Opinion Portfolio Essay

1. Are the media a existent cause of force and offense. or do they merely report what they see?

The Media does non make the intelligence it simply reports it. It sensationalizes events. but can non take duty for its impact on viewing audiences. In general the media has a duty which is married to society’s right to the free flow of information. The irresponsible mode in which the media studies information can hold both a hindrance and encouraging impact on the multitudes. But in the terminal condemnable behavior is a animal of scruples and each member of society is responsible for his ain scruples. The greatest mistake that can be attributed to the media’s function in describing force and offense is one of desensitising the sing populace.

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2. Should the media be used to contend offense?

The media is viewed as an instrument of societal control and in that sense it can and should be used to contend offense. The key to successful sensing. probe and prosecution of condemnable behavior is chiefly attributed to information sharing. The mere nature of the mass media’s function in information sharing puts it in a alone place to act upon the committee of offenses. The freedom of the imperativeness can be exploited to such an extent so as to cut down recidivism in a figure of utile spheres and to discourage condemnable behavior in general.

3. Should the exclusionary regulation be abolished?

The exclusionary regulation exists as a precaution against public maltreatment of powers in regard of guiltless individuals. All grounds presented at a condemnable test is required to be relevant. If grounds is collected in an arbitrary mode it becomes fishy and hence non relevant to the issue of guilt or artlessness. This is so because its probatory value is outweighed by its damaging consequence. When one piece of grounds is tainted it has the capacity to defile all other grounds no affair how relevant it is even if that other grounds was collected and preserved with unity. It is hence indispensable that the exclusionary regulation remain a portion of the condemnable justness procedure.

Does a racial disparity exist in respect to the application of the decease punishment?
Many studies conclude that inkinesss are more likely to have the decease punishment than Whites while merely as many studies reveal that Whites are more likely to have the decease punishment than inkinesss. The terminal consequence is that the studies simply reflect the demographic variables relative to the specific studies conducted and make non reflect a prejudiced condemnable justness system.

5. Are sexual assault instances under prosecuted?

Sufficient informations exist to back up a contention that sexual assault instances are so under prosecuted. This fact is married to the fact that sexual assault instances are by and big under reported. Experts conclude that the under coverage and under prosecuting of sexual assault instances is straight linked to society’s general position that sexual assault merely happens to others and the survivor’s repute and credibleness becomes as cardinal to any sexual assault prosecution as does the suspect’s.

6. Should parole be abolished?

Parole by its very nature is an of import tool for the reintegration of the wrongdoer into society. A captive has to run into really structured demands in order to be eligible for word. If parole is abolished a really of import component necessary for the success of rehabilitation within the condemnable justness system would be compromised.

7. Does the Patriot Act infringe on civil autonomies?

The Patriot Act was passed in response to national security issues following the September 11 terrorist onslaughts on US dirt. It is fails to adequately equilibrate the demand for increased protection of the fatherland and citizens ‘right to protection of the jurisprudence in regard of civil autonomies. Under the fright of increased statutory authorities powers of surveillance. hunt. ictus and arrests the Patriot Act may hold by application given citizens more grounds to fear Acts of the Apostless of terrorist act against a authorities who has as its docket the disincentive. sensing and bar of terrorist act.

8. Is the US prepared for Acts of the Apostless of panic or national exigencies?

The United States is every bit prepared for Acts of the Apostless of panic or national exigencies every bit much as it is possible to be prepared. The needed Torahs have been passed increasing constabulary and authorities powers and surely the United States has in topographic point a military and medical response mechanism that can get by with practically any degree of national exigencies. The unpredictable nature of terrorist act and national exigencies makes it impossible for any state to hold a perfect response system in topographic point. The United States is no exclusion.



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