Opini and Fact in Reading Skill

May 2, 2018 Music

Reading is a skill or activity of getting information from books. In the reading skill, there is an aspect known as a critical reading. Critical reading is a way to read quickly with certain amount time. Mostly, we use critical reading to read newspapers, text books, magazines etc. Sometimes, we should read again several times to fully understand the contents of text. Aside of that, in my reading class textbook is different because it has many materials. Each of its chapters consists of some topics, not just one.

After having read and understand the topics, we can find facts and opinions within the text books. It is very difficult to differentiate between facts and opinions. In order to differentiate them, we need to understand what fact and opinion actually mean. Firstly, fact is something which is known to have happened or to exist, especially something for which proof exists, or about which there is information and no decision will be made till we know all. So, any happenings, events, conditions, or states that can be proven as true are fact. For example, “The late President Soekarno was born in 1901.

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This is a fact because it could be easily proven that indeed presiden soekarno was born 1901. From that, we can try to read some other articles and take a fact sentence again. Different with fact, opinion is easier to identify than facts. An opinion is a personal judgment, feeling, belief or attitude. Opinion is also applicable to a judgment based on grounds insufficient to rule out the possibility of dispute. Such as, there is a person who has a statement: “Dangdut Music is Terrible”. Is it an opinion? Yes, it is an opinion. Why? It is a personal judgment, so it might be different with other people statements.

In brief, both of facts and opinions very important in reading skill. We should know first the meaning of facts and opinions before reading an article, so we can judge a sentence as an opinion or a fact. If we succeed on this part, we may not be confused by the purpose and the message within the article. If we do so, we can measure our ability to understand a text and its content better. We also may be able to state the facts or strong opinions if we have done some thorough understanding and analysis as long as we have ability to differ between facts and opinions well.


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