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February 23, 2019 Nursing

Over the course of my education in the BSN program, I have evolved into a competent, professional nurse. Each class strengthened my knowledge and critical thinking skills. The course work in this BSN program has molded me into a thorough, professional nurse to take on leadership roles with a strong work ethic and moral values. Overall, it has given me a more rounded perspective in what nursing is, and I am ready to take on the challenge.

With each course, my knowledge base continued to expand. I am at the point now where I am confident in my abilities to function as an integral part of the interdisciplinary team as a professional nurse leader. It showcases my strengths and abilities and symbolizes my eagerness to work towards my goals. Within the next 3 years I hope to continue my education and advance to get my Masters degree in Family Practice.

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The curriculum offered by my BSN program assisted me in meeting the program outcomes at Samuel Merritt University. It has developed my communication ability, and now I give precise, thorough SBAR reports as part of the interdisciplinary team. It has allowed me to craft my clinical reasoning and critical thinking abilities that I use in every day practice. I remain competent with ethical, legal, and professional standards by staying abreast to my University’s and hospital facility’s policies and procedures. I utilize the knowledge I learned from an extensive list of prerequisites I have completed to apply to nursing practice. This, in turn, has allowed me to synthesize theoretical and empirical knowledge. I have learned to provide compassionate, patient- and famiy-centered care at the bedside. I apply my leadership skills to effectively delegate tasks and engage peers in research studies. I have worked to develop a rapport with the interdisciplinary team to ensure collaborative communication. The knowledge of genomics and research statistics had broadened my knowledge base on nursing care for specific families with disease patterns. Finally, I apply my knowledge of new information technology to safely and accurately access and use electronic medical/health records while protecting and safeguarding patient health information.
During the program through both theoretical and clinical constructs, I have fulfilled different roles along the way.

At Samuel Merritt University, the BSN program helped me identify three distinct characteristics that each nursing student needs to represent. These are how the nurse functions as a scientist, detective, and as a manager of the healing environment. As a scientist, I utilized my knowledge of scientific inquiry to make informed, healthcare- related decisions. I implemented the knowledge I learned from courses as well as through research across the entire BSN program to influence my practice. As a detective, I have developed the skill of active listening and being fully present and picking up on subtle clues to predict patient outcomes. This involves a great deal of critical clinical decision-making, but is often the difference when preventing adverse patient outcomes. Finally, as a nurse manager of the healing environment, I implement this practice with each patient on a daily basis. I utilize the Nurses are the center of the patient care process. We direct, implement, and focus the interdisciplinary team to work towards patient-driven goals. We act as patient advocates, striving for the best possible solutions with regards to where we started and what we have to work with. Overall, we work closest with the patients; therefore we manage their environment both in the acute and outside settings.

I have seen an overall positive transformation in myself as a new working professional since the start of this nursing program. I have gradually become more confident, competent, and in general, a better nurse. My communication skills have become sharper and I now am able to give concise, thorough SBAR reports to physicians and staff and utilizing the TEAM STEPPS. My critical thinking skills have vastly expanded with the amount of experience I have obtained through my leadership courses. My time management continues to improve with each shift, as I am able to decide which interventions I can group together to not waste any time. And with the leadership aspect, I have become much more confident in my skills and judgment, which allows proper delegation and working with an interdisciplinary team.


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