One GPA does not make me not want this major

June 28, 2018 General Studies

Our choices make us who we are, and while I may not be the best student in terms of grading, I know myself well enough to say that I am passionate about this major that I am about to embark in. I have chosen this major because it reflects my personal interest and I deem that important in making career choices because this is a lifelong commitment.

When an individual is interested and actually likes what he does, he will never get tired of working towards success and development. I find pleasure in reading books about the economy and I am positive that I will never get tired of learning everything about it, as much hunger as I have for photography. This is exactly the reason why I believe that my 2.780 grade do not completely represent me as a person.

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One GPA does not make me not want this major. A couple of numbers should not permanently dampen my dreams. A 2.780 cannot account for all the hard work that I went through and all the prayers that I held out for my progress. A 0.220 deficit from the required grade cannot stop me from achieving my goals and my ambitions. It is in my deepest regret that I chose to deal with personal matters first at a certain time that I did not give a hundred percent to focus on my studies.

Though it may seem an irresponsible move from an onlooker, I had the notion that fixing my personal problems first is the more mature choice. This choice made me see the importance of making the best out of life, grabbing opportunities, second chances, and that I should not even regret what I did.

I do understand the consequences of my 0.220 deficit but I will also stand up for my defense. I am a very hard working and out-going person, two qualities that I know will help me progress and improve as a student in this major that I am pursuing. What happened in my life is personal enough to make me want to become a better person and this is my chance for improvement nonetheless.

I do not want to look back at my life and say that I did not do everything in order to pursue my dreams. I want to look at the future with my head held up high and say to the world that I have made choices in life, and all these choices, whether the right or wrong ones, helped me achieve my aspirations.


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