Overqualification: Is it good or not? Essay Sample

August 2, 2017 Cultural

Some say overqualification can be both good and bad for the company and for the single per Se. Most literatures suggest that overqualification has a negative relationship on acquiring the occupation you want ; more so. being satisfied with your occupation. Overqualified workers have experienced great favoritism from many employers. Others say that it can besides bring forth good additions because of the investing saved in staff development. In this paper. I will show why overqualification is non a good hiring scheme and I will supply illustrations of this current pattern.

For the past few decennaries. there has been an upward tendency in overqualified workers. The educational system has been spread outing significantly. This means. the alumnuss or those who join the labour force are more skilled. Naturally. promotions in engineering have required higher skilled workers and hence. undertakings once done by unskilled workers were replaced by the much skilled workers [ Schlicht. 2007 ] . Obviously. this leads to overqualification.

Overqualification is normally defined as holding qualities that are higher than the needed degree for a certain occupation or place. It besides characterizes the phenomenon of underemployment. wherein there is a low quality of employment. Fine [ 2007 ] mentioned that this sort of criterion of employment frequently include different facets of underpayment. forced impermanent work. tasked outside one’s ain field of expertness. Therefore. there is a mismatch of accomplishments.

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Fine [ 2007 ] posted challenges on analyzing the tendency of overqualification in footings of forces choice. One of which is the theory of sensed overqualification. This is the instance wherein the individual merely perceives himself/herself or others as holding higher occupation makings than the needed degree. However. Maynard and his associates [ 2006 ] believe that this sort of overqualification is more disposed in analyzing the attitudes and public presentation of workers and its relationship on overqualification. He clearly stated that sensed overqualification is non overqualification. Fine [ 2007 ] believed that a straightforward theoretical account of such is needed.

Another challenge he mentioned was the choice or the method of appraisal itself was flawed. More is ever better. That is one basic rule that is being followed by most Human Resource Directors [ Hunter. 1986 ] . It can non be detected in the appraisal of the different competences those who are overqualified for the occupation. or beyond the needed degree of competence. Therefore. this implies that there is still a demand for promotion in occupation choice methods.

In the media industry. most of the out-of-work journalists and media professionals are overqualified. Lajoie [ 2003 ] mentioned that employers can already “smell overqualifications a stat mi off. and they won’t touch you” . They will label those sketchs as “OQ” ( OverQualified ) and segregate it from those who are accepted. This is really a really common pattern among employers.

McGuinness [ 2006 ] concluded that many surveies found out that overqualified ( or overeducated ) workers earn less than what the merely qualified workers get. He even said that the punishment on pay norms to 15 per centum.

Theories on seeking occupations tell that overqualification is already an index of hapless occupation lucifer [ Jovanovic. 1979 ] . These workers will subsequently on expression for a better occupation through uninterrupted occupation seeking. Therefore. it is safe to state that overqualified workers are the 1s who are more experient have received great on-the-job-training. as analyzed by Sicherman [ 1991 ] in his survey of the US informations.

More researches have followed. Overqualification non merely proves that the worker was more experient. It was reported that there were higher occupation mobility among workers who are overqualified [ Alba-Ramirex and Blazquez. 2003 ] . Furthermore. there are besides surveies that say that overqualification resulted to higher publicities [ Hersch. 1995 ; Buchel. 2001 ] . However. overqualification besides means higher degrees of purpose to discontinue [ Robst. 1995 ] . These writers besides contradicted to the determination that the more trained. the more overqualified.

A really lurid determination is from McGuiness [ 2003 ] . wherein he reported that 31 per centum of Northern Ireland workers show that a university grade was non of import in looking for your first occupation. Even after four old ages. the per centum has merely diminished a small.

In Switzerland. overqualification was seen as a transitory job for the worker. which turns out to be caused by “informational deficits” [ Dorn and Sousa-Poza. 2005 ] . In contrast to that theory. there are besides others that prove the lasting nature of overqualification due to the prejudiced attitudes among employers. In Switzerland. it was found out that the chance of a occupation mismatch does non diminish significantly as one turns older. Spells. harmonizing to Dorn and Sousa-Pouza [ 2005 ] . are rather short. with half of the overqualified workers can already happen an appropriate occupation after one twelvemonth of occupation seeking. Compared to the state of affairs in Northern Ireland. Switzerland has better status in footings of overqualified workers.

Human capital theories tell us that single net incomes are dependent on specific single traits which are indexs of productiveness. The degree of making is composed of old ages of schooling. experience and term of office. Furthermore. these are replacements for different accomplishments like leading and many more. When these accomplishments are used efficaciously. workers are labeled as adequately qualified [ Dorn and Sousa-Poza. 2005 ] . On one manus. if the accomplishments are non maximized or if they are underutilized. the workers who possess those accomplishments are considered overqualified.

Overqualification and overeducation must non be interchanged. They are different constructs although sometimes they were used interchangeably. Overeducation is merely an index of overqualification. However. overeducation does non necessary imply overqualification. Harmonizing to Sicherman [ 1991 ] . recent alumnuss “compensate their rawness through higher educational attainment” . It does non intend that they would non be able to acquire an equal occupation in the hereafter.

Using the Swiss panel informations. Dorn and Sousa-Poza [ 2005 ] discovered that more or less 90 per centum of the overqualified workers overcome their state of affairs after three old ages. They are able to acquire an equal occupation for them. This contradicts to the fact that persons must get more and more accomplishments. The more. the better does non truly use.

It was besides found out that overqualification do increase the opportunities of go forthing for another occupation. which allows a better lucifer for the worker’s making. This is really a really obvious consequence. as what besides discussed before. It is normal for a individual to happen greener grazing lands than to travel backwards. Staying in the same employer will do you a displacement in and out of the overqualification line. because of maybe publicities and or turning single makings.

In Canada. Li [ 2006 ] . studied on the overqualification kineticss of Canadian university graudates who are presently underemployed. Harmonizing to the survey. one out of five people in the labour force with a university grade had worked in a occupation that merely requires a high school sheepskin. This is rather dismaying. Most industries that these workers participate come from the retail and sweeping sector industry. The classs they took were reported to be from commercialism. humanistic disciplines and humanistic disciplines.

There is psychological facet in analyzing overqualification. These underemployed workers suffer from deep defeats since they can non utilize what they have learned in school. Meaning. all those old ages spent in college was non deserving it. Therefore. most are disgruntled. as portrayed by some of the illustrations earlier. However. some workers choose to be underemployed deliberately to avoid acquiring to emphasize and hold more clip for leisure activities. However. if you think about it. the state does non profit in this sort of set-up. Human capital is non used at its fullest potency.

Other findings reveal that older workers have higher chance of staying in the overqualified group. therefore become unemployed or underemployed. Obviously because of favoritism. more than half of the immigrants are considered to be overqualified. Li [ 2006 ] defended that this is due to the “foreign educational certificates and workplace experience” . It is difficult to compare the experient acquired in another state.

Most overqualified workers are characterized as holding impermanent or parttime occupations. This is because when you that you are overqualified. you tend to be more degage to the occupation and more unwilling to remain in that company. Bing able to go forth easy is an advantage for them. Full-time workers on the other manus experience overqualification much less ; nevertheless. they besides have the inclination to stay overqualified because of the higher chance cost involved. Gender and regional differences were non important indexs of overqualification [ Li. 2006 ] .

I have non seen any literature that gives illustrations on patterns that have defended that overqualification save clip and money for the development of staff. The downsides of overqualification have overwhelmed that bantam small advantage. There is an article. nevertheless that best tells the elements of overqualification and besides what to make when you are classified as “overqualified” .

Mendez [ 1997 ] has enumerated these features. He said that such phenomenon was merely a “recent cultural development” . Overqualification can go on even when you’re immature ( fresh alumnus ) or old ( around 40 old ages of age ) . Mendez added that it is besides better for HR directors to non to make full the place than do a “bad hire” . which in this visible radiation. the overqualified workers. Furthermore. there is confusion on where to put an experient individual in the company. Colleagues will be speaking excessively much about the new hire when he or she is placed in a high place at one time. Hour directors besides prefer person underqualified than overqualified. Discrimination is besides ever present.

Mendez [ 1997 ] besides mentioned tips on what to make when you are in the “overqualified” state of affairs. He foremost suggested to properly be after your calling move. Following is to salvage money. Then. you can besides put in other things like stocks. Furthermore. when you get rich. you still have to larn the basic endurance accomplishments. Health is besides large factor and it must decently be monitored. You should besides befriend contacts that are important and could assist you in the hereafter. However. I do non rather agree with these tips. because it does non truly assist one to happen a occupation when you are overqualified.

There are people that really thought off “downplaying” their instruction because it was excessively difficult for them to happen a occupation. If you this. you are non merely lying. you have a high chance of acquiring caught. You will non besides be happy in the terminal. In your sketch. merely put the of import material and non excessively herd it with excessively many achievements alternatively. However. you must non conceal the truth. for illustration. if you got a PhD on this certain field. You can non merely state that you merely had a university grade. if you are more than that.

To some up. weighing the cost and benefits of overqualification is a no brainer. Obviously. there have been no recent surveies on what good choosing overqualified appliers can convey. Such statement that overqualification is advantageous is non truly felt. Sing it is advantageous in that manner. that it can salvage investings allocated for the development of the staff. The worker itself will non remain long in that company.

The grounds for the company for acquiring overqualified appliers possibly because of the motivation of the one being employed. his or her attitude towards making something that is excessively easy for him or her. Possibly. the overqualified applier did non desire to prosecute the way that he or she was supposed to take. Possibly the overqualified applier wanted to research a different way in the first topographic point. However. reasoning that the choice is based upon nest eggs for future preparation investing is truly irrational and it still lacks theoretical evidences and even more groundss that such is being practiced.


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