Over View Of The Zurich Financial Services Group Marketing Essay

In Hong Kong market, from a position of business or income degree, our mark clients consist of these groups of people: ordinary working staffs ( stable-income people ) , enterprise executives/ enterprisers ( high-income people ) , which is besides supported by the consequence of study, as mentioned before. For case, instructor, authorities officer or white neckband can all be our effectual mark clients. And in BIZ group ‘s long-run bluish print, to come in mainland China market will be decidedly the following measure of development advancement, therefore one time BIZ group acquire the official permission for take parting in insurance industry from the cardinal authorities in China, the whole scheme of selling will be in advancement in mainland China, and in that instance, other groups of people with stable or high income in China, normally incorporating state-run endeavor staffs and authorities officers will be focused on by BIZ group.

And in the position of age, our mark client covers immature working staffs and senior citizens that have good concern about life insurance and following coevals. Harmonizing to our study consequence, immature working staffs shows great possible to purchase long-term/low month wage merchandises, and for those senior citizens, the desire for short-run and high-profits merchandises seem to be more popular among them. This consequence gives us good mention to sort market and do relevant effectual schemes. Simultaneously, from a general position based on the study consequence, the merchandises with monetary value of $ 500- $ 2000, and the agreements of purchasing these two sort of insurance merchandises enjoy the most popularity among all study attenders.

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The competition in this country, that insurance merchandises combined with multifunctional investing tools, is someway ferocious. Based on our survey, many insurance companies, from local 1s to international group, has this sort of merchandises or has made such program, which could be menaces to our merchandises. On the other manus, we are convinced that based on particular merchandise design and alone advantages supported by BIZ group ‘s resources, our merchandises have strong separating competitory border. For case, our merchandises enable our clients to take and alter freely every bit many as 10 different sorts of founds, depending on the general founds development tendencies and single judgements of our clients, and during this procedure, the exchange fee is wholly free. Simultaneously the competitory border come from BIZ group ‘s strong distributing channel and good repute, after all, the spirit of digesting invention and nucleus values of centered on clients, of BIZ group, guarantee our merchandises have strong competitory border.

Based on relevant survey and study as listed, the rank is: annual net income, each term paying, net incomes doing period clip, paying period clip and the extra services. Depending on comprehensive analysis on clients ‘ purchasing forms and tendencies, we design and adjust our merchandises to guarantee its competitory border.

4.2.3Main Rivals

Main rivals come from local insurance company and international insurance group. The local insurance company has advantages of know local market better, and international group has planetary resources and digesting creativeness. For case, AIA group, HSBC Life, Allianz, etc. But as mentioned before, the spirit of digesting invention and nucleus values of centered on clients, of BIZ group, guarantee our merchandises have strong competitory border.

Part 5 Strategy & A ; Implementation Summary

Market Background

Hong Kong recovered from fiscal crisis, IMF adjusted expected GDP increase rate of Hong Kong in 2010from 3.5 % to 5 % . Hong Kong ‘s competitory revenue enhancement government, regard for belongings rights, and flexible labour market, coupled with an educated and extremely motivated work force, have stimulated an advanced, comfortable economic system. Hong Kong is one of the universe ‘s prima fiscal and concern centres, and its legal and regulative model for the fiscal sector is crystalline and efficient. Business ordinance is straightforward. Despite the planetary economic lag, Hong Kong has maintained its position as Asia ‘s second-largest finish for foreign direct investing, pulling over $ 60 billion in 2008.

Mainland China experienced rapid and stable economic growing, the authorities of China encourages domestic houses and persons invest to Hong Kong. As a consequence, a greatly impact on Hong Kong market is expected from Chinese investing and in-migration.

Market Cleavage

Based on our surveyi??the market cleavage is:

I. The group which have reached the mean degree of insurance sum.

II. The group which already bought insurance but does n’t run into the mean rate.

III. The group which ne’er buy insurance.

Market Opportunities

As the market cleavage, we think type I market is saturated. Howeveri??type II and type III market have important addition possibilities. Once have them become clients, we could acquire profit from their development: as they reach higher calling phase, they could turn into high terminal clients who contribute a batch to us.

In add-on, clients from mainland China deficiency of entree to international high quality fiscal services, nevertheless they normally are high terminal groups, which have good fiscal status and strong demand on investing. As a company which is international and professional, we can come in this quickly spread outing market with important pros.

Merchandise scheme

Based on the part rate to gain, sing possible clients penchants from study, we focus on developing our life protection & A ; investing programs or bundles.

We provide a scope of modern insurance programs that conveying insurance and investing all under one umbrella. Unlike traditional insurance, the client will hold control over the investing scheme by make up one’s minding his ain investing portfolio. Client ‘s parts will be managed by our professional investing expertness who will seek optimum long term returns by working the growing potency of the planetary market and assist client recognize his nest eggs mark.

Our merchandises are: D nexus and W link

W nexus

W nexus incorporates the best of both conservative and aggressive investing schemes, enabling it to run into the different demands of investors. It allows clients to alter their investing scheme harmonizing to the motion of the market, leting them to do the best usage of investing chances in the planetary market.

Merchandise characteristics and advantages:

Instant life protection without undergoing medical scrutiny.

Single part at a low lower limit of HK $ 24,000.

Clients make up one’s mind their ain investing portfolio and exchange mirror financess for free

No fixed investing term with flexible mirror fund backdown agreements.

II. D nexus

D nexus is an all-in-one wealth direction solution taking at investing and protection. The program non merely helps to increase the upside potency of wealth through planetary investing chances and cut down investing hazard through variegation.

Merchandise characteristics and competitory advantages:

Minimum basic regular part every bit low as US $ 38 per month.

Unlimited free mirror fund exchanging to flexibly capture investing potency.

Contribution vacation allows you more flexibleness in personal fiscal direction.

A long-run fillip is offered from the fifth policy day of remembrance.

This merchandise series is extremely flexible and crystalline, more protection options and particular optional auxiliary benefits can be choose.

Positioning Statement

Our mark market is Hong Kong. Based on the study, sing our company features, the ideal clients are:

( 1 ) Collage pupils who will graduate in 1 or 2 old ages, comparatively deficiency of insurance cognition, caring their hereafter, easy to accept new things.

( 2 ) Young ‘white neckbands ‘ who merely started their calling, confronting unsure hereafter and holding strong income growing potency.

( 3 ) Clients aged between 35 – 55 whose calling merely enters the growing phase. They already bought insurance ; nevertheless they demand more insurance for themselves or their household members.

Pricing Scheme

We set up ranked monetary value system. Clients can take low-cost merchandises. Contribution vacation allows client more flexibleness.

( 1 ) For college clients, a low monetary value program with low return could be provided. Our intent is constructing up trade name trueness.

( 2 ) For immature white neckbands, we provide a moderate monetary value program with more flexibleness.

( 3 ) For clients whose calling entered growing phase, we offer a high monetary value program with more excess services.

Promotion Strategy

Based on our mark market, following scheme can be appliedi?s

( 1 ) The study indicates we need more public exposure.

To pull youth, we can utilize new media, particularly internet. Advertising online, or collaborate with net houses keeping fiscal adviser service.

To pull other mark clients, we can increase the invest on traditional media, focal point on high terminal level media.

( 2 ) We should happen spouses.

We can collaborate with montage pupil brotherhood, establishing pupils developing plan. Sell low monetary value merchandises to the pupils.

We can collaborate with jurisprudence houses ; supply legal services to our clients. Or give fiscal consultancy to the clients of our spouses.

Part 6 Management sum-up

Find an efficient construction to provide to the company. Harmonizing this construction, in these 3 old ages our company will be celebrated for its efficiency as the productiveness can be ranked first among insurance companies in Hong Kong.

6.1Organizational construction

An organisational construction composed of separate concern units within which are the maps that work together to bring forth a specific merchandise for a specific client. Use the market organisation construction in each territory, and utilize the Geographic construction on company in China and Hong Kong.

6.2 Structure analysis

Market organisation construction

Strength: Each sort of client is served by a self-contained divisionaˆ‚According to our merchandise, each market individual can happen which they need. It will convey us gain more efficient.

Failing: We must take a batch of clip to bring forth each merchandise. And we must give them more alternative. , and the hazard of investing is a small higher.

Decision: Since the hazard is a small high in the first twelvemonth we can merely concentrate on the most efficient market.. so widen other market.

Geographic construction

Strength: Each part of a state or country of the universe is served by a self-contained division. Duty to the parts, each part is a net income centre, section caputs in each part should be responsible for the part ‘s concern net income and lossaˆ‚Decentralization to the parts, each part has its specific market demands and jobs, the central offices of regional forces to cover with a free manus, would be more appropriate, the actualaˆ‚This construction is contributing to coordination within the part. It may assist the employee know more client in this country.

Failing: With the development of the territory, it will necessitate more people which have a good bid of direction. These individual are rare. It is difficult to command each territory from the central offices.

Decision: strength of this construction is more than the failing. We promote our merchandise merely in Hong Kong and mainland. So these failing will non hold impact on it.

Mention: the image is from the Essential direction Jones, George.

Part 7 Attachment


e¦-a…?i??e?za???„Ye¬?e-?a?‹a?©c”?a?¶e???™‚e-“a?«aS©??‘aˆ‘a®?????­¤a»?e???Y?i???‚?cs„?”?????????‘aˆ‘a‰?eˆ?cs„a‹•aS›i??e¬?e¬?i????‘aˆ‘?‰?e«?i?s?‚?cs„e?‡?-™a°‡a»?a??e??a???-?a??as?? ?a??a?†aˆ‚


?‚?cs„?ˆ§a??i?sc”·a?« a-? a??a?« a-?

?‚?cs„a??e???®µi?sA.15-20?­? B.21-30?­? C.31-40?­? D.40?­?a»?a?S

?‚?cs„e?·??­i?sA.a…¬a??e?·a“? B.a????­a?»c®?/e? e?¬a?? C.?”?a??a…¬e?·a??a“? D.a…¶a»-_________

?‚?a?†e‡?i?sA.??¬??? B.a?­a?‹a¤§e™? C.a?z???a…¶a»-a?°a?ˆ D.a?-c•?a…¶a»-a?°a?ˆ


a‘ ?‚????a?†??‰c„??S•a??e??c•«i?YA.??‰ B.??’??‰


A.500c?Za…?a»?a?‹ B.500-2000c?Za…? C.2000-5000c?Za…? D.5000c?Za…?a»?a?S


A.2e?¬c?Za…?a»?a?‹ B.2e?¬-5e?¬ C.5e?¬-8e?¬ D.8e?¬-10e?¬ E.10e?¬a»?a?S


A.cY?a??a?‹es›a??es?e›†a??a…¬a?? B.e¦™?????¬a?°a??es?a…¬a?? C.a?­a?‹a¤§e™?a??es?a…¬a?? D.a…¶a»-


A.a‚?cµ±a??a??aˆ?e??c”?a??es? B.cµ?a??a‚?cµ±a??es?a’?aY?e‡‘c­‰aSYe??cs„c¶?a??c?†e??c”?a“? C.a…¶a»-


A.a?†??Ya?Z?S•a…? , e•·??Ya›za ± B.a?ˆ?¬??ˆ§e«??S•a…? , cY­??Ya?«eˆYa›za ± C.a…©c?®c”?a“?cµ„a??e??e?·

a‘¦a¦‚??‰e??e?·?„?a?‘i???‚???ˆe-?a??a??es?c¶?a??c?†e??c”?a“?cs„i??e«‹e???“‡a…©e …i?‰i?s

A.a???”¶c›ScZ‡ B.a»??¬?eˆ±??Y C.a»??¬?e??a?¦ D.a›za ±eˆ±??Y E.c”?a“?e™„aS ???a‹™

a‘§e‹?a??a»?a?‹a??es?a…¬a??c?„a??a…§e???“‡i???‚???ˆe?’c?zi??e«‹e???“‡a?‰e …i?‰i?s

Berkshire Hathaway B. e?‡e»Za?-a??es? Zurich C. a®‰e??a??es?Allianz

D. ING E. China Life F. Metlife G.a?‹e‚¦a??es? AIA H. New York Life

a‘??‚?a?ˆe?¬eˆse?Za»ˆe??c®?e?“cz­e§?a??es?c”?a“?i??e«‹e???“‡a?‰e …i?‰i?Y

Ae¦?a?‹a»‹c?? Ba ±c?™e›?e?? Ce›»e¦- Dc¶?e·? Ea?Se-ˆ?Z?eS· Fe›»e©±?Z?eS· Ge?-e ­a»?a‘S

e‹?e-?a?‹a????›a?-a?°??¬?¬?e???Y???ˆcµ‚cµ??z?i??e«‹c•™a?‹E-Mail: ______________________




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