Organization structure

Organizations structured in many ways. It can be depend on their aims and civilization. Company construction can straight consequence to organisation public presentation.

Organization construction is the one which allocate duties for different sections or employees.

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Organization construction is really of import portion because the incorrect organisation construction will detain the concern success. Aim of the organisation construction is maximise the productiveness. An effectual organisational construction can construct relationship between assorted map of organisation.

Organization constructions are chiefly biased on the size of get downing period of the company construction really simple. Because company can non afford immense sum of money for the wage, fundamentally figure of staff is really low. Company attempt to maintain it like that to salvage money. But it will non work in a long clip.

So in a concern universe we can happen batch of organisation constructions.

* Flat construction

* Tall construction

* Hierarchical construction

* Net work

· Bureaucratic construction

* Matrix construction

· Flat Structure Organisation

Compare to all other organisations level construction is really simple. These types of administration will hold few beds or merely one bed of direction. This means that the concatenation of bid from top to button is really short so easy to command. Normally new companies are utilizing this level construction. So this construction common in little organisations

Diagram: Flat Structure

Flat construction

Advantages of level Administrations

Disadvantages of level Administrations

* Easy to pass on between directors and workers

* Workers may hold more than one director.

* Better squad sprit.

* May be have some bound to growing of the administration.

* Decision devising procedure is really easy

* Merely few of people are affecting in determination devising procedure so determinations are might be incorrect.

* Merely few directors so can salvage money

* Function of each department/person could be blurred and unify into the occupation functions of others.

· Tall construction

In this construction have more stairss comparing with level construction. There is along concatenation of bid, running from top of the administration e.g. Chief Executive down to the underside of floor workers/ workers.

Diagram: Tall Structure

Tall Structure

This construction fundamentally exceeds 8 degrees of direction. This because of members of beds has addition. Advantages are more of import than disadvantages

Advantages of tall Administrations

Disadvantages of tall Administrations

* Each director has a little figure of employees under their control. This means that employees can be closely supervised.

* The freedom and duty of employees is limited

* There is a clear direction construction

* Most of determination is right. Because many people are involve taking that.

* Decision devising could be slowed down as blessing may be needed by each of the beds of authorization.

* The map of each bed will be clear and distinguishable. There will be clear lines of duty and control.

* Communication has to take topographic point through many beds of direction.

* Clear patterned advance and publicity ladder.

* High direction costs because directors are by and large paid more than other workers. Each bed willtend to pay its directors more money than the bed below it.

· Hierarchical construction

In this construction employees are ranked at assorted degrees within the organisation. Each degree is one above the other. Number of employees is working under one individual. Every phase is in the concatenation. Hierarchical construction divided in two parts, which is Tall Hierarchical construction and Flat Hierarchical construction. Flat hierarchal construction merely has few phases.

Traditional hierarchal construction tells each employee responsibilities clearly

· Matrix construction

Matrix construction simple and really effectual 1. Each individual has specific map or function in the organisation. This construction design to demo each employer has an of import portion in the organisation. This construction does non demo that one individual of import or valuable than another. Another particular thing is one individual is working under two directors

So he gets right way. And every individual has freedom and liberty to take duty for their work activities, it is like motive method.

Advantages of matrix construction

* Motivate people from giving duties

* Able to pass on between squad members

* Have a opportunity to work out jobs by face to confront speech production, through squad

* Facilities regular alteration of rank in merchandise squad

Disadvantages of matrix construction

* Employers might acquire confused, because of working under two directors

* Not more opportunity to acquire publicities. ( non perpendicular to upper direction place, travel squad to squad )

* High degree of emphasis

Bureaucratic construction

The big organisations are utilizing this construction. The indispensable portion of this bureaucratic are

a. Use all standard method and execute at work

B. High degree of control to do certain standard public presentation.

There are two types of bureaucratic constructions one is stranded and other one is professional bureaucratic. Standard bureaucratism is based on well-organized public presentation of all the same agenda work. Professional bureaucratism depend winning well-organized public presentation of all the same but complex work. So it needs specialised accomplishment or cognition. The construction of standard bureaucratism is based on maps, big proficient staff and many mid-level directors. In contrast, professional bureaucratism has few mid-level directors.

Bureaucratic organisational construction

After analyzing all of this constructions, we can non state this construction is the best one for any organisation. Because every construction has advantages and disadvantages every bit good. In this concern universe we can happen different size of organisations. So organisation has to take right construction for their organisation. As an illustration, level construction is non suited for large organisation like coca Cola, because there mark market is really broad one. But we can non state this construction is useless one, because it can be suit for little organisation like household concern or get downing period of company.

After sing all this fact we can state each organisation construction is helps to growing of the organisation.


Organization construction and civilization are depending on each other. There is no 1 definition for organisation civilization. Culture has been calculated from scope from mentality truth from subject such as anthropology sociology to the applied subject of organisational behavior direction scientific discipline and organisational behavior.

A set of common apprehensions around which action is organized, happening look in linguistic communication whose niceties are curious to the group ( Becker and Geer 1960 ) .

A set of apprehensions or significances shared by a group of people that are mostly silent among members and are clearly relevant and typical to the peculiar group which are besides passed on to new members ( Louis 1980 ) .

These are some definition for organisation civilization

Basically civilization is personality of organisation. If the organisation civilization is hapless it will impact to growing of organisation. An organisation civilization is comprised set of values, believes, rules and type that people really think decide and perform.

In book of organisational civilization and leading define civilization as a” basic set of premises that defines for us what we pay attending to, what things mean, and how to respond emotionally to what is traveling on, and what actions to take in assorted sorts of state of affairss ” ( organisational civilization and leading 2nd Edition, 1992, Jossey-Bass ) ,

There are few mogels to describ the civilization of an organisation. Harrison ( 1992 ) suggest four diffarent types of civilization and he besides classifies in footings of “Greek gods”

Types of civilizations

* Power or club civilization

* Role civilization

* Task civilization

* Person civilization

Relation between organisational construction and civilization and consequence on concern public presentation

It is difficult to specify relationship between organisational construction and civilization. But this two are inescapably linked. To hold effectual organisation civilization there should be some sort of organisational construction to let for efficient work and attempt.

To hold a more strong and efficient organisation construction it should hold a strong civilization as good. A hebdomad or hapless civilization most likely has an inefficient and less effectual organisation construction. Which mean hebdomad civilization can construct hebdomad construction as good? Or hebdomad construction makes hebdomad civilization? This is the jobs that two tend to come in. So this shows this two are related, but no how

In the terminal best manner to depict the relation between this two are slightly nonliteral. If the organisation civilization is the plumbing or H2O, construction is the pipe. Or in another manner to depict this two is, organisational civilization is a pes ball squad the manager and participants are act as a construction.

This shows us this two are barely combine each other.without organisation civilization organisation construction can non last. Because these two depending on each other.

Facts which influence single behavior

In an organisation, single behavior has a large function to make. Otherwise organisation can non accomplish their ends. There are batch of factors which impacting single behavior at work topographic point.

* Beliefs

* Leadership

* Motivation

* Training

* Skill cognition and abilities

Some of them,


Everyone has believes, It might depend on their faith. Specially Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu people have batch of belief. These beliefs can consequence to the concern. Because they ne’er try to traverse these bounds or ne’er


Leadership means ability to take duties and intimate to take a squad. In an organisation director is non the lone one leader in that organisation. Other employees besides need to hold some leading qualities.


The occupation of directors is acquiring done occupations from employees. To make this director should actuate the employees. So the 1 who guides them has to appreciate their work. Otherwise they might loos his enthusiastic to work.


If the workers has had proper tanning they will able to give a good service. So productiveness will travel high.

Skill cognition and abilities

Each and every one is non born with same endowment and accomplishment. Skill is can be specific to each 1. If the worker did non acquire the occupation what he is capable does the individual can acquire board?

Organizational theory

Leadership manner

Leadership manners mean the manner they give way to people and actuate them to near their mark. There are few major leading manners,

Authoritarian and bossy

Participative or democratic

Delegative or free reign



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