Operational efficiency is most important factor in an organization

1. Executive sum-up

Operational efficiency and its quality of supplying service is most of import factor whatever organisation either production or service. That is most of import portion in any company operations whether it is concern oriented or non-profit-making oriented organisations besides are extremely concern & A ; their organisational growing and local and regional enlargement of their operations. Mainly operational efficiency and public presentation is depending on the external environment drivers. Those external drivers are making competition and intense of the among the industry participant. Therefore future strategic planning, eventuality program, operation scheme is most of import and playing critical function to confront extroverted alterations. If the organisation is non be able to pull off those alterations that go oning in the inceptions and outside organisation straight affect on operational efficiency of the organisation. To confront those environment alterations most prudent schemes make accommodation in organisation operating manner and schemes. That does will assist to accomplish organisations corporate aims as planned. Mainly fabrication & A ; service organisations are executing maps such as ;

Gross saless & A ; Selling

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Human resource


Accounting & A ; Finance or exchequer

IT/Information section

Logistic/branch direction

Channel direction

Internal auditing

Hazard direction

So called maps associating each other and holding inter – dependences, no 1 can overrule those operational activities. Everybody work in the must concentrate on really good on operational activities. Because, at the terminal of twelvemonth stockholders ( investors ) are raising inquiries at AGM, how much of sum of return generate by concerns and whether concern operations went swimmingly, what will be the future programs to present high rate of return for our investing and what type of operational scheme traveling to carryout to confront the completion. So on often raise the inquiries by stockholders. “ Production and operation direction ” was begun with industrialisation. But it play critical function in the service sectors. In the modern-day universe named it as “ Operation Management ” . Contribution of this topic is doing bigger differences for concern maps. Multinational & A ; local companies have established independent section to pull off their operational activities really good. For an case today emerging concern is banking & A ; fiscal service company name called “ Nation Trust Bank ” . That bank everyday operations are doing immense impact on their concern public presentation. That is because ; bank public presentation is driven by its operational capacity & A ; manner. Chiefly employees and client ‘s satisfaction are most of import component to demo outstanding public presentation and to pull the new clients. In this industry is driven by pull offing efficaciously whole operations of the concern. Lack of operation direction delivers hapless public presentation. To supply singular service wider scope of service related demand to hold good defined operations scheme to elate concern. This assignment study chiefly focused on current pattern of operation direction banking industry and assignment contain the followerss.

Define operation direction, its characteristic and playing function in banking & A ; fiscal service industry.

Measure the ends and aims are achieved in operation direction aims.

Define systems in operations in relation to service and everyday activities.

Major resource, tools and systems that are back uping operations and to back up quality of service of the bank.

Analyzing importance of quality audit and execution of quality direction system in bank.

Major failing and research chances to better the bank service to fulfill the interest holders of the concern. Making recommendation to capitalise the chances and avoid failing of the bank.

Decision of assignment

2. Define term of operations direction

Harmonizing to literature production & A ; operation direction are sing as one topic but in the current state of affairs wholly adept says about it as

“ Operation direction is capable that Design, executing and control houses operations that converts it resources into desired goods and services, and implement its concern scheme ” and its define as another manner

“ The care, control and betterment of organisational activities that are required to bring forth good or service ” .

“ Operations Management trades with design and direction of merchandises, procedure, services and supply ironss. It considers the acquisition, development, and use of resources that houses need to present the goods and services their client wants.

First definition can be related the undermentioned diagram is simple operation of any organisation.

Feed Back

Input signal

inputs Service


serving procedure

Out put

Maximize client satisfaction


Money ( local & A ; foreign )

Savingss histories



Open up Bank A/C


Credit card publicity


Generate bank statements

Buying & A ; merchandising of foreign currencies

Happiest or loyal client

The above diagram we can see operations different operations in the input degree, procedure degree and end product degree. Therefore we can reason that

2.1. Operation direction from facet of Nation Trust Bank

To acquire analyze importance of operations of the bank the vision mission and values is assisting out it

Vision – Making life simple by being the benchmark of convenience

Mission – Be advanced in continuously developing client centric solutions. Unleash the endowment of our squad to be the best in the industry. Systematically grow market portion and be the most profitable and respected Sri Lankan bank by 2015.


Inspirational leading

Integrity in all our traffics

Open communicating

Learning focused


Prudent hazard direction

Respect for all

Invention and uninterrupted betterment

Raising relationships

Socially and environmentally responsible

Vision, mission and value are Nation Trust Bank ( NTB ) operational aims in relation to corporate aim. Organization chart shows hierarchy of the sections


Deputy Chairman

Board of Directors

Chief executive officer

Corporate direction

Senior direction

Branch direction


Operation direction

Corporate direction overlooking the follwing maps


DGM – Retail Banking

DGM – SME Banking

DGM – Card games, Consumer Assets and Strategic Marketing

DGM – Corporate and Institutional Banking

Chief Operating Military officer

Head of Legal and Company Secretary

Chief Financial Officer

Head of Human Resources

Head of Credit and Market Risk Management

Head of Internal Audit

Consultant/Head of Treasury

Consultant/Head of Operational Risk and Compliance

Senior direction overlooking maps are ;

Trade Servicess

Branchs and PBC

Alternate Channelss

SME Banking and Factoring

Card games and Consumer Assetss

Branch Operations and Credit

Sweeping Banking

Consumer Credit Risk and Collections

Consumer Gross saless

Treasury Servicess


Corporate Banking

Renting Operationss

Management Information and Planning

Card games Marketing


Cardinal Operationss

Fixed Income Securities

Renting – Zone 2

Renting Recoveries

Selling Servicess

Retail Banking Credit

Delivery Channelss

States Insurance Agents



Recognition Operationss

Recognition Hazard

Corporate Banking

Delivery Channelss

Renting – Zone 1

Internal Audit

Infrastructure and Administration

Business Banking

Conformity and Financial Reporting

Business Solutions

Delivery Channelss

Recognition Risk – Leasing and Factoring

By looking at the above orgnization chart and that maps, can acquire clear thought about the how its importace of the operaton mangement in the NTB operations. Here in the main oprating officer and caput operational hazard is paly critical function of for the baking operations. They are responsible for the bank oprations as whole. Operational range No of subdivisions – 40, No of renting centres – 9, No of ATM – 43, 6 personal banking centres every bit good as Internet Banking

2.2. SWOT analysis of NTB


It is subordinate of Jhon Keels group, idirectly they can gained group strenght.

Reputed coporate trade name name Coporate trade name value is really high

Has selected good & A ; profitable section to supply the banking service

Wider merchandise portfolio

Strong IT cyberspace work

staff in every bed holding experice

More than 20yers experaince in that perticualr field.

Carryingout more publicity

Respect corporate administration

Good Internal auditing & A ; hazard direction


Faliures in Thursday the IT system

specify some operations incorrect mode

Poor publicity – Newly introdce gurnateed invetment paln will be fail because of it is irrational program.

More client complins monetary values and merchandises quality

Few brach and ATM

Suboptoimization is go oning & A ; Employee favoritism

Poor advertisement in relation to market leader.

Employee choices really inactive do non willing to new comers and do recruitment based on the personal contact.

Poor strategic deduction.

Try to make mass graduated table publicity, it has failed

Always try todepend group strenght

Poor opertations of mini brach in the supermrkets


enlargement chance in farther in sri lanka in norht & A ; south ( war affected countries )

Can be offered more differntiated Service by giving good traning for the staff.

Customer driven publicity.

Customer feed back system over the phone or by SMS, by mail.

Honoring system for employees


High competition in the banking industry.

Overruling revenue enhancement ruels and ordinance by bank.may have legal hazard for concern.

New direction is make non more concern on the operations

Paying high premius to acquire new concern without cinsidering future feasibleness.

2.3. Importance of operations direction NTB

To fulfill the portion holders aims

Investor ‘s are anticipating return by puting money on the banking concern. If the bank is non generated sufficient of sum of return on the stockholder ‘s will non put in the bank. Therefore its corporate aims must plan and associate with operations.

To defence the market portion & A ; face the competition

Another chief importance country of the operation direction is developing scheme to confront the competition.

To pull offing the hazard of the concern

Chiefly Bankss confronting the undermentioned hazard ;

Recognition hazard

Market hazard

Asset & A ; Liability direction hazard.

Operational Hazard

When expression at all the hazard are related with the operation with banking concern, if bank the bank stopped their concern operations there is no any hazard to pull off for them. Therefore, pull offing hazard of the banking concern should hold smooth program to pull off the operations.

To carry through regulations and ordinance of governed by Central bank of the state

To carry through regulations and ordinance of governed company act and banking Acts of the Apostless

Supporting determination devising

Operational information ‘s are giving support to do the determination devising. As illustration to advertisement effectivity evaluate branded salvaging histories can be used no of histories opened up by clients on day-to-day.

To accommodate new alterations on technological information

Technological environment is quickly altering to follow those alterations ATM came into apply to increase banking operational efficiencies.

2.4. Performance analysis of the operations in relation to organisation ends and nonsubjective

External procedure alterations ( client satisfaction )

Personal banking service supplying subdivisions

New investing program offered by bank

24 hours banking installation

Open mini subdivision in supermarket location.

Online bank history opening systems

SMS banking system

Door measure banking system

Billing payment system via their nomadic phone

Internal procedure alterations ( to happy internal clients )

new scrutinizing system to analyse the concern hazard

Make contract with the international HR consultancy house for developing & A ; development of staff.

Policies have been alterations when publishing loans

Transfering staff between subdivisions to cut down

Giving good preparation for freshly recruited employees sing bank operations.

To cut down constrictions IT system preparation was provided.

To forestall choping introduced new system PIN by IT

3. Everyday banking operation and related resources, tool and systems in support to better operation quality.

As Bankss it holding so many concern procedure, that can be divided into two

External concern procedure – Customer focused procedure

Under this procedure defined that banking service which they provide to the clients. Those service are divided into 3 classs

Corporate banking

Personal banking


Issue Letter of recognition

Current, salvaging and fixed sedimentation

Foreign exchange traffics

Transporting & A ; other warrants

Credit card

Forward exchange engagement

Import & A ; export finance

Debit cards

Commercial paper

SWIFT installation

Branded Savings histories

Foreign currency barters

Syndicate loans

Certificate of sedimentation

Interest rate barters

Undertaking funding

Advice on foreign current market motion


Salary remittal bundle

Structuring, managing and underwriting of initial public offering and private arrangement of equity

Housing loans

Company rating & A ; restructuring

E exchange – money transportation installation

Structuring of Corporate debt instruments

Vacation banking systems

Working capital funding

Red rug banking system

Bullion trading

Off shore banking installation


Internal concern procedure – Internal operation centric procedure

Where chiefly internal maps related procedure can be analyzed

Marketing Management – Ex-husband. procedure of introduce of new merchandise

This the immense procedure from the thought generating and to establish to clients is holding certain blessing to procedure such as ;

Idea bring forthing new service based merchandises

Measuring feasibleness with the market status

Geting blessing from the Head of the selling

Head of the selling and Director of the Marketing, trade name trough discoursing pros and cons of the merchandise, trade name name choice, consequence of bing merchandises and rival response

Finalized the blessing

trade name name Registering

to establish the merchandise fixing budget and acquire blessing for that

booklets planing and doing understanding with the ad bureau

Printing base on balls books

Communicating to clients sing the merchandise via ad

Get feed back from the client

Compare budgeted sedimentation or history to mensurate whether subdivisions have achieved budgeted gross revenues.

Human resources direction – Opening new Branch fill the staff demand

Forecasting staff demand

Advertise sing the vacancy

application screening and short listed campaigners

Call for the interview

1st interview for them and short listed for 2nd interview

Call for the 2nd interview

Choose the right campaigner for the occupation

Giving the assignment missive

Familiarizing for the organisation via initiations

Training for that campaigner

Permanent those staff

Internal auditing system

Here seek to guarantee that bank staff follow the process as planned and prescribed the histories and finance. Here they evaluate

Analyze & A ; hunt Fraud and mistakes

Management scrutinizing

System scrutinizing ( IT )

Accuracy of accounting entries

Analyze & A ; search Ineffective accounting processs

Assetss scrutinizing

Deposit direction

Under this class attempt to pull off the sedimentation degree with liquidness and net income. By equilibrating regulations and ordinances which are governed by cardinal bank.

Channel Development System

This is described sing new subdivision operation and development of client service.

Managing Assets & A ; Liability

This besides really of import concern procedure and maps in the banking operations pull offing their assets and liabilities. If these two are non equilibrating each other, the bank balance sheet will demo impact on assets and liabilities. It should be managed by good qualified direction history or fiance disciplined individual. Otherwise bigger impacts made on the corporate image every bit good as destroy the client ‘s relationship and may hold place travel out of the concern. Ultimately it will makes immense impact banking system in the economic system.

Risk Management System

major different hazard constituent those are doing bigger impact on the concern continuance. Harmonizing to bank information major hazard evaluation as follows ;

Risk Areas

Component of the hazard

Recognition hazard

Default hazard

Security hazard

Sectoral exposure hazard

Legal hazard

Counterparty hazard

Cross boundary line hazard

Sovereign hazard

Market hazard


Asset & A ; Liability direction hazard.

Interest rate hazard

Liquid hazard

Exchange rate hazard

Investing hazard

Group fiscal hazard

Share monetary value diminution hazard

State hazard

Operational Hazard

Employee behavioural hazard such as skip, fraud, judgmental mistakes, carelessness, etc.

Catastrophe related hazard

Trained staff turnover hazard

Insider covering hazard

Sensitive information escape hazard

Lack of creativeness and innovativeness

Hazard on MIS and IT related hazards

Planing & A ; Budget related hazards

Shortcoming in the organisational construction

Recognition evaluation falling hazard

Money laundering

Hazard of technological obsolesces

Risk neglecting concern volume and market portion

Hazard is being overtaken and losing the leading place

Overtrading hazard and hazard of fiscal disintermediation

When expression at overall hazard, high hazard show by operational hazard comparison to other hazard countries. Therefore, to analyse any type of these hazards, need to hold solid information to extenuate those hazards in concern operation.

Operation direction

Operationss directions are looking after following countries. Those are ;

Bank or branch opening process

This is really of import portion in opening subdivisions and caput office. Opening must be done without authorised people. If non that is considered as misused of operational regulation on the other manus it taken as illegal act. Therefore those regulations & A ; ordinance must really good.

Cash managing procedure by tellers

Main teller manus over hard currency to the counter teller

Get it signed on the log book

Cashier log on the computing machine

Carryout the twenty-four hours today operation ( salvaging, backdowns )

Handover hard currency to chief teller after numbering

Fill the hard currency sum-up by utilizing faux pas

Main teller reconcile the hard currency with faux pas

Cash put into the safe box

Pull offing bank electronic informations

Data direction is major of import portion of concern procedure. Bank determinations are doing procedure based on this procedure. If there is an mistake in the information, result ( information ) is will be inaccurate, finally, made determination are presenting hazard image. Following the appropriate tool for quality confidence of the informations applied by the Bankss ;

Describing informations that is in the warehouse

Stipulating what In and out of informations is warehouse

concern events scheduling infusion based

Documenting and supervising informations synchronism demands

Measuring cogency & A ; quality of informations

Data procedure direction and security direction system for informations

edifice Capacity of the bank

To better productiveness of service that supplying procedure by bank demand better bing capacity in footings of ATMs, Branch and staff.

Loan Management system

The undermentioned procedure is involved in under the loan direction ;

Analyzing suspension of the loan and progress

Then made reserve or taking legal action to receiver those loans

Pull offing the Finance of the bank

Fiscal direction procedure overlooking low cost support beginnings and chiefly following process besides looking after by fiancee director

Working capital direction

Corporate revenue enhancement planning

Analyzing Investings

Unsecured bonds and Share issue

Corporate planning & A ; Budgeting

Bank corporate planning and budgeting schemes are followed by operations, chief measure that is following certain stairss in the corporate, concern and operations degrees.

Analyze the Vision, Mission, Goals and aims of the bank

Carryout place audit ( SWOT ) and environment analysis ( PESTEEL )

Generate strategic options

Analyze strategic options are generated

And Develop functional schemes such as finance, selling, HR, operation, and IT to accomplish corporate aims. Such as

Profitability ( Profit before revenue enhancement )

return on capital employed of the bank

Growth and Market portion of the bank

Customer satisfaction and value add-on for service Quality of service

3.1. Analyzing and measuring resources, tools and system to back up in the quality operation

Bank or any other concern resources, tools and system can be divided into 3 classs based on value platform. Those are ;

Customer capital

Structured ( organisational ) capital

Human capital ( Human Resources

Customer trueness

Corporate trade name name and it repute

Business coaction

Intellectual belongings

Patents & A ; transcript rights

Design right

Service grade

Trade grade

Infrastructure assets

Management doctrine, Corporate civilization, Management procedure, Information systems, Net working systems, Financial relationship

Know how ( functioning offering procedure )

Education degree of employee, Vocational making, Work related cognition, Proactive and reactive abilities, Changeability, Occupational appraisal

3.2 Define and implement quality direction for bank

Quality direction defined by American Society for Quality “ Quality is the entirety of characteristics and characteristic of merchandise or service that bear on its ability satisfy stated or implied demands ” . Banks can concentrate on their quality the undermentioned manner. Quality of services or concern can be measure by utilizing the undermentioned methods ;

Six dimensional public presentation matrix

Balance Score card systems

Generic measuring

3.2.1. Six facet or dimensional public presentation matrix

Dimension of the public presentation

Type of steps


Relative market portion

Measure of client base

Deposit growing

Fiscal public presentation



Capital construction

Market ratios

Quality of service








Volume flexibleness

Delivery velocity flexibleness

Specification flexibleness

Resource use




Performance of the invention procedure

Performance of the single public presentation

3.2.2. Balance scorecard ( BSC ) system

BSC is placing fiscal and non fiscal steps to measure quality of service. 4 pillars are stand foring by BSC. Those are ;

Customer positions

Satisfaction of the clients

Fiscal positions – Satisfaction of Share holders

Internal concern procedure

To fulfill both party what must be offered

Learning and growing – Improving, developing, altering procedure and processs to fulfill all the parties in the organisation to better efficiency of the organisations continuously.

3.2.3. Generic measures system

To measure service efficiency the undermentioned generic steps can be implement

Generic Measures

Type of measuring

Service of Quality

Access – Easy to happen out supermarket

Appearance – Staff visual aspect, good groomed

Availability – merchandises handiness

Cleanness – Gondolas and shelf must liberate from dust

Competence – Speed of cashiering

Courtesy – CSA must polite and esteem to clients

Responsiveness – Response any questions

Security – personal security

3.3. Implementing quality direction system – ( six sigma theoretical account )

Improve any procedure public presentation either production procedure or service supplying procedure. This theoretical account can be implemented and it has 5 stairss.

Step – Define steps

Step – Measure

Step – Analyze

Measure – Better

Step – Control

4. Identifying Weakness and chances in the procedure

4.1.Weakness analysis and strategic deduction

Wrongly specify some operations

To roll up the sedimentation banking helper are directing to the outide banking premises, that is really hazardous because the rob or larceny money.

Faliures in Thursday the IT system

Banking industry one of the cardinal driver is IT systms in those suystmens failutre affect couters, ATM or brnach operation. Therefore IT deparment need to take relavent action to forestall this sort of state of affairss.

Poor publicity

Newly introdce gurnateed invetment paln will be fail because of it is irrational plan.We the clients are acquire calcualte benefit of the invesment program, relizing bank attempt to do gull the new client. Therefore NTB need to measure that publicity of investing program.

Few brach and ATM

To fulfill clients need exiating ATM ‘s and subdivision are non equal. Therefore top direction demand to increase figure of ATM ‘s and mini brach increse the client service.

Suboptoimization is go oning & A ; Employee favoritism

This ever go on in the top direction and they do n’t let come with new thoughts and seek discriminte those people as headche for the bank. This is non acceptable degree of pracite because of new thoughts are assisting to develp the bank service. That civilization must changed by HR section.

Poor advertisement in relation to market leader

Commercial bank is market leader in the banking industry but job is that NTB is non spend sufficient sum of cost on advertisement and they have selected trade name ambassder as athletics star that is non reflect imporatnce of the bank service.

cost of staff preparation is really high and cust down other cost

NTB has made an understanding with interanationl HRM consultancy house to acquire trian the satff. But it is really cost. There are experianced houses are availble in locall to acquire bank staff preparation at resonable cost. That must be changed.

Employee choices really inactive do non willing to new comers and do recruitment based on the personal contact.

Junior and senior degree staff enlisting is made via personal contact, that is non good pattern, it will take hapless operational perfornances.That is need to be chaged by HR section.

Poor strategic deduction

Competition of the banking inductry is really high and NTB schemes non capable plenty to get by the competition.

Try to make mass graduated table publicity, it has failed

Promotion that made by utilizing trade name ambassader was non successful. Even the NTB advertisement fail to foreground their major benefit of the each of bank histories. That has already capitalized by other participants of the industry.

Always try todepend group strenght

JKH is big conglomarate bunines group, therfore NTB attempt usage the those group of companies money in their histories as corporate histories. But it will non be successful scheme, if any buisness will neglect that will straight impact O on the bank operations.

Poor opertations of mini brach in the supermrkets

In the supermarket bank service anticipating clients are really high, but mini subdivision is included 3 staff members they ca n’t pull off first-come-first-serve clip banking operations.

4.2. Opportunities analysis and strategic deduction

Expansion chance in farther in sri lanka in norht & A ; east ( war affected countries )

There is an chance to open up new brach north & A ; east. Because of those countries high ended client is holding desire to acquire good banking service. Therefor NTB could capitalise that opportunity.

Can be offered more differntiated Service by giving good traning for the staff

NTB staff ever holding an attitude as most prestige bank, but they need change that attitude and demand do differentiated bank service for the clients.

Customer driven publicity.

By analysing most valuable client, NTB must offer honoring system such as ;

Interest excemeptions

Gift verifiers

Seasonal publicities on the minor histories,

Customer feed back system over the phone or by SMS, by mail.

This will assist to increase the client satisfaction efficicny of the bank by unifying with new technological development.That will assist to increase the figure of clients and cut down operational failures.

Honoring system for employees

To actuate the employees need to hold proper and stimulus arisen rewardign system to increase the gross revenues and productiveness

5. Decision

Harmonizing to the study and based on practical application of operation direction, can be do the undermentioned decisions

Importance of the operations direction will be increased in future

This topic will be more developed and that knowledge need set into pattern.

Operation director function of will extremely of import.

HR section must play as supportive section in pull offing people to implement operational scheme

Marketing section is play a bigger function when comes to the gross revenues direction or subdivision degree operation.

To better the concern public presentation and quality benchmarking demand be practiced by any company. Most effectual bench taging pattern is industry based bench marker.



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