Opinion of Macbeth Essay

July 24, 2017 General Studies

Shakespeare wrote Macbeth in the sixteenth century as testimonial to king James the first. At the start of the text male monarch Duncan made me believe that anyone could be a good leader. Duncan efficaciously portrayed this thought because he put the demands of his state in forepart of his ain. Throughout the text Shakespeare influenced my sentiment to alter when Macbeth came into power as he cared about no 1 but himself ; Shakespeare influences rhenium seen good through the techniques monologues. sarcasm and contrast.

King Duncan is a good leader whose lone concern is his state. Macbeth is the thane of Glamis ; he is an honest warrior that has possible to be a good leader. He is described as a “peerless kinsmen” who doesn’t want to put on the line his position hence avoids evil. the beginning of the novel makes me believe that anyone can be a good leader that is until the eldritch sisters foretell Macbeths prophesies one of which states that he is to be king.

Macbeth’s unbridled aspiration and persuasion from Lady Macbeth makes him peruse to kill Duncan and go the King of Scotland. Shakespeare efficaciously uses contrast to demo the consequence of aspiration and evil on worlds. the contrast between Duncan and Macbeth influenced me to alter my sentiment on the thought that anyone can be a good leader. Shakspere does this by showing Duncan as an first-class male monarch. who is really trustful and fleeceable and although keeping a batch of power in his custodies he doesn’t abuse it and go corrupt by power. In contrast Shakespeare portrays Macbeth as an honest warrior who would ne’er crouch to slay. but Macbeths unbridled aspiration drives him to conflict with his witting and in decision pursue to kill King Duncan.

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When Macbeth additions power over Scotland he becomes more indurate and lone attentions for his ain demands which in contrast is different to King Duncan who merely cared for the demands of his state. at the terminal of the fresh Macbeth is disillusioned “he has sold his psyche for nothing” . This shows contrast between Duncan and Macbeth. Duncan being a good leader and Macbeth being a bloody autocrat. Shakespeare intent of this contrast is to demo that non anyone can be a good leader and that it takes a good individual to really be a good leader.

After the decease of Duncan. Macbeth looses all decency ; he no longer consults with his married woman who he describes as his spouse in offense. He uses his power for his ain benefit and non for his state this shows that he is indurate and will kill anyone who gets in his manner. Shakespeare uses monologues through out the text to uncover the interior workings of a characters mind ; this technique shows that non anyone can be a good leader because in order to be a good leader your ideas have to be affirmatory with your actions. Macbeths ideas are frequently wholly different to what he is externally stating or making this is seen when he claims to be Duncan’s loyal topic but in secret is plotting to put to death him. he says “the bell invites me. hear it non. Duncan for it is a knell. that biddings thee to heaven or to hell” .

Another illustration of monologues is when Macbeth pretends to be Banquos friend when he says “fail it non our banquet tonight” whilst in his head he is deputing to acquire him killed. Throughout the text Shakespeare uses sarcasm to demo that some people are non suited to exert power. sarcasm gives the audience penetration on something that the characters don’t know. sarcasm is good shown after the decease of Duncan. when Macbeth pretends to be concerned and alarmed towards the decease of Duncan this is seen when he says “Had I but dies an hr before this” . we as the audience are cognizant of his compunction and gimmick on to this dual significance. Soliloquies and sarcasm intergrade efficaciously to demo that Macbeth’s deceitful and twofaced nature prevents him from being a good leader because in order to be a good leader you must be honest and trusty. these are two traits that Macbeth doesn’t clasp. Shakespeare intent in this is to demo that a leader can non hold unbridled aspiration as this will drive them to turn to darkness in order to maintain there power in clasp.

At the beginning of the text my sentiment was that anyone can be a good leader. I came to this decision because Duncan was a good leader and Macbeth showed possible in going a good leader. Shakespeare influenced my sentiment to alter to. non anyone can be a good leader and in order to be a good leader you have to be a good individual. Shakspere did this through Macbeth though turned to darkness to derive power and so farther abused his power by killing anyone who got in his manner. in decision Macbeth becomes a bloody autocrat who has no 1 to stand by him.


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