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December 14, 2017 Marketing

Since then, she developed the interest in making pickles and start selling first to her friends, relatives and few shops in the locality. As an entrepreneur, the beginning of her business Journey was a very small and a humble one. She started with Just RSI. 400/- . From those sales she was able to save some money. Market demand started to pick up but since she was not financially sound to invest so her output remained the same. In the year 2005 she approved the DHOW, East Khaki Hills District, Shilling to allow her to take part in one of their exhibition.

The good respond on her products by utilizing her small savings to the fullest. From there she Joined the training conducted by MERMAN in 2006 and again o further enhance her skills she Joined the training at the Government of Megalith Fruit Processing Unit, Shilling. Her keen interests paved way for her to take part in the International Trade Fares, National and Regional and local level exhibitions. At present she produced variety of Jams, Pickles and Squashes. In the year 2007, after much of hard work she was able to get loan with some assistance from the SHADE office. With the loan she was able to construct a 50 Sq. Homosexual Factory. Also she was able to buy some machines. Her present remissive output is 10 metric ton per year. The sanctioned loan was not enough for her to buy raw materials like (fruits etc. ,), Packaging (Caps, bottles , labels , etc. ,) other additional expenditure was acquiring FOP License, NCO from Pollution Control Board, and expenditure for the registration at the Sale Tax, Weight and Measures . The Journey again, was not always smooth but with sincerity, hard work, dedication, support from family and friends and a Never Give Up spirit allows her to achieved her goals .

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Besides upgrading her skills as n entrepreneur, she was also able to provide trainings to many interested individuals, as a resource person in some workshops, trainings, local universities etc. Presently she also trained students sponsored by the DICE and also have Bachelor of Administration students from Martin Luther University as interns in my factory. She had also received the National Award for Special Achievements from the Ministry and Small and Medium Enterprise, Government of India in the year 2010. This remind her of the words by Robert Collier’s quote “Success is the small sum of efforts, repeated day in and day out”.

She wanted to encourage everyone especially her e in Shilling and North East as a whole to the new young entrepreneur that, we are not alone in our Endeavourer , God has given us family, good friends, the government offices, the people around us, the market, the opportunities that is surrounding us . It all depends on us how we see , study it, initiate, our persistence, readiness to learn and strive to the goal that we want to achieve for “The secret of success in life is, for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes” The Motto of Sara’s Food Preservation Factory is: “Never compromise with

Quality & “Money Growth should also be with Human Financial Growth”. 1. 2 Source of Raw Materials lewd Shilling (Bar Bazaar) and eel Simi (at Simi village) for all fruits etc. , since, it is the central market available at wholesale rate. 1. 3 Financial Sources: Self and MPEG loan from XVII 1. 4 Packaging /Bottling [Labeling: Manually managed 1. 4 Marketing: Retail . Only at fairs Wholesaler : Wholesale to all shops in the market Trade Fair : District , National and International Fairs Profit/Loss : Mostly they gain profit in their production but at times they also incur a loss. They do not sent their products to other states. 5 Process of Preservation: Fruits can be prevented from decaying through the process of preservation. For fruits like Carbonyl, Pine-apples, Passion fruits etc. , in which they make squashes or Juice can be preserve only after extracting the Juice and add preservatives. Un- rip Fruits like green mango, Chilies, Bamboo, Shoots etc. , can be preserve through the process of curing. The other way to safe fruits other than the preservation technique used by them is through cold storage and by some traditional technique. Preservation is a safe method of preventing different kinds of fruits from decay.

The different kinds of products that we get from the fruits that they preserve are Pickles , Squashes and Jams . The most valuable fruits that they preserve are the local available fruits which are available in small quantity and which are seasonal. The quantity of fruits that they usually preserve is 500 keg per fruit fruits . The fruits come from the local market. The type of fruits that include all the type of products like Jam, Jelly etc. , are:- Shooing : Squash, Jam, Juice and Jelly . Pine-apple : Squash, Juice, Jelly and Marmalade. Sophie : Pickle and Squash . : Squash, Juice, Jelly and Marmalade .

Orange The kinds of advertisement they prefer to be the best in promoting their products are :- That portray hygiene and cleanliness, selection of fruits and compliances . Best mode will be through print media, media and radio too . Branding through hoarding in selected sites . 1. 6. Pence: The cost of each product ranges from RSI. 60-150 for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Marketing of the products play an important role in the success of the organization so that the customers can compare the quality of their products etc. The company need to recruit more staff for doing the work I. E. Killed staff in book keeping, marketing etc. There is also some risk associated with marketing management because:- Some competitors are very aggressive in approach. Government firms received release products at subsidized rate. Big companies who are exposed to cheaper raw materials and bulk products. Lack of government initiative. The technologies that the marketing staffs used in implementing for completion of their work are Mobile communications. Internet if looking for procuring new materials. The other resources that are required to initiate this project are:- Land or space for operation.

Trained staff. Upgraded machines. They do not sell their goods online. 1. 7 Purchasing processing 1 . Vendor Selection : Central market. :- Direct or face to face communication. Selected points within the city to make sure it reaches to all the customers. Outlets that ensure products are sold quickly. 1. 8 Rates: Specified after calculating the total cost of production and marketing. Some rates are set as per the product demand and uniqueness of a particular fruit e. G. , Shop Khaki etc that are not available in plenty and are available in one season for a short period only.


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