One flew over the cuckoo’s nes

January 6, 2017 Music

conformity in America has showed greatly during 1950 through 1960. The book, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey, is a great example on rebellion vs. conformity. Ken Kesey has used a lot of character in the book, but each character has its own significance. In the novel, Nurse Rached represent the conformity on the ward of hospital, because she always love the power to control everything and all the events in the ward have to follow in a certain pattern that would satisfied Nurse Rached. On the other hand, McMurphy, represents the rebellion towards Nurse Ratched’s power of control; which is trying to do everything against Nurse Rached’s will. All the fashions and environments in the 1950s, people tend to follow the same thing that others have, such as clothes, cars, hairstyles, and many others. It was very uncommon for anyone to uphold something different than what was determined tolerable. As time moves to 1960s, things were no longer the same. Youth rebelled against the whole conformity idea that was popular in the 1950s. Younger generations have started to listen to Rock-n-Roll music, dress very distinctively than others, and overall, they are trying to stand out. It is apparent throughout the novel that Mcmurphy is symbolic towards rebellion while Nurse Ratched is a supporter of conformity.

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Nurse Ratched is a very important representation for conformity in the book. She loves the authority of controlling the ward, and every routine needs to be in the same pattern everyday. Not even a slightest change can be made, such as the schedule of brushing teeth, or watching television. Also, Nurse Ratched doesn’t like the patients to ask questions or have any other thoughts about her authority. “But I mean that kind of medication. Christ, I can see that they’re pills” “Just swallow it all, shall we, Taber-just for me?”(35) Mr. Taber is a patient on the ward, and he was trying to find out what are the pills for, but Nurse Rached refused to tell him and she let the other nurse to flirt with Mr.


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