opinions of Brutus & cassius

December 23, 2016 General Studies

Julius Caesar.

Noble/caring Brutus is able into bringing Rome into a powerful triumph of a defeat. Cassius being an ambitious roman he is able into bringing Rome into a battle that is never forgotten. .

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If noble Brutus were to engage Rome into a war, Brutus has no clue into planning things out because his theory always stands on “for the good of Rome-. Brutus doesn’t think ahead based on what he does. If Brutus were to make any of these decisions he would probably regret most of them because of his confidence of “for the best of Rome-. If it were Cassius in the situation of a war he can plan battle strategically speaking, and he can also bring good military principles into the thoughts of the war. Cassius is a man that is feared by some, and not loved by all, because of his mean and hungry look he gives off to people to. If it were Brutus he is always looked at as a kind and Noble man, as his father was. Cassius loves the name of power, but in my mind I don’t think is willing to die for Rome. But Brutus on the other hand, I believe would die for Rome because he talks so highly of loving Rome.

But Brutus love of Rome and it’s people take the best of him when Brutus allows Marc Antony to speak after him.

Cassius thinks ahead for consequences that could happen, this is shown in (act 1, sc.2, line 161-168) where Cassius advises Brutus not to let Antony speak at Caesar’s funeral.

Brutus’s Decision making is shown to risk all in the battle at Philippi (act 4, Sc. 3, lines 228-237) this is one of Brutus moves that clarifies Brutus not thinking ahead of the decisions made.

The two characters have an opposite view of bravery. Brutus is a brave Roman, Cassius is a coward that cannot stand-alone, and he likes to know that he has someone. Brutus and Cassius are very different in the way they recognize Antony. Brutus is very trusting and nave when he judges Anthony. But Cassius sees him as what he really is; Cassius basically thinks the opposite of what Brutus thinks of Antony.


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