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Barium repast is a medical trial used to analyze the status of the digestive piece of land utilizing a heavy, white, radiopaque pulverization called Ba sulphate. This pulverization is normally flavored and assorted with a liquid which is so swallowed by the patient. The mixture passes rapidly into the digestive piece of land and its advancement is followed by taking x-rays over different periods of clip, depending on which portion of the digestive piece of land the physician wants to detect. A Ba swallow involves x-ray scrutiny of the gorge, and is used to assist name get downing or reflux jobs. This scrutiny does non give hurting. The GI piece of land like other soft-tissue constructions does non demo clearly plenty for diagnostic intents on plain the radiogram. Barium is radio opaque. They appear clearly on a radiogram. If Ba is swallowed before radiograms are taken, the Ba within the gorge, tummy or duodenum shows the form of the sodium thiopental of these variety meats. Barium repasts are of import in the diagnosing of structural and abnormalcies. There are two assortments of Ba repast. There are two contrast repasts:

Single contrast repast ~ uses merely Ba, a wireless opaque ( positive ) contrast medium to demo the upper GI piece of land. In kids it is non necessary to show the mucosal form. In really sick grownups it is used to show gross pathology merely.

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Double contrast repast ~ uses Ba every bit good as a radiolucent ( negative ) contrast medium such as air, N, or C dioxide. The dual contrast repast is more utile as a diagnostic trial, showing mucosal inside informations and leting the sensing of little mucosal lesions

Why Barium Meal is done?

Barium repast is done if we r holding these jobs, or if you are holding unexplained emesis, hurting in your venters, terrible dyspepsia or blood in your stool ( which may be coming from your tummy or duodenum or elsewhere in your digestive system ) . Barium repast trials help physicians to name redness, ulcers or tumours ‘ in the gorge, tummy or duodenum.

Contrast Medium for Barium Meal

E-Z HD 250 % w/v 135ml

Carbex granules ( dual contrast tech )

Equipment for Barium Meal

-Fluoroscopy with topographic point movie capableness 10 frames/second

-Fluoroscopy tabular array with 90/20 jousts.

-Special “ eating ” equipment may be required, i.e. straws and eating cups.A

-Injection disposal equipment

Patient readying for Barium Meal

For Ba repast scrutiny, the upper digestive piece of land must be empty. For that, the patient will be advised to hold no nutrient or drink for several hours before the trial. Often this means no nutrient or drink from midnight on the twenty-four hours before a forenoon trial. ( Fasting instructions may change somewhat among X-ray centres, so they should retrieve to follow precisely the peculiar instructions that it is given. ) If patient have diabetes, reach the Centre executing the trial, or their physician, about how to fix for the trial. Patient may be asked non to smoke for several hours before the trial, as smoke causes excess secernments to flux into your digestive piece of land. Normally the physician will rede non to take their regular unwritten medical specialties on the twenty-four hours of the trial, that is, until after the trial. Advance look intoing with their physician whether this applies to all your regular medical specialties is preferred. It is particularly of import non to take alkalizers before the trial.

Procedure on making Barium Meal?

First the patient will be asked to get down the Ba drink. The drink is fizzing because it contains ingredients that cause gas, which helps to spread out your tummy and duodenum. ( The patient may hold to defy the impulse to bubble. ) In some instances, a musculus relaxant may be injected into the patient ‘s abdominal wall. The patient drinks the Ba while lying on the left side, supported by the cubitus. Therefore, it can slower the procedure from making the duodenum really fast and so befoging the greater curve of the tummy. During the process the radiotherapist may give you an injection to loosen up the tummy musculuss. The patient is turned supine and the duodenum seems to make full easy from this place, uncompressed by the weight of the patient. The patients have the agent to collar vermiculation at this point. There is a via media between leting the duodenal mucous membrane to be washed by the Ba and overfilling the jejunum. This tactic is screened to look into for reflux which can be revealed by inquiring the patient to cough or get down H2O in this place. An endovenous injection into a vena in the arm with a smooth musculus relaxant that is Buscopan 20mg or glucagon 0.3mg is given. It is given to loosen up the tummy, so that it does n’t travel while the X raies are taken. The patient might endure from an oculus status called glaucoma it is of import that patient inform the radiotherapist before the injection. This musculus relaxant makes vision fuzz but will vanish within 30 proceedingss. The patient should non drive until vision returns to normal. The probe normally takes about 10 to 20 proceedingss. The patient is asked to turn over onto the right side and so rapidly over in a complete circle and to complete in an right front tooth oblique place. The patient is asked to turn over onto the right side and so rapidly over in a complete circle. Good coating is achieved if the country in the antrum of the gastric is clearly seeable. The scrutiny can be completed with an vertical position. The fundus is gas filled and the dispensableness and flexibleness of the tummy can be assessed. The position may besides expose any resting juice, frequently a hint to extra acerb secernment. If necessary, patient may necessitate to hold follow-up X raies and in some instances, several X raies over three to six hours in order to analyze the little bowel and colon.



Patient Care After Barium Meal

The patient can eat and imbibe H2O once the trial is completed. It normally takes a twosome of yearss for the Ba to go through out of your system. During this clip the intestine gestures may be white or paler than normal.Sometime it can be more hard to blush. Besides, people become constipated after a Ba repast. So, patient is advised to imbibe plentifulness of fluids and eat fruits as it contains a batch of storyteller to avoid Ba impaction. Laxatives can be taken if required. The patient has to remain until blurring of the vision green goods by the Buscopan has resolve. The radiographer or radiotherapist will be able to state the consequences within two hebdomads.

Modified Procedure for Barium Meal

For childs, the scrutiny is modified to place three major causes of purging which are gastro-oesophageal reflux, pyloric obstructor and malrotation. Single contrast technique utilizing 30 % w/v Ba sulfate and paralytic agent non used. A comparatively little volume of Ba that is merely plenty to make full the fundus. It is given to the baby in the supine place. X ray of the distended.

Radiation Protection for Barium Meal

Must minimise fluoroscopy clip and current.A

Introduce QA coder to do regular cheques on and to optimise staff and equipment public presentation.

Collimation is done to the X-ray beam to minimise the size.A

Shield or protect sensitive variety meats when possible.A

Install modern image intensives with sensitive exposure cathodes and digital image processing.

Use picture recording equipment alternatively of cine camera during fluoroscopy wherever possible.

Use topographic point movie exposure fluoroscopy with modern image intensive and 100mm camera alternatively of skiagraphy whenever appropriate.

Use pulsed systems with image storage devices in roentgenoscope

Hazard of holding Barium Meal.

This is a safe trial, with a comparatively low degree of radiation exposure. However, a Ba repast trial is non suited for pregnant adult females or people with some conditions of the digestive piece of land, including suspected perforation ( a hole in the intestine wall ) or obstructor ( obstruction ) . Some people experience impermanent tummy disturbance, concern or giddiness after a Ba repast or sup. More serious reactions to the Ba are possible but rare. If a musculus relaxant is used it can do bleary vision for a short clip so patient may non be able to drive place directly off.

Pathology for Barium Meal


Dyspepsia means difficult or hard digestion, is a medical status characterized by chronic or recurrent hurting in the upper venters, upper abdominal comprehensiveness and feeling full earlier than expected with feeding. It can be accompanied by bloating, belching, sickness or pyrosis. Dyspepsia is a common job, and is often due to gastroesophageal reflux disease ( GERD ) or gastritis, but in a little minority may be the first symptom of peptic ulcer disease ( an ulcer of the tummy or duodenum ) and on occasion malignant neoplastic disease. Hence, unexplained newly-onset indigestion in people over 55 or the presence of other dismay symptoms may necessitate farther probes. Pain worsened by effort and associated with sickness and perspiration may besides bespeak angina. Occasionally dyspeptic symptoms are caused by medicine, such as Ca adversaries ( used for angina or high blood force per unit area ) , nitrates ( used for angina ) , Elixophyllin ( used for chronic lung disease ) , bisphosphonates, corticoids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ( NSAIDs, used as analgesics ) . The presence of GI hemorrhage ( puke incorporating blood ) , trouble swallowing, anorexia ( loss of appetency ) , unwilled weight loss, abdominal puffiness and relentless emesis are implicative of peptic ulcer disease or malignance, and would ask pressing probes.


Peoples under 55 old ages, without ALARM symptoms, can be treated without probe. Peoples over 55 old ages with recent oncoming indigestion or those with ALARM symptoms should be desperately investigated by upper GI endoscopy. This will govern out peptic ulcer disease, medicine related ulceration, malignance and other rarer causes. Peoples under the age of 55 old ages with no dismay characteristics do non necessitate endoscopy but are considered for probe for peptic ulcer disease caused by Helicobacter pylori infection. Probe for H.pylori infection is normally performed when there is a moderate to high prevalence of this infection in the local community or the individual with indigestion has other hazard factors for H. pylori infection, related for illustration to ethnicity or in-migration from a high-prevalence country. If infection is confirmed it can normally be eradicated by medicine. Medication related indigestion is normally related to Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs ( NSAIDs ) and can be complicated by shed blooding or ulceration with perforation of tummy wall.


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