One of the Nobel dignitary quoted

April 23, 2019 Education

One of the Nobel dignitary quoted-“I raised my voice not to shout but to those without voice can hear me. We can’t succeed if half of us are held back.” And that sentiment precisely outlines the women empowerment. In Indians theories, women enjoys equal rights as that of men. Arguably, the government took enormous strides towards the betterment of women. But the headlines about dowry system, female foeticides, domestic violence occupying the newspaper, puts the silent question mark on the two words.
The patriarchal societies in many parts of the world are adept at exploitation against victimization of women. And this patriarchal society with deep-rooted socio-culture continues to affect the progress of women empowerment. The country consists of 50% of women population but most of them are denied of their basic right of education, right to equity, voting rights and the independent identity. Many of them are even unaware of the fact that they are eligible for the positions that the men enjoys. As the result the opportunities extend towards the men without being any competencies of women. While the scientific data proclaims that women are more adept to multi- tasking than men but still they remains the second choice for employers in the country.
In major parts of India women are still denied basic education and are never allowed to pursue higher education. Women empowerment is actually synonymous towards the growth and development of the country. An educated woman having the knowledge of health, hygiene, cleanliness can create the healthy environment in the house. Also she can contribute to the income of the family which will help them to get out of the poverty trap. Women aware of their legal rights are less likely to be victims of domestic violence and any forms of exploitation.
The need of an hour is an egalitarian society, where there should not be any place for gender superiority. In this current age, the growth and development can only be achieved by taking successful strides in eliminating the deep-rooted ideologies of gender bias and any form discrimination and restriction against women. Aim of government policy should be to identify and eliminate forces directing towards keeping the tradition of the male dominance over female counterpart alive. And these initiatives will definitely step towards the positivity and change for the better.


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