direct the evidence to someone else. The Ramseys also offered to undergo a lie-detector test to prove their innocence. Patsy had to go along with John in this so she would not be suspected. The lie detector test never occurred because it was stated that reliability could be a problem. They were afraid that medications, blood pressure, perspiration and other factors would result in a false reading. These tests are about 95 percent accurate. Why not undergo the tests? It does not make any sense. One believes that Patsy’s intention was not to pay someone to kidnap her daughter, but to murder her. Why would the murderer have a stun gun if he was not planning to use it?

The police made a lot of mistakes in the investigation. For instance, they did not conduct a proper search of the house. The crime scene was very contaminated since people were open to walk in and out of the house at their leisure. Nothing was done to protect the forensic evidence. Also, the police from Boulder Colorado had little experience with murders and were not very knowledgeable in conducting this type of crime.

If one would have handled this case, one would have demanded that the house be immediately searched right after the incident. One would have had the pen used to write the note be further investigated, something that was not done by police officials. The limitations would be the Ramsey’s privacy. One would never display or tell anyone the evidence one has found or one’s opinion concerning the case until it was solved. This is a mistake one believes that many of the officials and lawyers did.

This is the story: Patsy was tired of JonBenet wetting her bed. Patsy was perhaps a bit crazy and was perhaps jealous that her daughter could have had a lot more recognition than she did when she was beauty queen. So Patsy paid a man to murder her daughter and released information concerning the layout of the house to the murder so the right procedure could take place. She wrote the ransom note by changing her handwriting. Patsy personally gave the murderer the keys to the house and told him when to commit the murder. She had planned things very well so that the evidence could be directed to a “supposed intruder trying to kidnap JonBenet for money”. The End.



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