othello and irony

By November 29, 2016 General Studies

Throughout Othello, Shakespeare uses dramatic irony to make the play a richer .

The most essential part of dramatic irony in the story is Iago. Iago’s manipulative and .

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jealous ways play a big part in making segments of Othello ironic. Some examples of dramatic .

irony is Othello addressing Iago as “honest Iago”, Othello calling Desdemona a “whore”, and .

when Desdemona goes and kneels before Iago and asks for his help. .

In(I, iii, lines 291) Othello says, “My life upon her faith! Honest Iago.” His statement is .

dramatically ironic. It is ironic because at no point in the play was Iago honest to anyone. He will .

continue to lie to Othello throughout the play to successfully contribute to his downfall. Othello .

believes that Iago is a honest and noble man because he is mislead that Iago is a trustworthy aid. .

However Iago starts his manipulative scheme by using Roderigo to ruin Othello’s marriage by .

provoking Desdemona’s family against the him. Iago succeeds, and gets Brabantio to detest .

Othello. Thus, whenever Othello refers to Iago as a man of honestly and nobility, he is ironically .



Another example of dramatic irony is shown through the passage,[“Was this fair paper, .

this most goodly book,/ Made to write “whore” upon? What committed!/ Committed! O thou .

public commoner!(IV, ii, lines 71-73) In this passage Othello calls Desdemona a “whore” and it .

illustrates how he was mislead by lies from Iago and how oblivious he is to the truth. He even .

doesn’t believe or trust Desdemona anymore. Othello was led to believe all these things through .


Iago. Iago manipulates him by focusing obsessively on the handkerchief and telling fabricated .

information about Cassio’s relationship with Desdemona. Nonetheless Iago stole the .

handkerchief through Emilia, and told Cassio to use Desdemona to get his respect back from .

Othello. Therefore calling Desdemona a whore would inaccurate because she a loving faithful .


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