Organisation Structure Training

Structure Training ON BINANI CEMENT By : Mayank Agarwal MBA B 1220125 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT On completing this project it is my pleasure to thank and extend my heartfelt gratitude to the following people who made the completion of this project possible: My mentor Mr. Sudhindra. S for his vital encouragement and support. Mr. Magan Agarwal (AVP. ), Binani Cement Pvt Ltd. , for his invaluable contribution and support and all the employees who helped me in this project. At last but not the least I would like to thank Christ University Institute of Management, Bangalore for giving me the opportunity to learn and explore various fields.

MAYANK AGARWAL OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY I underwent an organizational study training (OST) at Binani Cement Pvt. Ltd. to acquaint myself with the business environment for a month of 1 month , as a part of MBA curriculum at Christ University. The study was conducted to understand the structure, function and process of various departments and their interdependencies. During the course of the study I was able to successfully interact with the employees of the organization. Contents * History * Product Profile * Mission/ Objectives / Strategies Organization Structure * Policies & Procedures * Functions of various departments * SWOT Analysis * Key result areas & Activities * Organisational design factor & approach * Significant Factors for Success * Product Promotional Measures * Training Measures * System followed for purchase of Raw Material * HRD measures * Recommendations b History| Binani Industries Limited (BIL) is all set for growth. From the time of its inception, BIL has been an ambitious organisation and this attribute has helped it grow at a fast pace.

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The BrajBinani Group traces its beginning to 1872, when Seth PragdasBinani, a trader in metal utensils, began an enterprise with his son Seth Mathuradas to engage in the import and export of metals. The enterprise continued to grow from strength to strength. The year 1941 marked an important phase in the evolution when Seth Mathuradas’ son Seth Govardhandas made a bold, but significant, move from trading to manufacturing. Binani Metal Works got rolling with a plant at Howrah. Taking on the mantle from his father, it was during the reign of son GhanshyamBinani, that Binani Zinc was born.

Leading from the front, the Company shifted its focus towards R;D thus modernising and expanding its capacity. But it was with the advent of Mr. BrajBinani and his dynamic leadership that the Company truly began to prosper and exploring uncharted horizons. Following the restructuring of the BrajBinani Group, from 1996-2004,Binani Industries Limited (BIL) was founded to serve as the holding Company for Binani Cement Limited, Binani Zinc Limited, Goa Glass Fibre Limited ; BT Composites Limited. Today, the BrajBinani Group is a multidimensional business conglomerate, with an asset value of Rs. 968 crores, a turnover of Rs. 2302 crores and a 1750-strong work force. And with a clear focus to adapt and execute the best, the BrajBinani Group has not only attained major internationally accepted certifications for its various ventures, but also has extended its reach well beyond Indian borders – to UAE, China and is in the process of expanding into Africa and other countries. BIL owes most of its success to its simple yet potent philosophy – honesty, transparency, efficiency and its unflinching commitment to the customers, coupled with an inherent determination to succeed.

It is this vision that has dissolved all boundaries and has set BIL on the never-ending path of growth and evolution. | | | Profiles of the product BIL’s epic story has been a unique compilation of the success stories of its four subsidiary companies- Binani Cement Limited, Binani Zinc Limited, Goa Glass Fibre Limited and BT Composites Limited. It is moving ahead full stream in the direction of development and these companies have indeed formed the pillars of strength of the BrajBinani Group. NOW TALKING ABOUT THE BINANI CEMENT PROFILE OF BINANI’S CEMENT PRODUCTS

It consistently produces excellent quality cement having low alkali, negligible chloride, and low heat of hydration. It produces following types of cement. Sr. No| Type of Cement| Grade| IS Code specification| 1| Ordinary Portland Cement| 43,53 | IS 8112:1989IS 12269:1987| 2| Portland Pozolana Cement| | IS 1489 : Part I :1991| MISSIONS, OBJECTIVES AND STRATEGIES OF ORGANISATION Mission| 1) To achieve leadership status in the core sector, across the world. 2) To employ frontline technologies to meet the highest global  standards in roducts and serervices3) The set benchmarks in manufacturing, while adhering to the most stringent environmental rules. 4) To be a customer-first, quality obsessed, socially sensitive  corporate entity 5) To achieve breakthroughs in manufacturing based in intensive  R&D coupled with innovative thinking 6) To assure the well-being of our people, living by such values as  concern, empathy and commitment| | | OBJECTIVES 1) To provide best quality cement in required quantity to the customers. 2) To enhance the share holder values in the company by making profits. 3)To satisfy the internal and external customers.

ORGANIZATION DESIGN AND STRUCTURE i)ORGANISATION HIERARCHY Management Committee members(Works manager) Assistant VP/GM/Dy GM Senior Manager/ Manager/ Dy Manager Senior Engg/ Engg, Senior Officer/ Officer Work Men- Grade 1,2,3,4 ii)STRUCTURE OF COMMERCIAL DEPARTEMENT POLICIES AND PROCEDURES FOLLOWED Binani Industries Limited (“the Company”) is committed to conducting its business in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations and the highest standards of business ethics and ethical conduct. This Code of Conduct (“Code”) reflects the business practice and principles of behaviour that support this commitment.

The Board of Directors (“the Board”) is responsible for setting the standards of conduct contained in the Code and for updating these standards as appropriate to reflect legal and regulatory developments. The Code is intended to provide guidance and help in recognizing and dealing with ethical issues and to help foster a culture of honesty and accountability. SOME OF THE POLICIES ARE: (i) Represent the interests of the shareholders of the Company; (ii) Exhibit high standards of integrity, commitment and independence of thought and judgement; iii) Dedicate adequate time, energy and attention to ensure the diligent performance of his/her duties including make all reasonable efforts to attend Board or committee meetings; and (iv) Comply with every provision of this Code. (v) In marketing our products ,we deal with cash only . (vi) We maintain a Transparent policy for all our customers . (vii) We deal fairly with the Company’s customers, suppliers, competitors, officers and employees. FUNCTIONS OF VARIOUS DEPARTEMENTS 1) HR &OHS Department The HR &OHS Department of Binani Cement has two main functions- Human Relation Management and Occupational Health Service.

The major functions of the HR department in Binani Cement are divided into: Industrial Relation:- Industrial Relation deals with trade union management, contract labour management, compliance with statutory requirements etc. If a worker has a problem, he has to first give a complaint to the trade union leader. If the problem is not settled there, he can move to the next level i. e. concerned department head and then to the HR Manager, Labour Court and finally the Supreme Court of India. Recruitment, Training, Appraisal :- For a new vacancy in the company the first preference goes to the company employees.

Through internal notification the eligible employees are given a chance for writing the promotion test, or internal transfer. Promotion of internal staff will be based on performance. If there are no eligible candidates inside, then the company goes for recruitment from outside Welfare:- All statutory functions according to the Factory Act like canteen, rest rooms, drinking water, health centre etc are provided. Apart from these employees are provided with uniform, footwear, umbrella, soap, towel, shoes, transportation etc are provided by the company.

Recreation room is equipped with various indoor games like table tennis, chess etc. Various cultural events are held. Festivals like Diwali are celebrated where various competitions for the staff and children are held. Safety: The main objective of the department is to ensure safety activities and ensuring statutory compliance, development of safety systems and implementation, taking care of the housekeeping activities, ensuring conformance to safety regulations, accident Investigation Analysis and remedial measures etc. 2) COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT/ MARKETING PURCHASE

All the purchases in the company has to move through the purchase department be it raw materials or spare parts. A purchase requisition form is generated for each purchase. In case the amount and cost associated with the material is large, the purchase department invites quotation from the suppliers by publishing the requirement in the newspaper. After negotiations, the supplier who agrees to provide the material at minimum cost is given the contract. Most of the materials are insured through the New India Assuarance Company. PROMOTION Promotion of the product does not only take place through media or by any other means.

But Promotion of products in Binani CEMENT takes place verbally through customers. A potential customer can tell his friends and acquaintance about the quality product that they get from Binani CEMENT. Its interesting to know that BINANI CEMENT is promoted by AMITABH BACHHAN SALES: Sales are done through various channels. These channels include Sales through dealers, distributers, direct selling and indirect selling. BINANI CEMENT deals only in cash no credit is accepted. Sales are also carried out through sales agents. Both the company and the agents keep in constant touch with the customers.

Customer feedback is collected every year towards the end of March and it is processed by June. The purpose of this is to improve the quality of customer service by 2% and to reduce the complaints by 5% annually. The company has been successful in achieving its objectives and the customers are happy with the quality of products, services and handling of customer complaints. 3) INSTRUMENTATION DEPARTMENT Instrumentation maintenance of the plant Preventive Maintenance Reactive Maintenance Modification/Improvement aspects (Minor)(Major improvements/modifications done by Maintenance Dept)

Indigenization of imported instruments – Finding substitutes by developing similar models Reduction in cost factor, General Administration Automation (Part of maintenance) Budget Preparation (for management systems) Log Report (Log report, done manually on a daily basis) 4)FINANCE DEPARTMENT The company’s finance department was computerized in 1983. The major functions of the department are: Purchase bill accounting: All the payments related to purchase are dealt here. It makes use of computerized cheque leafs issued from the bank to make payments to the suppliers, agents etc.

Sales accounting: Agents accounts related to stationary, printing, transportation etc are maintained here. Stores accounting: It deals with the reception, issue and storage of materials. Raw material accounting: The raw material imported from various places comes by ship to the port. The material is unloaded using barges to a space that is rented by the company for temporary storage of the material. The charges for the whole activity include the cost of the material which is based on dispatch money, customs duty, handling charges at the dock plus the rent to the port.

HRD Package: The main purpose is to take care of the salary payment to the employees. It makes use of a payroll package in association with the HRD. Corporate office setup: It takes care of the cash and bank operations and the statutory remittances like the sales tax, income tax, ESI, PF etc. Auditing: Auditing includes Annual Financial audit, Income Tax audit, Cost audit, Sales Tax audit. Each serves different purposes. It is done from professionals outside the company but monitored by the finance department. Internal audit is done on contract basis.

Finance department helps them in giving the necessary information and data. Budgeting: Budget allocation starts with the marketing department. The marketing department estimates the sales for a particular year. Based on that the budgets of the other departments are allocated as of how much raw material is to be purchased, how much should be spent on maintenance research etc. About 60% of the total cost is allotted to raw material, 20% to electricity and 20% to labour and administer 5)RESEARCH $ DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT Research & Development has three sections: . Development Section: This sections deals with projects for process modifications and improvements and trouble shooting. There is no fundamental research going on in this department. Only research related to process improvement are carried out here. Another major function is the evaluation of raw materials, and its inspection for suitability in process. 2. Assay Section(Quality Control Section) : This section deals with the analysis of raw materials, finished products etc. Analysis has two main objectives-commercial payment and analysis for process. 3.

Environmental Section: This section deals with the environmental aspects like getting approval from the pollution control board, inspections, analysis, monitoring and reporting to pollution control board. SWOT ANALYSIS Identification of the threats and opportunities in the environment and the strengths and weakness of the firm are the factors which determine the course of action to ensure growth of the firm. STRENGTHS Binani CEMENT has always been in the forefront of the technical up gradation to match the industry standards and has emerged as the NO. 1 in terms of customer delight with unwavering commitments and focus on quality.

Dedicated and recognized in-house R&D cell has provided necessary technical support right from the basic engineering to the quest for operational excellence. The competent managerial staff and workers in the company help in the smooth functioning of the company. First to install high productivity energy saving jumbo cell house technology. WEAKNESS Small unit compared to world standards. The other weakness can be that BINANI cement deals only in cash, so in cases it loses its potential customers sometimes. OPPORTUNITIES Strong customer base and brand image in market.

The company has diversified into cement manufacturing in north India and a glass factory in Goa as independent groups. Hence there is much scope for product diversification . THREATS Competition from JK cement and Ultratech Cement. Proposed steep hike in power tarrif in state. Non Availability of concentrate. Reduction in import duty. Keys Result Areas(KRA’s) Of The Organization 1) To utilize the full capacity of plants. 2) To create strong brand equity in the market 3) To enhance the profit of the organization in the market. 4) To explore the overseas possibility for setting of new plants. 5) To satisfy its potential customers.

Key Result Activities 1) To employ efficient people in the organization so that they can be the pillars in the organization growth. 2) To promote the brand in an effective and efficient manner. For example : endorsement of AMITABH. 3) To get the premium price in the market. 4) To ensure that the quality of the product is supreme in its price range. Organisation design factors and approaches For a organisation to work properly it is very important that it has a proper organization structure. A good structure can ensure organisation growth whereas a bad structure or design can lead to its downfall.

Some of the design factors and approaches of binani cement are : Best quality products : by using the best quality products we ensure that our customers are fully satisfied. Ontime delivery : for company growth it is very important that it delivers the manufactured products on time as committed. Rational pricing : by rational pricing we mean the best price possible for both company and customer. Transparent policy : We use same and transparent policies for all our customers ie our policies does not change with customer to customer.

Profitability to dealers/retailers : it is very important that dealers/retailers are profited and promoted to sell our products because they are the only persons who deals with customers directly, so without profiting them organization cannot think of its profit. Organisation Structure Factors ORGANISATION STRUCTURE The organisation must have a proper hierarchical structure so that each person is aware of his own responsibilities in the organisation. The structure should be so transparent that every person knows the responsibility of his immediate head and tail. Significant factors for success

The core strategy is based on consolidation and sustainable growth. The investment strategy of the company aims at becoming a low cost producer in all its business and in upgrading technology to meet stringent product quality requirements. Quality is the manthra of the organization. Ever since its inception it has been in the forefront of providing quality products and services to its customers with equal emphasis on environmental pollution control and energy conservation. It maintains commendable grade of quality in all levels of its operation and high level of its productivity by adaptation of state of art technology.

The customer centric manufacturing and satisfaction are the main forte of the quality management satisfaction. The company interact with its customers to continuously asses their needs and expectations and ensure total customer satisfaction by maintaining consistent quality of its products and services with the involvement of its employees. The company promote transparency and openness in its relationship with its employees and the community and treat them in a fair and respectful manner Product Promotional Measures

Binani is one such player who has taken up branding in a serious manner. The brand is relying on the celebrity power to build its equity. Binani Cement used the cricketing master Sunil Gavaskar to promote its brand during the launch phase in 1997. After a long period of silence, the brand began to invest heavily in brand promotion from 2007. The brand chose the ever green Amitabh Bachchan as the brand ambassador in 2007. There was lot of buzz during the time big B was chosen to endorse a cement brand. Binani Cement started using Big B in the television commercials in a dignified manner.

This is one of those brands that tried to make use of Bachchan’s charisma to the brand’s advantage. The ads were laden with subtle humor and according to the reports, Binani cement’s sales surged during these campaigns. The brand did a smart move by taking advantage of the fact that both the brand and the brand ambassador name starts with B. The cement brand began to call itself Big B. While the brand gains by the association, there were many critics who argued that now Big B will be associated with cement rather than celebrity.

Binani cement has the tagline ” Sadiyon Ke liye” which means ” for centuries “. Although the ads featuring Bachchan was well made, I felt that it lacked a punch. The brand lacked a powerful message . Training Measures The Company follows different training schemes for different category of employees. Management Training Programs: Management staffs are given one year training after which they enter probation for the next six months. During the training program, they are given a stipend of Rs. 7000 per month. After the probation they are absorbed into the respective department.

Workman Training: The workmen are given a training for 2 years in which they are given a stipend of Rs. 2000 per month the first year and Rs. 3000 the second year. After the probation, are absorbed into the respective departments. Apprenticeship training: The Company facilitates apprenticeship training for one year as per the Apprenticeship Act. It is categorized into three different types- Graduates, Technicians and trade Apprentice. Graduates get a stipend of Rs. 1930, Technicians who are Diploma holders get a stipend of Rs. 1400 and Trade apprentice (ITI holders) get a stipend of Rs. 800.

Paid Trainees: As a welfare function, children of employees holding professional degree are given training in the company with a stipend of Rs. 1500. But it is not necessary to absorb these candidates into the company. Unpaid Trainees: Diploma holders are given training, but they are not paid any stipend. At the end of the training program a company certificate is issued. Cross Functional Exchange Program: This facility is also for the management staff to get familiarize with the departments apart from the department in which he works. It is a 4 month training program. It is intended to enhance multiple working skills in a person.

Knowledge and Skill Up gradation Program: This is a program in which high grade employees belonging to the non-management staff are trained and promoted to lower level management staff. System Followed for Purchase Of Materials First the respective department employee generates a query regarding its requirement. This query is then sent to the Respective head of the department. If the query is been accepted by the head , then the query is forwarded to the Purchase department. Now the purchase department asks for the quote and when the quote is finalised then the purchase is done.

And when the purchase is done it is then transferred to the respected department. HRD Measures Welfare: All statutory functions according to the Factory Act like canteen, rest rooms, drinking water, health centre etc are provided. Apart from these employees are provided with uniform, footwear, umbrella, soap, towel, shoes, transportation etc are provided by the company. Recreation room is equipped with various indoor games like table tennis, chess etc. Various cultural events are held. Festivals like Diwali are celebrated where various competitions for the staff and children are held.

Employee Motivation: To motivate the employees Best Performance Award is given to the best employee. Health Center: Specialist Medical Camp is held every month where free consultation is provided for the employees, their family and local residents. A compulsory medical checkup for all the employees is held annually. Safety: The main objective of the department is to ensure safety activities and ensuring statutory compliance, development of safety systems and implementation, taking care of the housekeeping activities, ensuring conformance to safety regulations, accident Investigation Analysis and remedial measures etc.

Performance Appraisal The main objective of the appraisal is to identify if employees need any further training, identify the eligible people for promotions and salary increment. In case of trainees under probation, monthly assessment is done where the quality and quantity of work, attendance, relationship with the other employees etc are assessed. In case of permanent employees a closed appraisal system is adopted where only the respective department head and the HR department is present. Binani cement uses 360 degree appraisal system

The highlights of this type of system are: 360 degree feedback is the most comprehensive and costly type of appraisal. It includes self ratings, peer review, and upward assessments; feedback is sought from everyone. It gives people a chance to know how they are seen by others; to see their skills and style; and may improve communications between people. 360 degree feedback helps by bringing out every aspect of an employee’s life. Cooperation with people outside their department, helpfulness towards customers and vendors, etc. ay not be rewarded by other types of appraisal. This system also helps those who have conflicts with their manager. 360 degree feedback generally has high employee involvement and credibility; may have the strongest impact on behaviour and performance; and may greatly increase communication and shared goals. It provides people with a good all-around perspective. Some suggestions Given by me To the Organization 1)To start the advertisement campaign again. 2)They have large market share in North they should expand it to other parts also. 3)Explore more overseas market.



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