One Laptop Per Child Essay

July 20, 2017 Engineering

1. Why are Microsoft. Intel. and other taking for net income companies interested in low-priced computing machines for the development universe? In 2005. Nicholas Negroponte. the laminitis of MIT’s Media Labs. announced the One Laptop per Child ( OLPC ) plan at the World Economic Forum. The construct was simple and appealing. Introduce a $ 100 laptop and administer it to kids in the developing world’s authoritiess. The vision was for bridging the digital divide between developed and developing states.

The OLPC was a non-profit-making undertaking for the developing nation’s school traveling students’ for their better instruction. The OLPC created bombilation from its first twenty-four hours of proclamation for its low cost and its non net income enterprise for developing country’s kids. Though the company like Microsoft and Intel is prima net income for organisation they interested in OLPC undertaking. Because the undertaking was for the development states school traveling pupil who don’t have adequate chance to larn like developed county’s kids and don’t have ability to afford the engineering device for higher monetary value.

So as the taking organisation Microsoft and Intel have the societal duty for the developing country’s kids and they besides see the chance to make societal public assistance with set uping branding in people heads. On the other manus the OLPC was started with their competition organisation like Linux and Advanced Micro Devices ( AMD ) . So if the OLPC undertaking succeeds the organisation like Linux and AMD can make menace for their prima monopoly concern. So from their societal duty point of position and for the selling of their ain trade name names into people heads they interested in low cost computes for the underdeveloped universe.

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2. Make you hold with Negroponte’s determination to spouse with Microsoft? Yes I do agree with the Negroponte’s Partnership determination with company like Microsoft which is really much trusted and dependable name in this computing machine sector for their operating system and package. The OLPC undertaking was an ambitious vision for Negroponte to educate the developing world’s school traveling kids by supplying low cost laptop computing machine. As he announced the lap top will be low cost and monetary value will be the $ 100 dollar for each so he uses the Linux operating system which is non-proprietary and available for free to anyone who wants to utilize.

But it didn’t work. In 2008 OLPC faced dissatisfactory gross revenues because the country’s like Libya and Nigeria who pledges to purchase about one million for each country’s people both backed off those pledges and the cost increase $ 180 to $ 190 scope. So the trade name name like Linux was non dependable for the mass population of the universe and they felt insecure with that operating system. On the other manus some possible purchasers worried about the deficiency of Microsoft’s windows runing system. So as the OLPC didn’t win the manner it was estimated so Negroponte needed to join forces with the Microsoft to increase its gross revenues and add more client satisfaction by the Microsoft trade name name.

3. Measure the thought behind the “give 1. acquire one” publicity. Do you believe this is a good selling maneuver? In November 2007. in an attempt to increase production. OLPC announced the publicity of” Give One. Get One” . The OLPC squad started this publicity to catch the market attending of their non-profit-making ambitious undertaking. Because anterior to the initiative’s launch. the OLPC had been a absorbing presentation of hardware and package inventiveness. but existent unit gross revenues and contributions had been far smaller than originally predicted. The G1G1 plan was designed to alter that. offering single consumers the opportunity to purchase two laptops for $ 399.

Though the maneuver of “Give One. Get One” is aggressive selling schemes in order to derive market portion and capitalise on its competitory strengths. Though the aggressive selling tactic like Give 1. Get One ever non good for the all types of merchandises. But the OLPC undertaking had strong competent like Intel Classmate. So to catch the attending of mass people and derive maximal market portion and accomplish the end of developing country’s hapless kids instruction this selling maneuver was good for the undertaking. Because OLPC announced two hebdomads give one get one publicity foremost but for its immense response to the markets they increased their promotional offer clip.


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