Othello RR

December 26, 2018 General Studies

In Othello, jealousy plays a big role throughout the play in many of the character’s lives. Beginning with Roderigo, he is jealous of Othello because he’s the one that wants to be with Desdemona, and to the end of the play when Othello is angry because he believes Cassio and Desdemona have been engaging in a love affair. Iago has to do with much of this; he is a selfish character that makes up lies and likes to mislead situations. He is filled with envy and anger that he brings out the jealousy of the other characters, especially Othello because that’s part of what he feels as well when he wasn’t chosen for lieutenant, Cassio was. Iago is very wise in the way he says certain things to make people believe his convincing lies. He is clever at the timing of what he says, he knows when to say it and how. Iago is immediately portrayed as the villain of the play when he gets paid by Roderigo to get her away form Othello. Along with that, Iago comes up with a plan of his own. He accuses Othello as a thief by saying that Othello has stolen Desdemona’s heart by using witchcraft. He then convinces Roderigo to confront her father about what is going on. Iago is not concerned all about the love Roderigo has for Desdemona and that he wants to be with her, all he is thinking and focusing about is getting Brabantio to come after Othello and make him suffer. Jealousy destroys Othello. The situation between Othello and Iago can’t necessarily be all of Iago’s fault. It is not fair to blame him for the tragedy that happened to Othello. Even though Iago did have a lot to do with the disasters that happened in the play, it still all comes down to Othello for falling into the lies. Iago used manipulation to get Othello to be jealous and in my opinion, he did not have to try all that hard to get Othello to believe Desdemona was having an affair. Othello shouldn’t have let Iago get in his head the way he did about Desdemona. He started to become convinced and blinded by Iago that led him down a path of anger, resentment, and questioning of his wife and his friend Cassio. He let these thoughts of adultery take over his mind, which made him loose everything. Throughout the play, Othello’s actions sink him deeper and deeper into doubt that later led him to kill not only the love of his life but himself as well. Both Iago and Othello have a goal to be superior than the other. Othello simply just wants the truth and answers, while Iago wants to manipulate those who have hurt him. So that being said, Iago turns conversation around to Othello to come up with the conclusions that Iago wants. In order for Iago to increase Othello’s jealousy, he waits for what Othello responds. An example of this is when Othello asks Iago about Cassio being with Desdemona when they are seen together in private. “Was that not Cassio parted from my wife?” asked Othello to Iago. Iago responds, “Cassio, my lord?” Othello answers back, I do believe twas he” (Act 3, scene 3, lines 37-38,40). Iago purposely answers his question with a question so that Othello actually answers is own question to which Othello believes.


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