Our Bog Is Dood Essay

October 16, 2017 Religion

This verse form is a conversation between two people. a female and a set of kids. The female asks the kids to explicate to her why their Supreme being is good. When the kids can’t agree on a ground on why their Supreme being is good they begin oppugning their religion. In the first stanza of the verse form you can state that the verse form is a conversation between kids and an older female. “They lisped in speech patterns mild” this line shows that they are speaking about kids. When kids are immature they normally slur in their words. “My darling small kid? ” confirms that the verse form is between small kids and an older individual.

It’s safe to state that our Bog is dood can be translated into our God is good. The verse form starts off with what seems like the kids intoning out God is good. When the older adult female asks them to explicate why their Supreme being is good the kids get upset because they believe their religion is being questioned. In the 2nd stanza the kids respond by stating they know that their God is good because that’s what they wish. They childs say they don’t need a ground to believe that their God is good. This shows that these child a blind religion towards their God. The kids are really disdainful of their God who they blindly follow.

They besides accuse anyone who doesn’t agree or believe in their God are evildoers. “You shall be crucified” the blind religion that these kids posses causes these kids to turn to violence towards disbelievers. In the 3rd stanza the older adult female once more asks the kids what’s so good about your God. She asks them how make you cognize that your God is good. The kids react to her inquiries by bowing their caputs and praying. The kids say that they belong to their God and that they belong to their God. At the terminal of this stanza I felt that the tone of the verse form alterations.

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It goes from our God is good to our God is dead. In the 4th stanza begins with the kids raising their caputs after being questioned about their religion. The kids become disquieted with each other because they can’t agree on what is good about their God. Each of the kids had a different definition for what was good. They all had at odds positions about their religion. In the 5th stanza the older lady leaves the kids after she gets them to oppugn their religion. She left because she didn’t want to see them recognizing that they had a false image of God.

She felt as if it was better to merely walk off and leave the kids entirely. The last three lines of the verse form I believe that the “encroaching sea” is faith in general. Peoples blindly follow God and it gets to a point where they are traveling to submerge in the faith. I believe that the kids in the verse form follow God because that’s likely the lone thing that has been taught to them and when they begin oppugning their religion it feels like they don’t have anything else to believe in. The last line in the verse form shows that the older adult female has non been sucked into spiritual conformance.

The subject of this verse form is about blindly following faith. The verse form is fundamentally a conversation between an older adult female and a twosome of kids. The verse form begins with the kids steadfastly believing that their God is good. but so when they are asked to give ground why they begin to oppugn themselves. The kids aren’t able to hold on a ground why their Supreme being is good and this is where the tone in the verse form displacements to our God is dead. The older female in this verse form makes the kids realize that they are blindly following something that they know nil about.


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