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August 19, 2017 Management


The Bank of America is one of the biggest participants in the industry with over 300 employees. This therefore implies that he Bank is tasked with the function of forming the smooth running of the organisation by actuating the employees decently every bit good as guaranting that cognition direction in footings of preparation is done consequently. At the Bank of America. employee preparation is done both on site and outside the organisation. Outside the organisation the organisation allows its employees to bask the tuition reimbursement plan whereby both the Bank and the organisation base to profit.

In footings of human resource direction many attempts have been put in topographic point by the organisation to guarantee that the Bank maintains a vibrant and really extremely motivated work force. The Bank of America oftenly revises its public presentation contracts to let for easy promoting of employees based on makings and non needfully on how long one has been working with the Bank. This has proved to be really popular with the Bank employees as bulk feels that lodging longer with the Bank is a great chance for calling growing and promotion. As the mission of the Bank provinces. the Bank of America firmly believes in the potency of all its employees and appreciates the fact that it is through authorization of the human resources that the organisation can accomplish its ends.

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Therefore the Bank of America employees ever work hard and hold a sense of belonging to the organisation particularly due to the fact that they feel they own the Bank. The direction has come up with a codification of moralss for the employees aimed at streamlining operations and doing certain employees function towards the accomplishment of the ends and aims of the organisation.

Knowledge direction as it applies to the Bank of America refers to plans aimed at bettering accomplishments amongst staff members of the bank ( Nilson. 2003 ) . Employee preparation at the Bank of America takes different signifiers including ; onsite preparation or the employee every bit good as fall ining certified establishments as portion clip pupils to analyze in different classs of their picks. Different companies have different plans for developing their employees with some encompassing the tuition reimbursement plan whereby employees are allowed to prosecute farther surveies.

The preparation plans have legion advantages to the employees every bit good as the organisation. Benefits of employee preparation include. improved production as a consequence of a extremely skilled work force. the employee morale is extremely boosted as they view the preparation as a show of assurance in them by the employees and as a consequence their motive is improved.

At the Bank of America several factors have warranted the preparation for employees. such include ; to better public presentation. as an built-in plan aimed at staff development. to enable a smooth procedure of sequence planning and particularly to avoid enrolling from outside the organisation every bit good as to leave new accomplishments such as client dealingss accomplishments. communicating accomplishments. ethical accomplishments. cultural diverseness every bit good as work topographic point safety and security accomplishments and developing on human rights issues such as gender favoritism. sexual torment every bit good as equity.

For a preparation plan to be effectual. it must bear in head the demands of the organisation so as to do certain that the preparation is based alongside the concern demands of the organisation. Therefore. organisations look at preparation as an investing for which the organisation stands to derive in future ( Nilson. 2003 ) . In add-on the direction must spur an involvement in the employees so that they may willingly take part in the preparation procedure. By cultivating a civilization of acquisition in the staff of the Bank of America. most of the preparation plans in the yesteryear have ever achieved their ends as evidenced by the increased occupation public presentation evident on those employees who have underwent such preparation plans.

The direction at the Bank of America guarantees the quality of the preparation by doing certain that. the facilitators of the preparation plans are persons who have the necessary academic certificates and a deep cognition of the industry. The trainers are besides given the right preparation stuffs such as manuals. projectors every bit good as a friendly environment whereby the acquisition procedure may non be distracted ( Rahim. & A ; Blum. 1994 ) . In add-on. preparation at the Bank of America is ever an on-going procedure given the fact that. new challenges keep on emerging and hence the organisation must invariably fix employees to run into such challenges by leaving in them. the right accomplishments and cognition to pull off difficult state of affairss. The preparation chiefly focuses on issues go arounding around employee occupation public presentation.

Training and development is the manner frontward for concerns in this millenary. Training and development for the Bank of America is designed in such a mode that. it fits within the strategic tantrum of the organisation.

In today’s concern environment. concerns are faced by legion challenges. None of the challenges is as complicated and complex as human resource direction. The demand for human resource direction is a challenge which must be approached with the right schemes.

Training of employees is done as a response to organisational challenges and particularly the demand for a human resource which will steer the procedure of accomplishing the bank’s aims. This has been true for the Bank of America whereby the organisation has embarked on developing preparation and development policies and patterns suited to its demands.

To be originative. it takes good trained staff. work forces and adult females who can calculate and stay focussed in their responsibilities. the Bank of America realizes this. However. as ( Rahim. & A ; Blum. 1994 ) notes. for direction to execute their responsibilities satisfactorily. they should posses the capableness and agencies. Rahim. & A ; Blum. ( 1994 ) notes that. it is non the endowment of employees that is of import. it is how employees are helped to convey out every bit good as detect their endowments that affairs. Training and development should be geared towards doing employees recognize their full potency. While planing the preparation plan. it is of import to bear in head the fact that. it should pull from the organisational policies in order to do certain that. the plans lead to the acquisition of new cognition. alteration in cognition particularly in instances whereby the nature of the preparation is based on new accomplishments necessary for the production maps which may necessitate the usage of new machines or different engineering which the employees do non possess ( Nilson. 2003 ) .

All knowledge direction enterprises at the Bank of America good are detailed plenty to run into the ends and aims of the industry with clear specifications of the intent. ends and aims of the preparation plan. In add-on. the preparation plans are designed in such a mode as to be ; specific. mensurable. accomplishable. realistic and clip.


To maintain an organisation on the top of the market requires the direction to guarantee proper human resource direction every bit good as cognition direction. In add-on. it takes well-trained employees. to set an organisation on top of the industry. This is what the direction at the Bank of America has been able to achieve by properly pull offing those two forming maps.


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