Organizational Culture Of Dominos Pizza Commerce Essay

July 25, 2017 Commerce

I have chosen the DOMINOS PIZZA as a concern. The ground why I have chosen this concern because it is celebrated all over the universe. I have went many different subdivisions, and savor the delightful spicy nutrient. I have been worked their six months, so I known these countries good, every bit good as cognition sing my work topographic point. It is besides an instruction provided concern with good quality of nutrient and service. Therefore it is an ideal concern to take study authorship.


DOMINOS PIZZA is an international pizza bringing corporation. It is the 2nd largest concatenation in the United States. Its central office is in, Ann Arbor, Michigan United States. Dominos has 60 international markets. Furthermore it besides has 9000 corporate and franchised shops. In 1998 dominos pizza was sold to Bain capital and eventually went in the twelvemonth 2004


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Cheese sticks

Assortment of sweets points


Home bringing


Take away


Famous individual, Tom monaghan and his brother, James purchased Dominicks a little pizza shop at Michigan in the twelvemonth 1960. But after 8s months subsequently, James besides traded his half concern to tom for beetle. Finally he named the concern Dominos Pizza.Inc. in 1965. The logo for the company planned with the new points to each shop. Slowly and steadily Dominos experienced rapid growing. eventually at last two-hundredth shop opened by franchise. Franchise besides opened their web site which help the clients to book their orders online. Todays it Dominos has spread through at all universe and it is rather celebrated now a yearss at all degrees.

Communication IN DOMINOS:

This concern is wholly depending on communicating. Peoples working at that place as a group and every one communicates with each other. Main intent of communicating is to direct a message by transmitter to receiver and acquire feedback from receiving system. The staff of Domino ‘s usage electronic mail, notice board, postings, and booklets for communicating. For illustration: -if any information needs to go through all squad members a notice will nip with notice board and it can be send by this besides a manner of communicating.


DOMINOS ‘s have day of the month ; clip in all countries of the eating house to guarantee that full merchandise from natural to cook is of the highest criterion. Date, clip are checked on a regular basis by staff whether merchandise from hair-raisers, production bins or front counter.

So we can state they provide quality to the clients.


Equally good as hot, fresh merchandise delivered accurately and in a timely mode, clients expect impressive service. Domino ‘s says about clients treat them as they expected to be treated, recognize them in warm, friendly mode and ever have smile on staff ‘s face.


Organizational Culture:

Culture is about activities of a people like how they great to other. It ‘s a multicultural organisation.In Domino ‘s the employees are from different Culture and different states so its multicultural organisation. I think it ‘s a demand of the workplace because some clip face different civilization people for communicating. As we know Newzealand is a topographic point where people come from different portion of the universe. So for development a concern in Newzealand we need different cultural employees, who can pass on with different cultural people and it helps to the concern. Dominos besides teach their employees about societal moralss, professional moralss, and single moralss.

In Dominos ‘s we learn lot from cognition and experience during communicating with our higher degree like if a crew individual communicate with eating house director he straight affected by manner of communicating of eating house director because eating house director cognize how to pass on.

Organizational GOAL

The ends of Domino ‘s are as follows: –

1. Domino ‘s vision is to be the universe ‘s best Quick service eating houses experience.

2. Domino ‘s is committed to keeping and developing the best nutrient merchandises in the speedy service eating house market.

3. In order to present this, the company has made a figure of committednesss to nutrient safety and nutrition.

4. Lead the speedy service eating house market by a plan of site development and, profitable eating house gaps, and by pulling new clients. Increasing gross revenues through publicities will enable them to go on their plan of enlargement.

Business Demographics

I want to give an illustration of myself about cognition and experience in that administration when I given an interview for this administration the choice commission did n’t inquire me about any past experience I learned all from workplace by preparation, communicating with the other staff of the administration.

Training period learn more everyone in Dominos. Seniors ever shared their cognition with juniors, which is really helpful for juniors.

1. Crew Trainer Crew trainer is individual who trains the crew member and give his experience and basic cognition of workplace to the crew individual. So trainer gives the basic cognition like how to do Burgers, how to clean workplace etc.

2. Managers The figure of directors depends on capacity of Domino ‘s as how much busy it is. After go throughing crew preparation phase crew become crew trainer and he will be able to give preparation to other trainees. Therefore preparation director is a individual who teaches following lesson to crew trainers. He besides portions his cognition and experience with trainees.

3. Administrations Manager He is the individual who has all duties of eating houses like in our group there are five eating houses he is the large foreman of all eating houses. He is most experient individual in the eating house and he had all cognition about eating houses.

Group Dynamics

As I explained about squad of Domino ‘s where I am working is from different civilization like some of them are from India, some of them are from Philippines and some of them are from Fiji, Samoa. So it ‘s a large thing to pass on each individual with each other. The communicating is chief thing which attach them each other and do them work as a group.

The communications in administration develop and better communicating accomplishments of employees because this workplace is all based on communicating. For illustration when a crew member or director taking order from the counter he have to talk English and listen English so it can develop both speech production and hearing of the crew or director. Crew and Manager make a squad for any administration so it ‘s off which develop whole squad.

Meeting Management In direction meetings communicating procedure should be clear, professionally, logically.

Professionally – The communicating which we use in meetings of administration related to our profession.

Clear – Communication should be clear which make good sense for hearer.

Logical – Communication should be logic full or related to the affair which really we want discuss in meeting.

Purpose – The intent of communicating should unclutter for all the meeting civil deaths.


In stakeholders we can include internal and external factors which are affected by administration like employees, distributers, Govt. Media etc. The chosen administration by me communicates with all stakeholders those separately related to administration by first-class manner.


The administration is connected with cyberspace for everyone and they use electronic mails, letters, postings and other advertisement stuff to link with people. The internal web of the administration is connected by LAN ( local country web ) and WAN besides ( broad country web ) .


This concern is based on two things one is internal and other is external internal which I discussed in this study which is communicating in administration and 2nd is people because it is people based concern. So to acquire success in this concern administration have to concentrate on both things.


As Domino ‘s have many communicating aims like making consciousness, leaving cognition, projecting an image, determining attitudes, exciting a privation or desire, impacting a sale. Harmonizing to me they should add some more communication aims like educate, promote action, reward consumer, fit the competition, crush the competition, do a promise, and fulfil the promise. They should supply some more installations to them like for the parents they should supply particular price reductions on their particular yearss ( Birthday, Marriage Anniversary ) and for kids they should open Kids Zone on their every shops so that they can bask their clip.


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