On off work and to stay fit

April 7, 2019 General Studies

On the 18th of July, my new friend was born. I will come to who he is later on. I have some very interesting facts about my new friend.
Looks like we have somebody very athletic in our class! My friend swims, used to learn rollerblading and also goes cycling from time to time. This helps him to take his mind off work and to stay fit and healthy .

On days that it gets stormy outside, he finds comfort at home playing his favourite videogame, Mouse Hunt and watching Youtube. Mouse Hunt is a game in which players, are referred to as hunters, catch mice with a variety of traps to earn experience points and virtual gold through passive gameplay.
Both my friend and I enjoy watching a youtuber, Pewdiepie, as he produces very entertaining videos and he is the highest grossing youtuber currently.
Moving on to his personality , he is nice to be around with. He lifts the spirit of his friends around him with his jokes and wit. He is also very controlled as he knows just how to behave at the appropriate time . I have also observed that he could have had many friends in primary school as wherever we go about in the school he would greet many of his friends instantly and seem to have very cordial friendships.
Well, to be fair, I feel that I have not known him long enough to comment much more as my experiences with him are limited at this point.

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I am sure by now you know who I am speaking about. And yes! He is none other than one of our two Caelan’s , Caelan Kang.
I look forward to spending more time with Caelan and the rest of you during my years in SJI so that we can forge meaningful friendships.
Thank you for listening to my presentation.


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