Overall Human Resource Strategy Business Essay

The company chosen for this research is Landgut Stemmen, a four stars hotel and eating house located in Stemmen, a little small town close to Hamburg Germany. Even though the Landgut does non hold its ain Human Resources section, all HR related undertakings are dealt by the proprietor Mr. Trau and his married woman Mrs. Trau.

This study consists of intensive research about the HRM scheme at Landgut Stemmen but besides of recommendations for the company.

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2. Methodology

The given study is based on deductive research, as two research inquiries have already been given:

1. What is the relation between the corporate scheme and the HRM scheme?

2. How do the bing HR tools and instruments back up the HRM scheme?

In order to reply those research inquiries in a sufficient manner, intensive research needed to be done. As a consequence of that primary every bit good as secondary research were used.

After the company Landgut Stemmen has been chosen as a research company, interviews with the proprietor Mr. Trau were scheduled instantly. Besides that employees, either full-time, parttime or learners were interviewed every bit good. The results of those interviews served as a footing for primary research.

Following to primary research, secondary researches helped to establish and compare the results on theoretical criterions and formulate solutions and recommendations for the Landgut Stemmen. Hereby the book “ Human Resources Management ” written by Gary Dessler was used as the chief beginning, every bit good as the book “ Competitive Advantage ” of Michael E. Porter.

3. General information about the company Landgut Stemmen

Landgut Stemmen is a four stars hotel and eating house with more than 100 old ages of household tradition. The Landgut is located in Stemmen, a little small town in the center of Bremen and Hamburg in Germany.

The little hotel has 32 individual, dual and household suites and three meeting suites. In the eating house every bit good as in the ball room, one can bask typically German field menu and observe its birthday, anniversary, etc. with a upper limit of 400 invitees.

Landgut Stemmen is owned by Johann Trau, his married woman Luise Trau and their boy Christopher Trau. Besides them there are seven full-time employees, four part-time employees, three learners and five impermanent employees.

All HRM related activities are handled by Mr. and Mrs. Trau personally. However, they are presently confronting a tradition alteration and their other boy Alexander Trau will take over the concern in the close hereafter.

4. Research Questions

4.1 Relation between corporate scheme and human resources scheme

4.1.1 Overall corporate scheme

A corporate scheme is defined by G. Dessler ‘s Human Resources Management book as the “ overall range and way of a corporation and the manner in which its assorted concern operations work together to accomplish peculiar ends. ” ( Dessler G. , 2010, p. 108 )

Since Landgut Stemmen is working in the service sector its corporate scheme is focused on its client service. The invitees of Landgut Stemmen are the centre of action. They deserve the best service either on their nuptials, their birthday or at a ( causal ) concern meeting. Therefore Landgut Stemmen ‘s chief corporate scheme is to be the “ figure one hotel and eating house for any invitee within the countryside between Hamburg and Bremen ” . ( Mr. Trau, 2012 )

The Landgut exists for over 100 old ages and is proud of its really long household tradition. The company ‘s vision is hence continuously maintaining their rich traditions by: “ Constructing up on client satisfaction and trueness, being advanced refering client service and remain competitory. ” ( Mr. Trau, 2012 )


4.1.2 Overall human resource scheme

A human resource scheme contains “ any activities a company needs to set about in order to increase the employee ‘s competences and behaviours the company needs to accomplish its strategic purposes. ” ( Dessler G. , 2010 p. 112 )

Landgut Stemmen ‘s human resource scheme is to “ enroll, train and maintain a labour force which is motivated, ambitious, communicative and committed to the company ‘s vision ” . ( Mr. Trau, 2012 )

In order to hold a value adding labour available, the recruiting procedure plays an of import function in the human resource scheme of Landgut Stemmen. So far the hotel does non have a fixed HR section. All HR related activities are dealt by either the proprietor Mr. Trau or his married woman. The enlisting consists of chiefly publicizing the occupation descriptions, roll uping CV ‘s and motive letters, keeping a face-to-face interview and arranges a test twenty-four hours. Particularly the trail twenty-four hours is of great importance as Mr. and Ms. Trau can see and judge whether the campaigner fits into the squad, is able to accommodate to a household tradition environment and dainties invitees in a professional but sort manner.

Following to the recruiting procedure, which is step one in choosing extremely motivated, and possible campaigners or future employees, the preparation portion plays another of import function. In order to accommodate to the invariably altering environment, alteration of gustatory sensation and behaviour of invitees but besides to remain advanced and up-to-date, the employees of the Landgut Stemmen have to take part in different advanced preparation classs twice a twelvemonth. Those classs are organized externally and in cooperation with other regionally located hotels and eating houses.

The last portion of the human resources scheme of Landgut Stemmen is to “ maintain motivated and professional labour by making a work environment where employees feel comfy, where they do non merely work, but besides develop themselves, turn and socialise ” . ( Mr. Trau, 2012 )

How Landgut Stemmen keeps up with this scheme can be read in 2nd research inquiry “ Human Resources Tools & A ; Instruments ” .

4.1.3 Relation between corporate scheme and human resources scheme

In order to be the figure one in the local eating house and hotel concern Landgut Stemmen ‘s corporate scheme should be in line with its human resources scheme. That means that its employees should experience committed to the vision of the company.

Harmonizing to Mr. Trau most of the employees of Landgut Stemmen ( except for the learners ) have been working at the company for at least five old ages. Over the clip they have been grown together as one squad. They are working towards the same end, fulfilling the client in the best manner. With the experience they have gained over the old ages they feel accountable for the undertaking they are making and they are cognizant of their duties.

Even though Landgut Stemmen follows a long tradition scheme they try to be advanced all the same clip by taken their employees sentiments into history, appreciate when employees are taking inaugural and directing them to regular preparations. Those preparations are non merely about deriving advanced cognition within the gastronomy sector, but besides about developing and bettering its soft accomplishments. Landgut Stemmen is good cognizant of the fact that offering good nutrient, a great location and extraordinary amusement is non plenty to carry through its corporate scheme ; alternatively they have to concentrate on the uninterrupted development of their labour force.

4.1.4 Sub decision and Recommendation

Mr. Trau directs the Landgut Stemmen for over 40 old ages. Over the old ages many things have changed and Mr. Trau and his squad expanded successfully in different countries. However, he did non spread out his corporate and human resource scheme good plenty. Even though Landgut Stemmen possesses both schemes they are largely superficial and non truly precise. It is recommended to update both schemes and document them instantly. An articulation of both, the corporate every bit good as the human resources scheme, might assist to visualise the companies vision and to clear up it better towards the employees.

Further Mr. Trau needs to maintain an oculus on the greying work force. Harmonizing to Mr. Trau more than half of the employees have been working at the Landgut for 20 old ages. Therefore it is recommended to get down enrolling younger people every bit shortly as possible in order to hold professional replacements every bit shortly as they are needed.

4.2 Human resources tools & amp ; instruments at Landgut Stemmen

4.2.1 Functionality of those tools & A ; instruments

In order to follow a successful human resources scheme it is indispensable to do usage of first-class human resources tools. Harmonizing to Mr. Trau Landgut Stemmen presently uses the undermentioned tools:

Informal enrolling procedure with a focal point on the campaigners soft accomplishments instead than on recommendation letters

Equal intervention for all employees

Offering several apprenticeships and internships a twelvemonth

Two teambuilding events a twelvemonth

Advanced preparation Sessionss

Uniting calling and household

Focus on low turnover rate

4.2.2 Human resources tools in relation to human resources ends

Looking at the above mentioned human resources tools at Landgut Stemmen one can see they are chiefly based on their human resources scheme but besides on the really long household tradition and the experiences they have gained over the old ages.

All in all one can state those tools are all necessary and helpful in order to carry through its human resources ends ( enrolling, preparation and maintaining professional staff ) . However Landgut Stemmen needs to accommodate its human resources tools continuously. Many of those tools have been in being for many old ages and needs desperately be refreshed. Nowadays it is of import to be a leader who possess emotional intelligence, intending acknowledging and understanding non merely one owns emotions but besides the 1s of other people. In order to acknowledge other peoples wants and demands it is indispensable to keep regular meetings with its employees. Those meetings serve to be an chance to discourse the employee ‘s procedure and development, his/her strength and failings but besides the chances and menaces. As a consequence of that Landgut Stemmen needs to keep those meetings with their employees at least twice a twelvemonth.

4.2.3 Proof of achievements/Proof of failure

The booked out hotel suites on the weekend, the many nuptialss scheduled about every weekend, the concern meetings booked during the twelvemonth and many other booked events show that Landgut Stemmen ‘s overall human resources scheme and its tools are successful. Guests feel treated good and frequently come back for holiday or meetings. It can be clearly said the staff of Landgut Stemmen is good trained, professional and sort at the same clip. Mr. Trau mentioned in the interview that the staff enjoys working at the Landgut ; otherwise the employee turnover rate for full-time employees would non be that significantly low. Since most of the employees have been working at the Landgut for a long clip the relation between employer and employee is really informal. “ Working agendas are more or less flexible and tailored to the employer ‘s household life. ” ( Mr. Trau, 2012 ) Further the squad edifice events twice a twelvemonth proves to be a good chance to acquire to cognize its co-workers and strengths the squad spirit.

Even though the employee turnover rate for full-time employees is really low, the turnover rate for learners is much higher. Harmonizing to Mr. Trau it is acquiring more hard to happen adequate learners. Further Mr. Trau mentioned that most of the immature people are non cognizant of the fact that working in the service sector besides means working particularly on the weekends. “ Sometimes we have five different events on the weekend and we merely sleep six hours in two darks ” . ( Mr. Trau, 2012 ) . This high turnover rate proves that Landgut Stemmen relied many old ages excessively much on their full-time employees, who were ever used to those agendas but did non concentrate good plenty on replacements who might hold troubles accommodating to that working atmosphere.

4.2.4 Sub decision and Recommendation

Landgut Stemmen is good cognizant of its human resources scheme every bit good as of its human resources tools. However, the human resources tools are out of day of the month. The current 1s are all of import and should be kept but some others need to be adjusted. Because of the long household tradition Landgut Stemmen tries to avoid alterations: “ It has ever been like that. Why would we alter it? ” was stated by Mr. Trau during the interview. ( Mr. Trau, 2012 )

Another recommendation is that Landgut Stemmen needs to get down with occupation rotary motions rapidly. In order to maintain the turnover rate low and the work force satisfied household Trau demand to offer a bigger occupation assortment for the employees. The consequence of an interview with an employee of Landgut Stemmen showed that she is looking for alteration, for a new challenge in order to develop herself farther. ( Ms. Wahlitz, 2012 )

Another recommendation is to give employees the opportunity to go sceptered in the undertaking they are making. Currently all direction and organisational determination are being made by Mr. and Ms. Trau. By authorising their employees, they would experience much more needful and have eventually the chance to demo how they can manage duty. Further it would give them the chance to turn out their abilities even more and they get more motivated.

Since so many employees have been working in the hotel for so many old ages a certain everyday affect the day-to-day concern and employees feel non appreciated and recognized any longer. In order to avoid that and demo the employees that every individual one of them is needed it is recommended to honor them.

Refering the high turnover rate for learners it is recommended to do an apprenticeship at Landgut Stemmen more attractive. Right now Ms. Trau is oversing the learners but since she is really busy with all her other duty the learners get the “ short terminal of the stick ” . It is hence advisable to name another supervisor who has more clip for the learners. Further, the learners should hold the chance to work more frequently in different sections in order to truly larn as many different facets of the hotel and eating house concern as possible. Last but least learners should be more financially supported, i.e. by financing their public transit card.

5. Mentions

Primary research:

Interview with Mr. Trau, proprietor of Landgut Stemmen ( 25/10/2012 )

Interview with Ms. Wahlitz, employer of Landgut Stemmen ( 25/10/2012 )

Secondary research:

Dessler, G. 2010, Human Resources Management, 12th edn. , Pearson, Florida, pp. 108-112

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.landgut-stemmen.de/ ( 20/10/2012 )



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