Once more to the lake

June 12, 2018 General Studies

His essay is easily readable and his diction is simplistic. His descriptions and imagery include Whites past and present memories. The narration is first person through the eyes and voice of the author. On the other hand I feel that his theme is more elusive.

This retrospection allows the reader to slip behind the wall of time and memories to watch a son and father enjoy the America dream a vacation, reflecting on childhood memories the author recalls a trip back to the place where he had spent summer vacations with his parents and siblings. This event which seemed very enjoyable challenges him to look back at his relationship with his own father now that he has returned he realizes that some things vary and other things a person cannot stop from changing he and his son stay in the same cabin near the same dock on the same lake as he had done in his childhood.

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Over and over again the author comments that “there has been no years gone by. ” I believe he felt that he had traveled back in time and though several decades had passed, everything was the same. I think the audience he is trying to appeal is parents specifically fathers. Because the story is based on his relationship with his father comparing it with his relationship now with his son. Just more personally I think this essay is also able to appeal anybody that has thought of what your parents did with their parents.

After reading all of the narrative essays I found that I enjoyed “How to Say Nothing in 500 Words” by Paul McHenry Roberts. I feel that it is an article discussing the various points of Freshman College writing that makes for poor and drab papers his main points focus around writing from the less usual side to add interest using colorful and colorless language appropriately for more meaning and of course getting rid of the added padding that make otherwise good papers excessively poor.

The essay he wrote mentions that all of the topics he is discussing is usual freshman college level writing yet he also makes sure to point out that it does not necessarily have to stay that way. He provides a large number of examples under each header giving nice concrete facts in his writing to help perpetuate understanding. I feel that the intended audience was for young writers or students.


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