Osoanon Nimuss Poem: Absolutely Nothing Essay

July 27, 2017 General Studies

In Osoanon Nimuss’s verse form. “Absolutely Nothing” . the talker illustrates the changeless patterned advance of a child’s vernal optimism from a beaming blazing to a bleached coal ( “Innocence Vs. Maturity. ” 2010 ) Most people who have read the book the Perks of Bing a Wallflower may remember the verse form within it entitled Absolutely Nothing by Osoanon Nimuss. The rubric was non given straight. but from reading the verse form. one can connote that “Absolutely Nothing” is so its rubric. The poem attracts its reader’s attending because it reveals truths about life that people normally don’t admit to themselves.

It may look upseting or eerie. but it speaks of world. of things go oning each twenty-four hours to non merely one individual. Sing such worlds around him may hold influenced Nimuss in making such a verse form. The verse form was comparatively easy to understand. utilizing words which are common to most people. This may be because the writer wanted the talker of the verse form to come from the point of position of an mean adolescent. Nimuss connected several thoughts organizing a free poetry verse form dwelling of four stanzas that narrates the important events in the speaker’s life.

Each stanza speaks about a peculiar clip in the speaker’s life in which he additions adulthood and loses his artlessness. Due to the poem’s upseting content that some would state would negatively act upon its readers. many pedagogues frown upon it being taught in school. fearing that pupils would follow the way that the talker of the verse form chose. True that some may acquire the thought that self-destruction is a perfect solution to their jobs. but it is up to the reader to judge him or herself whether after reading the verse form. he or she still thinks that decease is the lone rational flight.

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Though the verse form shows a individual taking decease over rationally soling his jobs. it does non intend that other people would make the same. The verse form may even act upon some readers to see that self-destruction is a hapless solution to one’s job. Unfortunately. there is really few information that can be researched about Osoanon Nimuss that may explicate his manner of authorship or the ground behind the creative activity of Absolutely Nothing. Because of this. it can non be identified whether the verse form was based on fact or fiction.

In its simpleness. the writer showed his glare. By seting into simple words what a batch of people can non explicate. he has demonstrated his capacity as an exceeding writer. Why would one privation to tamper with a work that was already perfect in its ain manner? And the manner Nimuss wrote the stoping allowed the reader to see the gravitation of the effects of one’s actions. therefore leting it to go forth a grade on the reader’s head. None can be altered from this verse form for even the slightest change would greatly impact its consequence upon the reader.


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