Overview Of Ukraines Population Drain History Essay

Poised with a alone flag of two contrasting colorss painted one below the other. One the coloring material of the limitless, clear blue sky and the other the bright and scintillating coloring material of the olympian forenoon Sun. No intertwining or crosses, merely two horizontal beds which are distinguishable and remember the history and geographics of its people. Agricultural Fieldss under the sky. Yellow under bluish. Who would hold thought of that? One did, Ukraine.

The description above negotiations about the simple flag of Ukraine. A state sandwiched between Russia, Romania, Belarus and Poland. With the Black Sea at its peripheries, agribusiness has been its chief subscriber for economic growing since the nineteenth century. Its people are diverse in their spiritual beliefs but besides in their comparative population size. It experiences a negative population growing of -0.541 % in 2009 and an estimated -0.632 % in 2010. ( CIA World Factbook, 2010 ) Before immersing into the grounds behind this phenomenon, allow me walk through a brief history of Ukraine.

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history of Ukrainehttp: //www.world-atlas.biz/images/ukraine-map.gif

[ Beginning: World-atlas.biz, Ukraine map ( Atlass ) ] In 1667, Ukraine was partitioned between Poland and Russia and subsequently integrated into the Russian Empire in 1793. The state was divided between the control of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the utmost West and the Russian Empire elsewhere. After WWI, the smashing of the Russian Empire allowed Ukraine to see a short period of independency from 1917 to 1920 before being incorporated into the Soviet Union in 1922 and organizing the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic ( USSR ) on the East and subsequently the West in 1939. The 1986 detonation at the Chernobyl atomic power works and the Soviet Government ‘s initial attempts to hide the extent of the calamity from the eyes of its people and the universe was one major incident that exposed the terrible jobs of the Soviet system. Finally, it gained its independency in 1991, August 24 and underwent many political alterations, non to bury the “ Orange Revolution ” in 2004 for just presidential election.

The different events in Ukraine ‘s historical timeline did act upon its drastic population alteration for the last 30 old ages. My essay will speak about these every bit good as the other national policies which besides had a major function in changing Ukraine ‘s population.

Ukraine ‘s Population Growth

















[ Source of values in tabular array: adjusted The World Bank, 2010 ]

The graph devised above reflects the crisp but brief addition in population from 1980 to 1991. From 1991 onwards, there is a steep diminution until 2001. From 2001 onwards, the population decreased but at a slower gait compared to the steep autumn ten old ages earlier. Get downing with a population of above 50,000,000, it easy dropped to about 45,000,000 in the span of 30 old ages and falling.

Even the growing rate had significantly taken a negative bend to -0.632 % from 0.359 % in 1980. The rough birth rate saw a diminution from 14.84 in 1980 to an estimated 9.6 in 2010 while on the other manus, the rough decease rate saw an slope from 11.4 to 15.81 for the past 30 old ages. ( CIA World Factbook, 2010 ) Interestingly, the population drain was experienced merely after the addition of independency. To farther analyze the different contributing factors and influences, the graph would be categorised into 3 clip periods, the 1980-1990 acclivity, the 1991-2000 decent and in conclusion the 2001-2010 negative bend.

1980-1990 Ascent

This decennary was the lone period that saw a little goad in the population of Ukraine. From a comparative population size of 50,043,548, there was a leap of about 1,000,000. It can be seen as little and undistinguished. The rough birth rate ( 14.84 ) was higher than the rough decease rate ( 11.4 ) but the difference was really little. The infant mortality rate was the highest with 22.6 ) . Even the birthrate rate was merely 1.95 ( CIA World Factbook, 2010 ) although it was the highest as compared to the undermentioned old ages.

As seen from the little figures, it can be deduced that the population size did non increase mostly because of the local population. These may hold been the grounds for the “ little ” leap in the span of 10 old ages if non for the statement that abortion was a widespread birth control method in the late seventiess to early 1980s. However, there was another of import alteration that had a major impact that influenced the population size.


Since Ukraine was under the control of USSR, inter-soviet migration helped to excite opulation growing in the Ukrainian district. During the 1960s, migration stimulated 12 % of the growing in Ukraine and this tendency continued during the 1970s and 1980s. For illustration, 43.3 % of the Russians who were remaining in Ukraine were largely from outside its districts. ( EUMAGINE, conceive ofing Europe from the Outside undertaking research ) In the early 1980s until 1987, in-migration of citizens from other Soviet states into Ukraine brought about the little addition in the natural addition that could non be as efficaciously replaced by the fluctuating birth and decease rates during that period. The tabular array below shows the petroleum birth and decease rates values.


Crude Birth Rate

Crude Death Rate


































[ Beginning: CIA World Factbook, 2010 ]

From 1987 onwards nevertheless, there was increased out-migration. The Perestroika had liberated international migration for Soviet people. Hence it was easier for Ukrainians to go forth the state due to fewer limitations. Particularly, those who had relations abroad such as the Germans, Greeks, Jews and Poles left during this period to unite with their households. For case in 1990, permissions to go forth for Israel merely amounted 68,000. ( Willems, Roos. EUMAGINE ) This alteration in migration form was one event that contributed to the diminution in net migration for the following decennary.

Therefore, the migration policy of USSR played a major function in act uponing the population from 1980-1990 as the local population was confronting a addition in a decreasing rate since the birth and decease rates were instead similar and the mortality rate being high so even though there were 14.84 unrecorded births, the mortality rate surpassed the possibility of the kid developing into maturity.

1991-2000 descent

Small “ fringe benefit ”

Detecting the graph once more, this is the period where a extremum was reached in 1993 with a population size of 52,179,210 and so a steep diminution followed which dropped the Numberss to 49,175,848 in 2000. ( CIA World Factbook, 2010 ) The sudden fringe benefit was mostly due to migration following the independency of Ukraine after the prostration of the Soviet Union. In fact, between 1991 and 2004, 2,229,870 persons immigrated to Ukraine. ( Malynovska, Oleana, 2006 ) However, this was merely short lived because after the fringe benefit, there was a immense dip.

Huge “ dip ” – Poverty

This dip was characterised by two factors, one was the low birthrate rate and two it was the high decease rates. The entire birthrate rate plummeted from a 1.85 in 1990 to an all clip low of 1.1 in 2000. ( from graph below ) . It even dropped lower than Russia ‘s birthrate rate in 1997. hypertext transfer protocol: //bp1.blogger.com/_ngczZkrw340/RquCajG-iEI/AAAAAAAAAjs/Y09MgLdyj2M/s400/ukraine+fertility.jpg

Furthermore, the decease rates increased enormously from 12.9 to 15.3 in the 10 twelvemonth span. ( CIA World Factbook, 2010 )

[ Beginning: Demography.Matters.Blog, 2007 ]

The low birthrate rates and high decease rates could be a consequence of the jobs of poorness which Ukraine experienced after the USSR prostration. Therefore, there could hold been hapless sanitation and hygiene coupled with small and improper medical and health care options. The poorness besides caused the working spectrum to migrate to other nearby states for employment. For case, the work forces largely migrated to Russian Federation for occupation chances in the building field while most adult females migrated to the Western states of Italy, Spain and Portugal for occupations in the tourer and cleansing sectors. ( Willems, Roos. EUMAGINE )

Chernobyl Disaster Effectss

There was besides another cause for the ailing wellness of the people and that was the 1986 detonation of a Nuclear Power Plant in Chernobyl. At the clip of the accident, 7 million people who lived wthin the contaminated countries were killed, including 2.2 million Ukrainians. 1 million people were found to be perchance exposed to the radiation and by the twelvemonth 2000, about 4000 Ukrainian kids had been diagnosed with thyroid malignant neoplastic disease due to increased exposure to the radiation. ( World Nuclear Association, August 2010 ) The occupants of the contaminated countries, the exigency workers every bit good as the evacuees showed marks of addition in malignant neoplastic disease incidence excessively. This could be a contributant since malignant neoplastic disease would diminish the life anticipation of people and do more deceases than normal.

Although the accident took topographic point more than 10 old ages ago, the effects of the radiation that was released into the ambiance had a risky consequence on the people similar to the distorted kids who were born after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombardment at WWII. Besides the accident, the political displacement of power and loss of Soviet leading pushed Ukraine to poverty. That had threading attached such as international migration for hunt of better economical evidences and the ugly side of high deceases rates because of hapless sanitation.

2000-2010 Negative Turn

These recent old ages are those that cause the population to swerve off class. This period showed the greatest honkytonk in Numberss as the population fell from 48,683,865 to 45,700,395 in the old ages 2001 and 2010 severally. Now in 2010, the decease rate bases at 15.81 deceases per 1000 people and the birth rate a dissatisfactory depression of 9.6 unrecorded births in 1000. ( CIA World Factbook, 2010 )

Let us look at the population pyramids of Ukraine for the old ages 2000 and 2010.

F: AAG102ukraine 2010.bmpF: AAG102ukraine 2000.bmp

[ Beginning: U.S. Census Bureau, June 2010 ]

In one glimpse, it can be observed that the working age-group of 35-65 is broader than the two utmost terminals. When farther comparing the two, it can be distinguished that the figure of kids from the ages of 0-10 lessenings after 10 old ages. A low life anticipation is expected since less people really live after the age of 70. Last, more on the job grownups are accounted for in 2000 as compared to 2010. This would merely spell more jobs for Ukraine as its economic system would be affected with low Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) parts. However, what caused the sudden decrease of Numberss?

Tobacco maltreatment

One reply to the above inquiry is that of high instances of tobacco-related diseases. In 2000 entirely, the figure of deceases caused by maltreatment of baccy merchandises was about 100,000 which contributed to 13 % of the entire mortality for that twelvemonth. Most of these deceases autumn within the age scope of 35-69 old ages and adult females are non excluded. In 2005, female tobacco users made up 20 % . In the European Region, it was observed that the Ukrainian males entirely made up 67 % of tobacco users which was the highest. Because of that, more than half the population, approximately 53 % , have been exposed to tobacco smoke day-to-day. ( Ministry of Health of Ukraine, 2009 ) This explains the high grownup mortality rates every bit good.

Other Factors

Besides baccy maltreatment another lending factor could be the high incidence of HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. About 9000 people die from Tuberculosis yearly ( Demography.Matters.Blog, 2007 ) while the figure of people with HIV/AIDS harmonizing to 2007 was 440,000. ( CIA World Factbook ) There have been 19,000 deceases from HIV/AIDS merely from that twelvemonth entirely.

Therefore, the deductions of diseases coupled with really low birth rates have influenced the negative growing in the population which now stands at -0.632 % . Ukraine has besides fallen below replacing rates since the figure of babes born can non replace the deceases. Unless the issue of baccy maltreatment is solved and the spread of HIV/AIDS curbed, Ukraine would go on to see a autumn in its population size. The hereafter would see her holding a lower proportion of aged Ukrainians since the birth rate is falling and the mortality rate of the working grownups is go uping.


The population alteration of Ukraine over the past 30 old ages is non really typical of a underdeveloped state since the birth rate is really low alternatively of being high or changeless with the decease rate. The population has changed for the worse, doing Ukraine to see a “ population drain ” . Many factors contribute to this such as international migration. Immigration caused a little addition throughout the 1980s but out-migration caused a reversal as the population decreased after early 1990s. Here the Chernobyl accident besides had a function to play by taking to more incidences of malignant neoplastic disease in throughout the 1990s. The oncoming of poorness after 1991 besides became a “ push ” factor for more out-migration during this period. High decease rates were besides ineluctable due to hygiene jobs. The new millenary did non do a difference for the better, the population merely worsened as the growing rate plummeted to the negative kingdom. Tobacco maltreatment became a common job among the people and HIV/AIDS was get downing to distribute every bit good. These were the major grounds that accelerated the falling population rate.

It has been predicted that the population will go on to fall after 2010. Some steps could be put into topographic point such as bettering the medical and healthcare services while keeping countrywide runs to promote big households. The governments have provided allowances for households with big Numberss of kids but maybe it could increase the inducements. It could besides promote more migrators into the state by supplying attractive “ pull ” options.

As for the wellness factor, it has to come up with more anti-tobacco runs on top of the steps already in topographic point. More consciousness can be created for diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and malignant neoplastic disease and advanced medical services could assist in the bar and perchance remedies if in the early phases.

The job of poorness is being tackled but more has to be done. Harmonizing to recent statistical informations from 2009, 35 % of the population is still below the poorness line. ( CIA World Factbook ) More has to be done and this can come in the signifier of grants from the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) or aid from other developed states, even neighboring Russia.

I conclude by stating that it would decidedly take some old ages for the population to see a better tomorrow since it is a comparatively immature state with 19 old ages of independency merely.



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