One who has no motive, no reason

April 24, 2019 General Studies

One of my favorite films is The Dark Knight I genuinely love all the films that make up the dark knight trilogy, however, the second one appeal to me the most. I enjoyed this movie as it has such great villains which is essential in a superhero film. For example, Harvey Dent started out as a righteous man but eventually turned insane due to a tragedy. Which resulted in the death of someone he loved and permanent disfigurement of his face. He then started killing people as he wanted revenge for what the Joker did that is how he became the villain known as Two-Face. I love the way they handled this character giving him such a tragic story makes you feel sorry for Dent. Another villain is the Joker he is someone who has no motive, no reason for his actions whose only ambition is to create chaos. This is terrifying but is what makes Joker the ultimate villain for Batman. It’s like what Alfred said to Bruce The Joker cannot be bought, bullied or negotiated with, he has nothing to do with logic and he just wants to watch the world burn. Not only that but the dynamic between Batman and the Joker was phenomenal the notion of they cannot exist without each other and how the Joker challenges Batman’s one supreme rule to not kill anyone. The Dark Knight has many deeper meanings such as how far is reasonable to fight such dire threats to society. Batman turned every cell phone in Gotham into a data recording device to find the Joker. Another one would be what the Joker was trying to prove that underneath everyone is a monster like him when their life is in danger. He wanted to prove that people are more self-serving than what they believe themselves to be. I think this film was made most likely because Nolan wanted to do his interpretation on such a well-known hero. I believe he intended to do a more realistic approach to comic book characters and to do it differently from others before him. The audience for this film is anyone interested in the character of Batman.


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